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Unexpected New Moon in Sagittarius 2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

On December 12, 2023, at 4:32 pm MST, we have the last New Moon of the year in the sign of Sagittarius. Both the Sun and Moon will meet at 20 degrees of the sign. A New Moon occurs each month when the light is drained completely from the Moon and it is aligned exactly with the Sun. It is a rebirth each month influenced by the energy of the sign it occurs in. The Moon is our emotional self, it shows us what we need to feel safe and secure in this lifetime. It is representative of the Mother, which is a symbol of being cared for and nurtured. It is a feminine energy, and could suggest women will be stepping into new leadership roles during this time. We are a blank slate from an emotional sense, and can begin again with the help of the Sun, our ego self. Monthly both the ego self, and emotional, intuitive self, join to plan the experiences for the month ahead. The Sun represents what we need to feel successful, to feel joy. Both now have the same goal.

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Sagittarius rules the 9th house of the Zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the biggest planet in the solar system. The zodiac symbol associated with this sign is that of the centaur, along with the bow and arrow. Jupiter is considered a benefic planet, that brings you blessings and abundance. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and can make you a voracious learner, and adventurer. If you have aspirations related to travel, education, or personal growth, a New Moon in Sagittarius is an ideal time to set specific goals in these areas. You can use this time to plan your adventures, or start a new educational journey. For a more in depth view on this energy check out the article about the sign of Sagittarius here which includes a free hypnosis session, so you can better connect with this beautiful energy.

The Sun and Moon in Sag will bring a passionate new beginning in the area of life you have this occurring in your chart. A new adventure awaits that is fated in nature, as the Sun and Moon are speaking in harmony with the North Node in fellow fire sign, Aries, and the South Node in Libra. This may be one of those times when you look back with surprise at the changes that occurred so rapidly. The aspect is positive, so expect good things from this event. However, when we are far off our path, sometimes the correction to get on our path can feel a bit unwelcome. Once you get moving forward again, it will all be worth it.

The ruler of this New Moon, Jupiter, will be in the sign of Taurus at 6 degrees, still in retrograde. There is an element then, related to the past, or the work may be more internal in nature, something like working on your beliefs, your faith. It's possible a giant leap of faith is needed in order for something new to happen for you. This could be a teacher, or mentor that helps you acquire the knowledge you need to re-start something that you started in the past. This new information you receive, may be the result of Jupiter and Mercury, both ruling knowledge, speaking in harmony with each other at the time of the New Moon. Mercury will be at 8 degrees of Capricorn, putting both planets in grounded earth signs. Which is a good offset to the fiery energy of Sag.

In harmony also with Mercury, is Venus in Scorpio at 9 degrees of the sign. This may bring up information that was previously hidden from you. It could be what you need to get started on your new path. Venus is not at her best in Scorpio, and Capricorn energy can feel a bit heavy on the mind for Mercury. Jupiter will be opposing Venus, giving her a wake up call from her home sign of Taurus. There is something that may be keeping you from sticking to your beliefs or your value system. Some choices you need to reconsider, some compromises that are not healthy for you. This could be what is spurring you on, pushing you to make a fresh start.

Once again the planet Uranus is making itself known during a lunar event. This time the planet of innovation and surprise, is shocking us from the sign of Taurus, while it is inconjunct to the Sun and Moon. This new beginning may surprise you in someway, or surprise those around you, by the choices you make now. Look where you have your Taurus energy in your chart, it is being activated by both Jupiter and Uranus, so the house(s) it sits in are also seeing a lot of change. With Jupiter very close to the October Lunar Eclipse point, you may be seeing a bit more about that eclipse work showing up. It won't be finished with you until the end of the year, but this new moon may hold more information for you. A new angle to consider, perhaps. Speaking of angles, being inconjunct the Sun, and Moon makes what happens now feel strange. Think about it like this. From your left shoulder, tilt your head just slightly to the right, it's off center. Now just hold it there and walk around. Feels weird, makes you feel off balance a bit. That is what inconjunct energy feels like.

Neptune in Pisces will be squaring the Sun and Moon, and a square always means something has to change. Where have you been deluding yourself, unhealthy ways of self-soothing, maybe even self-medicating? It is time for that to stop. Neptune in Pisces is dreamy, creative energy, that wants to be expressed. Is there a creative project you have been putting off? Now may be the time to brush it back off and get going on it.

Mars and Chiron are both a bit wide of the new moon energy, but both in fire signs mean their energy is supporting you making a fresh start. Chiron is about healing, Mars is feeling ready for an adventure. There is some kind of fight for your rights, or your independence that is highlighted now. Something you need to break free from and be able to take off on your own.

