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New Moon in Virgo August 27th, 2022

Before we jump in I have a few offers to discuss.

#1 come join the New Moon in Virgo event where we will do a group hypnosis session for managing stress, which will of course improve your overall health. It is only $27!!

Secondly, I want to thank you for your continued support so I have created a referral program. You can refer a client to me and get 20% off your next purchase with me. If you have referred someone in the past and want to take advantage of this discount just reach out to me and I will still honor it.

Virgo is the ruler of the 6th house of the Zodiac. Virgo is a healer, a naturopathic one. It rules our health, our daily activities, our work even our pets. It is a place where we find a natural inclination to be of service to others. Healers use alternative methods like Reiki, Hypnosis, Crystals and Sound therapy. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. This is what gives those with strong Virgo energy so much attention to detail, a bit OCD, but more around having a lot of order and structure in their lives. Details, details, details, they never miss a detail. If you struggle with this find a Virgo to help you, like me.

With the Sun and Moon joined in this sign we have a new beginning that can involve any of the above areas in our life. It is the perfect time to kick off a new health plan of eating more organic or earthy foods. In fact, it is said that you will be more successful starting a new health routine with the Moon dark and in the sign of Virgo. You can also check out my hypnosis for good health here.

The Sun is our ego self, our inner child. The Moon our emotional self. The Moon is completely dark at this time. The slate is wiped clean for a new emotional beginning in this area of your life and your chart. Each new moon is a complete reset of our goals. We can create new beginnings with the help of this energy and the energy of Virgo as well as the energy from the house or planets occupying the house being impacted by this event. A reading with me will tell you more and you can book one here. About 8 hours before and after is a good time to write out your 10 new moon wishes. I actually have a downloadable course on Moon manifesting that can help you here.

The only planet directly impacting the New Moon is Mars, and it is making a square to it from the sign of Gemini. This could mean some type of upsetting news pushes you to make a new beginning. Gemini rules information. Mars is aggressive, so the news may come across rudely or at least in a very unkind way. Now if you want to use this to your advantage it is the perfect time to break yourself free from thoughts that no longer serve you. Hence the group hypnosis event on this day being really helpful to clear your head. A square requires someone to make a change or be extremely uncomfortable. Mars and its reckless energy are being called out by the Sun and the Moon. A bit like a family confrontation where the errant child is being told to behave by Mom, (Moon) and Father (Sun). I guarantee you that Mars won’t tolerate the restraint well, and likely be lashing out. This will definitely be seen on the world stage at this time. And anyone you know with strong Mars energy might be acting a bit more impulsive than normal, so stand back or you may just get burned.

Mercury is in a trine to Mars from the sign of Libra where it will begin its retrograde on September 9th, that means it is currently in shadow. So whatever information comes up right now, won’t be the end of the story. More will be revealed during the retrograde. In the sign of Libra news from or about a partner may be important now.

Then we have the latest t-square with Saturn opposing Venus in Leo and both are squaring to Uranus and the North Node. A lot of pressure to be more responsible with the things we value most. Love, money, and our own self-worth will be top of mind. The North Node is slowly beginning to separate from Uranus but it still has enough contact to bring about unexpected crazy, yet fated changes in our lives. Saturn and Uranus are going to begin to get closer to their exact square again in the coming month.

In fact, Uranus will turn retrograde the day following the New Moon. Thankfully this will be the final tension, and the last chapter of this story that began in all of our lives back in 2021. Uranus is literally going to sit still and wait for Saturn to show up for this final showdown. A woman in power can play a big role at this time, or women in general. We still have several months to go, but we may notice a shift occurring at the time of the New Moon. Something new about the challenge we have been under coming to the surface.

Venus and Chiron have been supporting one another the past few days, and still sit in a trine at the time of the New Moon. You want to heal this wound from the past once and for all. Love that is not meant for you may not make it through this span of time. But that just means that something better is on the horizon. If not love, it could be a source of income. Definitely a good time to walk away from any situation where you are not being valued.

The following are some possibilities for how this may be showing up for you. The tension between Saturn and Uranus and the Nodes has not changed. But the pressure from Venus will be new, so I will briefly touch on that. This is most noticeable from your rising sign, but the Moon and Sun signs are also important to read.

Virgo – this happens in your 1st house, how you show yourself to the world. You may be ready to step into your full power and let your true light shine now. Venus in your 12th may mean you have to deal with some behind the scenes shenanigans or release some subconscious blocks to worthiness before you can let yourself be who you came here to be. Especially if this involves an authority figure in your life. But fate is your guide, so trust it to lead you down the right path, as crazy as that might seem.

