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New Moon in Pisces March 2, 2022

This month’s new moon happens at 12 degrees of Pisces conjunct with the planet Jupiter and sextile to Uranus. It occurs on on March 2, 2022 so we have a lot of activation of the energy of the 2. This speaks to balance in our relationships. 222 is also an Angel number that is telling you to hang in there. You are on the right path and just need to be patient.

We also have surprise blessings as a part of our new beginnings this month. The 4 planets, Jupiter, Uranus, the Sun and Moon (technically luminaries) are the only ones in direct aspect of the new moon. Big changes are possible as you tap into the energy of Pisces. If you need helping doing that you can tap in with my Youtube video here.

Each month we have a new moon in a different sign. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, so these new beginnings associated with a new moon may come about as a result of some other ending. Pisces is one of 3 water signs, which means it is connected to our emotions. This is a very psychic and spiritual sign. It is connected to the unseen. As ruler of the 12th house it is also associated with large institutions, like prisons and hospitals. This is a sign that is very creative and artistic. Many actors and musicians have strong Piscean energy in their chart.

We want to create our 10 new moon wishes within about 8 hours of the actual event. This one happens around 10:35 MST. This is a good one to do while working with water, with prayer, and listening to your intuition. For ideas on what to place your focus on see my article here.

Sun and Moon conjunction means what we need to feel successful combines with what we need to feel safe and secure and invite in a new beginning. With the added energy from Jupiter, who rules expansion, we are creating things that invite major growth into our lives. Jupiter is known for making the things it touches bigger. As a result, this new beginning for you may not be so subtle. Especially since this is also making positive contact to Uranus. Whatever you start now may surprise you, as well as those around you. It is positive energy, so it is in your best interest to follow your intuition and spirit guides. The crazier it sounds, the better!

Of note is the fact that Mars and Venus have been traveling together for almost 2 months, and at the time of the New Moon they will be in a conjunction with Pluto and trine to the North Node of fate and destiny. This can have everything to do with your love life, but since it is in Capricorn this could also be about your career. Pluto is about power, it’s about transformation. Venus is love and money. Mars is our passion, our energy, our war-like tendencies. There are a multitude of ways this can be showing up for you. But, whatever you have been working on as Venus started her retrograde at the end of December, it is now ready to come to fruition. And Mars is there to make sure you take action on what your lessons have been about. The Nodes are involved now which means this has everything to do with your fated path. Since the retrograde started the North Node moved into the sign of Taurus, which is what Venus rules. This sign involves our finances, our luxury items. Maybe you have been debating a major change in your career that impacts your finances, maybe it impacts your love life. This is very much tied to whatever house these planets are in within your natal chart. Wherever you have been giving your power away, it is time to take it back.

Mercury and Saturn are also conjunct in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. So, these are not moves you are making haphazardly. These are serious changes you are contemplating. You are able to speak with authority about the changes you want to make. Aquarius is our friends and networking groups. You could get a message from one of them that changes the course of your life.

Neptune is the current ruler of Pisces, once discovered it replaced Jupiter as the ruler. Now they would be considered co-rulers. As Jupiter moves closer to Neptune after the New Moon you may see your wishes fully unfold. This can be a time in your life that you look back on and realize how much changed. As these two move closer together the Nodes are also moving closer to a sextile with Neptune and Jupiter. The hands of fate are heavily involved in what is changing around us at this time. If you like change, these are exciting times, if you want things to remain as they are, then maybe not so much. The last time the planets Jupiter and Neptune met in Pisces was 1856. Look how far we have come since then. We went from traveling by ships and trains, to airplanes. In the United States we are also experiencing our first Pluto return. There is a major theme of rebirth going on now, of taking our power back from the government. It seems as though there is a major push to suppress the will of the people, and that is likely to fail. Those trying to do the suppressing will likely pay the biggest cost.

So, where might you see major blessings appearing in your life? Keep in mind to know for sure you may want to book a reading with me here. But, these general forecasts will work for your Rising, Sun and Moon signs. Rising sign being the most notable.

Pisces – in your first house of self, you could literally be reinventing yourself. Your surprise could come in the form of communication as Uranus is helping you from the 3rd house. Communication devices or commuting devices like a new car. Whatever it is will feel like a personal blessing in how you present yourself to others.

Aries – your new beginning happens in your 12th house. There could be some psychological breakthroughs. Some subconscious blocks may finally be released. If looking for a new job you could join a large organization. Your surprise comes from your 2nd house and the money you make. If not working, this is how you value yourself. Fate could bless you with a new source of income.

Taurus – the 11th house brings you new friends or helps you become a part of some sort of networking group that helps you achieve a personal goal. Uranus has been traveling through your first house for some time now, and is no longer being restricted by Saturn. Major growth is possible for you now.

Gemini – the 10th house can bring you some major recognition, like a sudden career move, especially if you work for a large organization. Uranus might cause some surprise changes where you work and it ends up elevating you to a whole new level of responsibility. Take advantage of those who are showing up for you now, they are leading you down a new exciting path.

Cancer – the 9th house can bring you a new beginning related to your personal growth. Higher education, foreign travel, spiritual growth are all a part of this new moon. You have Uranus in your 11th house so a benefactor of some kind may offer something to you that is completely unexpected, but changes your life completely for the better.

Leo – the 8th house rules over the resources that we receive from others, like our spouse or intimate partners. This is also taxes, death and transformation. Your partner could start a new job suddenly, as Uranus is in your 10th house of career. Or a change in career could bring about a change in your current relationship.

Virgo – the 7th house rules your serious relationships like marriage and business partnerships. You could meet someone now that ends up becoming a permanent fixture in your life. The surprise is coming from your 9th house. Maybe this person is from a foreign country, or a spiritual teacher of some kind. Some of you are also experiencing your North Node return, so fate is playing a heavy hand in the opportunities being presented to you.

Libra – the 6th house rules our daily lives, our health, our pets, and being of service to others. You could get a new job opportunity, or some answers where your health is concerned. It is a great time to start eating healthy. The surprise comes from your 8th house, so maybe your partner makes a major career move that impacts your daily life in some way.

Scorpio – the 5th house rules all the fun things, like romance, children and our hobbies. A new beginning in one of these areas could be because of the influence of someone you are already in a partnership with. Maybe a business partner turns into a lover. Or you and your partner decide to have a baby. Or surprise! You are having a baby!

Sagittarius – the 4th house rules over home and family. You could suddenly decide to move because of a change in your career or your health. A new job could give you the money you need to spruce up an existing home if you are not in the market to buy one. Maybe you will get a surprise raise!

Capricorn – your 3rd house brings in something new in the communication sector of your life. New car, new computers, or maybe you are going back to school and will have a new commute. Your 5th house of fun and romance means you could hear from someone you never thought of before as a romantic partner. You have so much going on in your first house you deserve some fun!

Aquarius – the 2nd house rules over the money you make, typically from your job. You could be getting a new job or getting a raise. Someone at home may be helping give you good ideas about what changes to make at work so you get that raise. Perhaps you move suddenly and it leads to a better job.

There is so much going on with this new moon, but I hope you found the above helpful. If you want more specific direction feel free to book one of my New Moon/Full Moon sessions here. Then we can dive deep into your chart to better understand how to focus in on those wishes.

Love and Light.

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