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New Moon in Taurus May 4th, 2019

Our New Moon in Taurus will happen at 3:45 pm PT and bring with it some great manifesting energy. Venus rules this New Moon like she ruled the last full moon. Relationships, Love and Money are always highlighted with Venus. Taurus however is about our self-love, our desire for luxuries, hard work and determination, and stubbornness. Do you know a Taurus or Taurus rising? Where do you have Taurus in your chart? Every chart has Taurus energy. You may not have additional energy in there from a particular planet or asteroid, but you have one of the 12 houses in your chart with Taurus energy there. During the New Moon's that house gets a chance at a fresh start. We are planting seeds, with the earth energy of Taurus. At the new moon these seeds have a really great chance at growing and creating something very beautiful. So plant carefully.

The closest direct impact to the Sun and Moon is Neptune in a sextile, and that is still a fairly wide orb at 4 degrees. But it is the most impactful. Neptune is that dreamy foggy energy at times, and if we get sucked into the fog we see things like mental health issues, addictions, and self-destructive behaviors. But when in a positive aspect we are tapping into our creativity and with the Venus connection we want to create things from a place of love. We are striving to bring more beauty into our lives. Now sure we can go out and buy beautiful things, date beautiful people, but I think we are more drawn to create beauty around us with this new moon. It is a day for working in the garden, planting things, and then being able to watch them grow. This could be a literal garden or a virtual one. What does your soul need to grow right now? Mars standing across the sky from Jupiter is asking you to take action on growing your soul.

Your 10 new moon wishes should be grounded in this earthly energy. I am easily attracting a career that helps me grow my skills as well as my finances. I am easily releasing stubbornness for the sake of being stubborn. Venus is love but Taurus is tapping into the sensual side of love. Whether you want to tap into your own sensuality or share it with someone new, that wish can be granted. Jan Spiller has a great book on New Moon Astrology if you ever want more examples of New Moon wishes for inspiration. I really like writing these out and this month planting them in the ground like seeds in a garden. With the right fertilizer (positive thoughts and affirmations) you are going to really grow these into something beautiful.

Where might you see new beginnings based on your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign?

Taurus this is an especially impactful New Moon for you, this represents a new self image being created. Maybe it's a new hairstyle, new clothes, new perfume, or even getting started working with essential oils. The 1st house represents the self, any new beginning you want you can create.

Gemini 12th house is the unseen, the subconscious mind, large institutions. Maybe you are interested in the field of hypnotherapy and working with releasing limiting beliefs. Getting in touch with your psychic abilities. Exploring what is hidden? Neptune is the ruler of the 12th house so tapping into your creativity is also a possibility.

Cancer your 11th house is activated with new beginnings in how you network. This could be new groups you join, making new beneficial friends. These are benefactors showing up that well, benefit you in some way. Be open to meeting new people at this time.

Leo this is happening in your 10th house, which rules the career and your fame, especially being recognized. This could be a new job showing up for you that is more aligned with your path. Or receiving some financial reward for the hard work you have been putting in on your job.

Virgo this happens in your 9th house, which rules spirituality, foreign travel and higher learning. Are you ready to advance your learning, get a degree, take a trip to a foreign country? Are you advancing your spirituality, health or beauty? This is the house ruled by Jupiter so it wants you to take steps to open yourself up to something new in these areas and in a way that helps you grow for the good of yourself and those around you.

Libra your 8th house of sex, death, taxes, resources from others and overall transformation means you can have a complete reboot in any of these areas. You could have a spouse or partner who gets a new job and that benefits you financially. And when the house of sex gets a reboot, watch out! What do you want to transform? Now is the time to get started.

Scorpio the 7th house of serious relationships means you could be starting a new partnership, a marriage proposal could be on the horizon. If already in a committed relationship or partnership you have a chance to take these to a new level. One that rewards you with lots of pleasure. This could also be about going into partnership with someone in a new business venture, and it will be successful.

Sagittarius the 6th house rules your daily activities such as work routines, your health, and pets. Something in your existing routines is going to get a fresh start. Maybe you are finally ready to add a yoga practice to your day. Start a new healthy eating lifestyle. If you have been searching for a new job, or ready to kick off a new project it will finally happen. Maybe you are ready to add a pet to your family.

Capricorn the 5th house of creativity fits well with that Taurus energy. This is also the house of romance and children. If you have been seeking either, now is the time to plant those seeds. If you have no desire for either than watch out! New romance is definitely something Taurus likes to indulge in. And something started now could turn into something more serious and permanent later.

Aquarius the 4th house rules home and family. Are you wanting to move, redecorate, remodel?? This is the time! If designing you are using fabrics that make you feel sexy! You can even be wanting to remodel yourself, but this is more of an inside job compared to first house changes.

Pisces this is your 3rd house which rules, siblings, communication, community, short trips. Is it time for that upgrade of your electronic devices? Are you headed somewhere fun that leads to new beginnings? Perhaps you are signing contracts, writing a book, creating a blog?

Aries this will happen in your 2nd house of finances. Are you looking to create a new revenue stream? Maybe take your hobby and turn it into something that makes you more money? Are you ready for a new job? Maybe your first job? The timing over the next 2 weeks is perfect for pursuing your dream job.

These can shift slightly based on your personal chart. The best way to know for sure is to create your chart and see where you have 14 degrees of Taurus happening for you.

Wishing you lots of new moon blessings! And if you plant those seeds at exactly 3:45 pm they are even more powerful!!

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