If you want to know more about the days leading up to the New Moon, or the days after check out the full monthly article on my website. To find out specific messages for your Sun, Moon, and especially Rising Sign, read on. And be sure to check out my YouTube video with the astrology lesson of the week, and a Tarot message for all of the signs here.

Below are the areas you want to focus your intentions for new beginnings. Keep them flexible with that influence from Uranus mixing things up unexpectedly. Set your 10 new moon wishes as close as possible to the time of the new moon. You might want to listen to the New Moon manifesting video I have on my Youtube channel here for inspiration.

Aries - as a fellow fire sign you are all charged up with the desire to start something new. With Sagittarius ruling your 9th house maybe you are ready to head overseas, or maybe you want to grow by going back to school? Uranus is offering you a chance at some financial freedom as it works its way through the 2nd house. Perhaps a surprise windfall helps you take the trip of a lifetime.

Taurus - it's the 8th house that is activated for you, which is the house of power, transformation, and shared resources. Could be you are ready to invest with a partner in a big new adventure. Uranus in your 1st house has been causing a lot of ebb and flow in your finances. This could be a happy surprise financially that helps you start a passion project, like a big rehab project.

Gemini - in the 7th house you may be starting a new serious relationship, or your relationship you are currently in may become more serious. You might be on a trip overseas, or at college when you meet this person. Uranus in your 12th house says the meeting will surprise even you! This house rules things that are hidden, the spiritual realm, and large institutions. Even more energy that could point to meeting someone while you are off studying somewhere.

Cancer - in the 6th house you can expect a new beginning that can change the way you spend your day. This house rules our daily activities, like work, pets, being of service, and our health. Are you ready for more responsibility in your job? Is it time you started teaching others what you know? Uranus in your 11th house could mean it's a friend that makes you an offer you didn't expect, and certainly can't refuse.

Leo - another fellow fire sign, so you too are really fired up by this new opportunity. In your 5th house that has everything to do with romance! If not romantically inclined it is about your creativity, and sharing your talents in a big way. Uranus in your 10th house could have you deciding it's time to make a big job change, maybe go somewhere that your talents can be appreciated. Or, turn that hobby into a job and work for yourself.

Virgo - in the 4th house you are expanding your home and family sector. Someone may be moving in, or suddenly you are moving, maybe across country! With Uranus bringing a surprise to you in your 9th house, some might be buying a second home overseas. This is an unexpected opportunity that pushes you far outside your comfort zone for sure.

Libra - in the 3rd house you get a fresh start in your communication and commuting sector, could be you are ready for a new car. Mercury is ruler of the 3rd house making change that happens here pretty quick, and likely fun. This house rules your siblings, and extended family members, also your place in your local community. Uranus is in your 8th house of shared resources, maybe your partner is going to surprise you with a new communication device, or car. Shhh don't tell them I spoiled the surprise!

Scorpio - your 2nd house is about the money you make, which means you could be ready to take on a bigger challenge at your current job, or get a new one. Are you ready to teach others in a large arena about what you know and do? It could be that someone surprises you with an offer to go into partnership together. Or, your current partner leaves, which is a surprise and that prompts a change in the work you do. Either way its for the best, you have been playing too small.

Sagittarius - of course this is your new moon, so you feel especially fired up to reinvent yourself. Always on the move it's hard to imagine anything that you stay stuck with for long, but something might surprise you about now. Are you ready to reinvent your appearance? Just be careful about that with Uranus making things a bit crazy at work, they might not appreciate the new look. But if you are looking for a change in the work you do, a surprising opportunity may present itself.

Capricorn - in the 12th house the new beginnings are not always easily seen, since this house rules the unseen. Things involving spirituality, intuition, and the subconscious mind are good areas to focus new intentions. This house does also rule large institutions, and you are a very work oriented sign, there could be changes where you work. Uranus brings some surprise involving your 5th house of creativity. Maybe you are about to decide to ditch the 9-5 and do something that brings you more enjoyment.

Aquarius - in the 11th house you are setting intentions for making new friends, finding your tribe and fitting in. Those friends might be from a foreign country, or you might be in one new, and that is why you want to make new friends. With Uranus shaking things up in the 4th house of home and family, you might meet someone from home in this new place, and be taken totally by surprise. This person will help introduce you to new groups of friends.

Pisces - your 10th house is your reputation, often tied to our career it may be time for you to consider a new job. With Uranus in your 3rd house, it may be some kind of role in your local community. Or, it could be some kind of surprise in your Iocal community that opens up a new job opportunity.

Above are just a few options for how this may show up for you. It all depends on the actual houses being impacted in your chart, along with your natal planets. Best way to know of course is to book a quick session with me. You can do that on my website here.

Thanks for reading and sharing with someone you think can benefit.

Love and Light,



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