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New Moon in Virgo September 6, 2021

This year Labor Day in the USA comes along with a New Moon in Virgo, which rules over our daily work lives. The Sun and Moon will combine in the sign of Virgo at 14 degrees and be exactly trine the planet Uranus which is retrograde and in another earth sign, Taurus. It happens about 5:35 pm PT. You will want to create your New Moon Wishes for the sign of Virgo, 10 of them, within 8 hours of this time.

Earth signs help the energy to be more grounded, but Uranus is the unexpected and surprises and changes in direction can occur suddenly. Since this planet is trine the New Moon, be prepared for sudden shifts and changes in direction to come along with your new beginnings. Virgo is a mutable sign, which means changeable and flexible, add to that Uranus energy, and anything is possible.

The Sun represents our ego self, the Moon our emotional safe. The Sun is what you need to feel successful, the Moon what makes you feel safe. In the sign of Virgo your inner and outer world combine to show you what new beginnings are possible. The sign of Virgo rules over the 6th house in the zodiac. This is our health, our daily work routines, our pets and being of service to others. It’s nearly impossible for a Virgo to not help other people. They can be into alternative methods of healing, yoga, meditation, working with crystals and essential oils. All aimed at bettering their health and the health of others. They always know just which supplement will give you the relief you need.

Mercury is the ruler of the sign of Virgo, and this is what makes those with this as their Sun, Moon or Rising sign so focused on having a structured daily life, having routines, and being uber focused on all the details. They communicate through writing very well, and journaling is a good activity to help organize their thoughts. Mercury will in fact be entering its shadow period for its upcoming retrograde through the sign of Libra, at the conclusion of the New Moon. It is also opposing the asteroid Chiron in Aries. This is a need for balance in our relationships. Your personal wounds are impacting how you communicate with your partner. You can’t keep keeping the peace for the sake of not upsetting your partner. Your needs matter and it is time that you expressed them and honored them. Chiron is also inconjunct this New Moon, so there is something odd about this new beginning associated with wounds from the past.

Another odd connection during the New Moon is Mars and Jupiter. This makes you rethink your actions as they relate to our previous stated Virgo topics. Mars is how you have been taking action about your job, your health, your diet. Jupiter asks you to stop ‘doing’ and start 'connecting' to learning more about why you do the things you do. Why do you keep going after the same type of job for instance? Why do you keep ‘trying’ to lose weight or ‘trying’ to exercise? Isn’t it time to just decide to do it? Just because this routine worked for you in the past doesn’t mean it does now. New Moon’s mean new beginnings and it’s time you let some in.

Sun, Moon and Uranus combined bring you a need to break free. Your emotional self and ego self are both feeling empowered to release that which is holding you back. Wherever you are stuck in your daily life you can now break free. Poor health habits, poor eating, unfulfilling job, or maybe just a lack of focus on helping others can all be changed with the energy of the New Moon. Just be prepared for these changes to show up in unexpected ways.

Also during the New Moon Venus and Jupiter are still forming a trine in the air signs of Aquarius and Libra. This is giving us a chance to feel more connected to our lovers, or partners. When these 2 planets meet up it is a blessing appearing in our lives. Meeting up in the air signs is a blessing in the way we connect to others. Venus in Libra is about the love we share. Jupiter in Aquarius is about being connected to others with a sense of purpose. Perhaps signing up to volunteer somewhere ends up leading you to meet the person you were meant to be with. This is not a time to hideout and withdraw from the world, even if you can only connect virtually. Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius has been helping us find alternative ways of connecting. Helping us be innovative. Venus also rules over money and with the help of Jupiter you could be financially rewarded for your innovative ideas. Just be careful you don’t go overboard here. Jupiter expands on anything it touches and that means all things Venus related. So put down the comfort food, or risk indigestion!

The opposition is waning but Mars and Neptune are still standing across the sky from one another. This has been trying to get us to let loose a little, not be so OCD and be more fluid like the water in the sign of Pisces. It could also dredge up things that have been hidden. Neptune can be representative of escapism through drugs or alcohol, or whatever your using as your crutch. It can even be sex. Mars is like a big wakeup call to get healthy. To help you see what you are doing is self-destructive, self-sabotage even. Now is the time to commit to stopping the habits that affect your health.