Leo – the 2nd house is highlighted for a new beginning, which means you could be ready to pursue a new job, or just create a new source of income. Venus in your 1st house is helping you value yourself and that means walking away from situations that no longer lift you up. There could be some authority figure, a partner, trying to hold you back, but you won’t be staying where you aren’t respected.

Cancer – in the 3rd house a new beginning could mean you are getting something new like a car, a phone or computer. But you won’t do so without carefully looking over your budget, with Venus sitting in your second house. This is also a good time to start building your profile on the internet whether you are promoting a business or just your dating profile! New contracts could be signed now as well.

Gemini – you have a lot of hard work ahead of you as Mars is going to be in your sign for 7 long months!! It is going to be important to take advantage of Mars moving forward in your sign right now. Breaking free from things that no longer serve you. In fact, you might be ready to make a big move. The new beginning is happening in your 4th house of home and family. The decision won’t come lightly, but it is necessary. If not moving someone could be moving out or in.

Taurus – a new passion project could begin when you have a new moon in your 5th house of romance. Your heart is ready to burst open again. Your life has been full of so many lessons and so many twists and turns lately with the North Node and Uranus transiting your sign this year. Just a few more months and the tension subsiding will be a welcome relief for you. Venus in the sign that rules your home means love or money tied to a home could be making you really uncomfortable. With Venus also your ruling planet, you are really feeling the pressure. This is not the time to dig in, it is the time to make some changes. Especially involving your health. Your heart is strong, but you have got to eat better. 5th house is also something new involving our children or our hobbies.

Aries – the 6th house as discussed earlier is ruled by all thing’s Virgo. This is something new beginning at work, involving your health, maybe a pet. The tension from the 5th house means some heartache is possible that instigates this change in your daily life. But in the end, it will be for the good. Your income has been such a source of focus for you, there is still tension ahead, but it is slowly going to be resolved. Not without a few more surprises first though.

Pisces – a new partnership or serious relationship is possible for you at this time. You have had Pluto firing up your ruler, Neptune, for quite a while now. It is time to delve deep into your emotions and intuition and see where you need to hold those boundaries better. Venus in your 6th house could suggest you need better boundaries with your boss. You are not a little errand girl, you have your own goals and dreams too. Might be time to pursue those elsewhere. And if this is your partner in life, time to hold some boundaries and have your needs met as well.

Aquarius – a new source of income outside of your job is possible now. Things like unexpected tax returns, inheritances even. This is also the house that rules our intimate partnerships. Saturn here has really been making this area extremely difficult since 2021. But it wants you to slow down and hold better boundaries. Venus in your 7th house suggests your current partner is not honoring your wishes, so it may be time to move on for good if they won’t start treating you with a little respect.

Capricorn – the 9th house rules growth and expansion. Are you ready to go back to school? Or do you expand your mind through travel, or studying the esoteric? Maybe you are ready to move abroad. Venus is in the 8th house of the value you receive from others. Perhaps you get some stock option payout that allows you to quit your job and go find one that better serves you. Pluto has really been working you over for years now. It’s time to fully step into your power and stop deluding yourself.

Sagittarius – your 10th house of career, fame and notoriety will see a new beginning at this time. Could be a promotion or a new job all together. Some change in status could bring an engagement even. Or a divorce. Just depends on where you are leaning into this energy. Your health plays a factor either way. Venus in your 9th house is highlighting this need for love to grow and expand, or your finances. But it won’t do so without some serious tension.

Scorpio – the 11th house is our friends and networking groups. It is how we connect to others. This is a good time to find new friends and join a group where you can be of service to others. Venus in the 10th house may be blessing you financially but something about it doesn’t feel right. Money isn’t enough, you need something more. The South Node in your 1st house has been pushing you to resolve your karmic debt, and let go of the hurt feelings that have been keeping you trapped. Perhaps you need a grief group to finally move on.

Libra – new beginnings involving the 12th house can be more subtle. This is the house that rules the unseen. This is the subconscious mind, as well as large institutions. Places where things can have you feeling trapped, and you don’t want to feel trapped anymore. Venus is in your 11th house. Maybe there is conflict with your friends that is pushing you to make a major change in your life. Mercury going retrograde in your sign is going to really have you evaluating your thinking. Is it time to finally stop doing so much people pleasing? Maybe it’s time for you to mend some fences.

The above are just some suggested ways your new beginning may show up for you. A full chart reading is best to truly understand this energy. In the coming weeks I am going to make my template for planning available for all. This is something I do with my coaching clients, but if you are a self-learner, this might be a great way to plan for the rest of the year.

Sending you much love and light!

Thank you!


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