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New Moon in Scorpio

On Saturday the 14th or Sunday the 15th, 2020, we have a New Moon in Scorpio depending on your location of course. It happens at 12:06 am ET. And at 23 degrees of Scorpio. 23 reduces in numerology to the number 5, which is about change. Scorpio is already a sign that rules change with Pluto the master of transformation the ruler of this sign. Add to this the fact the New Moon is in a sextile to Pluto almost exact, and you can expect a huge surge of desire to transform some area of your life in a major way. Or just a huge surge of desire!

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, but its traditional ruler was Mars (before Pluto’s discovery). The sign of Scorpio is seen as secretive and mysterious, but it is often misunderstood. This sign is very sensitive, psychic and able to see what others cannot, it is also very sexual. This connection to the ruler of the underworld can make these people risk takers and not afraid to take on the darker side of life. They may enjoy a really good psychological thriller. Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house, this house represents death, transformation, intimate partnerships, taxes, and the resources we receive from others.

Pluto asks us to face our fears, and if we won’t the planet can keep giving your opportunities that you can transform so you no longer fear this particular area or issue in your life. Mars asks that you take action, be a fearless leader, attack those that would harm you. As you might imagine this is pretty intense energy.

This New Moon in Scorpio is in a sextile over to Pluto and Jupiter, who are now on the third and final stop of their conjunction story. Not far off is also Saturn at 27 degrees. All are close enough to influence and empower this New Moon. This is all about completing your journey in Capricorn. Neptune also supports the New Moon, while at 18 degrees of Pisces it lends a spiritual and artistic element to helping you complete this major change.

Venus, the planet of love, money, beauty, and our values is square this New Moon. In the sign of Libra, Venus is happy, and she wants happy relationships. But the hard-working Godfathers’ of the zodiac are telling her it is time to get more serious. They are pushing you to question who you are in relationships with and what value are they adding to your life. Are they de-valuing you? Are you taking love or money too lightly? If yes to any of the previous it is time for a love makeover.

Mercury is opposing Uranus and in an inconjunction with Chiron. This is all kinds of possible slip ups where our communication is concerned. With Chiron we want to try and heal our wounds, but we keep getting triggered. Mercury is happily heading forward again and then BAM runs into one of the lighting bolts from Uranus that is tied to something said in the past, and things get combative. This could end up being really shocking news.

One last bit of hopeful energy is Venus is making a trine to the North Node and a sextile to the South Node. Whatever is changing in your relationships right now is fated, even if it feels a bit crunchy at the moment. Let the Universe do its thing. Sometime down the road you will come to understand why.

For your New Moon wishes it will be good to work with the element of water, since Scorpio is a water sign.

The body part ruled by Scorpio is the sexual organs.

For your wishes you can focus on:

Taking your power back


Soul Mate

Financial arrangements




Taking risks

Paying off debts

Sample wish – I want to easily find myself facing my fears and turning them effortlessly into strengths.

Sample wish for healing – I want all PMS symptoms totally lifted from me.

Houses by sign impacted during the New Moon are:

Aries – 8th house brings you a complete transformation in your life

Taurus – 7th house can bring you a new serious relationship or work partnership

Gemini – 6th house of daily work routines brings a change in daily life

Cancer – 5th house could bring you a new hot romance

Leo – 4th house brings a new beginning at home, or moving

Virgo – 3rd house brings a new form of communication or travel locally

Libra – 2nd house means a new beginning where making money is concerned

Scorpio – 1st house – this represents the self, achieving a personal goal

Sagittarius – 12th house rules the subconscious mind and things that are hidden. You are able to release something that has you feeling stuck.

Capricorn – 11th house of networking and friends helps you find your tribe

Aquarius – 10th house of career and fame can bring you a new job

Pisces – 9th house rules your higher learning and expanding your thinking

Remember to wait until you can see the light of the Moon before you really try to launch your wishes. These wishes require hard work, so watch what you wish for, you are really going to have to work for them. All of the above are just some very generalized scenarios, what happens for you specifically will be based on your personal chart.

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Love and Light!

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