What might you expect based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign? Below are some general predictions for how you can use the energy. As a refresher take a look at my article on New Moon wishes for Virgo here. And tune into the energy of Virgo with my hypnosis track here. And if you really want to dig in deep and know what will happen based on your birth chart, I have a special New Moon reading offer here.

Virgo – this is of course happening in your sign, so it is most likely in your first house. This is the house of new beginnings, of leadership, of the self. This is a good time for setting new goals. With Venus in your 2nd house and Jupiter in your 6th there could be a blessing related to your job, perhaps a raise.

Leo – this occurs in your 2nd house which rules the money we make, our value systems. This could mean a new source of income, like a new job showing up for you in the next 30 days. With Venus in your 3rd house of communication and Jupiter in your 7th you might be ready to finally say ‘I DO’. Elopement wouldn't be out of the question here.

Cancer – the 3rd house brings new beginnings in the area of communication, teaching, siblings, and your local community. Venus in your 4th house of home and family and Jupiter in your 8th could mean some kind of financial gain from a distant relative. Or you could be ready for that home renovation project and easily acquire the money to make it happen.

Gemini – a new beginning in the 4th house of home and family could mean you are ready to make a move, or ready to move someone in where you currently live. Also could mean adding something new to your home. Venus in your 5th house and Jupiter in the 9th could even indicate some kind of overseas move. Or a romance with someone who is of a foreign nature or a wise teacher/mentor of some kind.

Taurus – your 5th house of romance is lit up for some surprising new beginnings. This is also the area that rules over our children, fun and hobbies. With Venus in your 6th house of daily routines and Jupiter blessing your 10th house of career there is the potential for you to make a career change that is fun and exciting. You can break free from something that no longer makes your heart sing.

Aries – your 6th house may indicate that you will have a new beginning in your daily life. Your routines at work could be changing or your job could be. A perfect time to also begin a new health and exercise routine, safely of course. Venus in your 7th house and Jupiter in your 11th brings you a significant new partnership, perhaps a friend becomes a romantic partner. Or as I stated earlier perhaps you join some sort of cause or networking group and meet the love of your life.

Pisces – in the 7th house your new beginning involves marriage and partnerships of some kind. This could be entering a new phase in your marriage or deciding to go into business with someone. Venus in your 8th house rules over the money we receive or owe to others, like taxes, and Jupiter in the 12th house is some secret benefactor showing up to help you get this new business off the ground.

Aquarius – the 8th house rules our sexuality, our intimate partnerships, and the money we receive from our partners. Your partner could be getting a raise, or you could be ready to take a relationship to a new intimate level. Venus in the 9th house rules over foreign lands or faraway travel, expanding our horizons for sure, love or money from a foreigner, expanding our mind. Jupiter in the 1st house has been blessing you and helping you grow. This speaks to a potential for an opportunity to make a big move overseas, or some kind of financial gain from a source overseas. Maybe you want to take off and study abroad.

Capricorn – the 9th house rules higher education and faraway places. You could be ready to go back to school or attain some kind of certificate or degree. This is a good time to incorporate some type of new spiritual practice into your daily routines. Venus in your 10th house of career and fame combined with Jupiter in your 2nd house could mean some kind of financial blessing for a job well done.

Sagittarius – the 10th house or the Midheaven could mean recognition for a job well done, a new career or a change in your status somehow if you don’t have a career. With Venus blessing you from your 11th house of networks and friends and Jupiter in your 3rd there could be something in your local community that changes the way you connect with others in a very positive way.

Scorpio – the 11th house rules over our benefactors, networks, friend groups. A new beginning here can help you find your tribe, feel like you really belong somewhere. With Venus in your 12th house and Jupiter in your 4th there might be some secret revealed involving a family member. But it’s a good secret to find out about. Perhaps this new friend group assists you in finding someone you lost.

Libra – the 12th house rules over large institutions and things that are hidden away. This is where we connect to our subconscious mind, and our psychic abilities. This is usually a new beginning that isn’t always so clear in your outside life. It could be going into rehab for instance. Venus in your first house and Jupiter in your 5th you could be taking a hobby and turning it into a lucrative career. You could also finally love yourself enough to give romance a chance again. This energy helps you clear blocks to self-love and the love for others.

Wherever you are in your journey let this New Moon help you do the work to get the life you want and deserve. This is not the time for settling.

Love and Light!

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