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New Moon in Pisces March 13th, 2021

On Saturday March 13th in the wee morning hours on the West Coast, we will have our New Moon in Pisces.

Pisces is a water sign, representing how we feel, our emotions. Its ruler is Neptune, and before Neptune's discovery, it was Jupiter. It is the 12th sign of the zodiac and therefore aligned to the 12th house. Pisces represents all things hidden, psychic abilities, spirituality, creativity, art, music, escapism, and large institutions and faraway places. All things you know are there, but you can’t ’see’ them with the naked eye, but you can ‘feel’ their existence.

Pisces is what’s called a Mutable sign. This means they are very flexible, ever changing, and may not stick to any one thing for long. They need freedom and constant change. If you are interested in getting more connected to Pisces energy you can try my self-hypnosis session for free here.

With this new Moon we have some incredible dreamy energy to work with. The New Moon occurs at 23 degrees of the Sign of Pisces. This means both the Sun and Moon are that this degree in the sign. The Moon is a blank slate and ready to start a new, approximately 28 day cycle. The Sun represents the ego, our success, and our inner self. The Moon is our emotions, and what we need to feel safe and secure. This is a meeting of our inner and outer world where we can press the reset button once a month. In the sign of Pisces this new beginning is associated with the things mentioned above. We are wishing our dreams into reality.

At the same time as this New Moon is happening we also have Venus and Neptune at 20 degrees of the sign of Pisces. This creates what we call a stellium, 3 or more planets closely aligned in one sign. This adds to the dreaminess of the energy. Venus with Neptune is in love with love. In love with art, in love with creation and creativity. There is a chance for a new beginning where all things Venusian are concerned. This can show up as meeting the love of your life, finding a dream job, making a spiritual connection, or just creating a piece of art. This sign is one of 3 water signs, very emotional. You can imagine emotions are running high during this new moon. Give the energy something to channel into. Write, create, sing in the shower. Otherwise it could feel a bit overwhelming.

Pluto is in a sextile over to this new moon energy. There is some situation you need to face, where you need to take your power back. Pluto and Neptune energy combined can unearth something you need to see in order to release it once and for all, and then start over fresh and new.

We want to work with the water element for our new moon ceremonies since Pisces is a water sign. Once you have created your 10 new moon wishes you can try some of the following to add to the energy and help them manifest, potentially faster. Fill a glass with filtered water, then speak your 10 wishes into the water, once done, drink the water. Or you can take a nice hot Epsom salt bath and say your wishes while in the water. No tub? Just make a nice Epsom salt foot bath. Make a wish to release any blocks to your wishes coming true and the salts with absorb the negative energy. There are a multitude of ways to work with water, be creative and have fun with it. You can see my previous article here for suggestions on what to wish for.

The following is the area of life where you have the potential to make your dreams come true, this is most accurate when you know your rising sign, but you can also look at your Moon or Sun sign chart.

Aries – the new moon occurs in your 12th house. This could bring some hidden talent to the surface that you are ready to share with others.

Taurus – the 11th house rules your friends, benefactors, and networking groups. Have you always wanted to belong somewhere special? This is your time.

Gemini – your 10th house of career and recognition is highlighted. Are you ready to get started on your dream job? This could be it! Or maybe you are ready to finally be recognized for your hard work.

Cancer – the 9th house is where we long to travel, make a spiritual connection, figure out our calling. If you are feeling stuck, you can easily find the answers you seek. And if you are craving a getaway, things might just open up so you can plan that long-distance trip.

Leo – in the 8th house you may be blessed with a financial gift of some sort. There is the opportunity for a complete makeover in how you receive money from others. Not in a job but in some type of tax refund, or loan, or grant. This is also the house of intimate partnerships, so there could be an opportunity to drop those walls you have had up for some time.

Virgo – our 7th house rules our serious relationships and partnerships. Could this finally be the one? Something could begin that is life changing for you whether it is a new personal or business partnership.

Libra – in the 6th house we are focused on creating new daily routines, whether this is a new job, a new healthy lifestyle or maybe even a new pet. We are ready to start something new that is healthy and supportive to our well-being.

Scorpio - the 5th house is about having fun, getting creative and it rules our children. Are your kids making some new beginnings of their own? Is the ever-elusive hobby ready to show up for you? Or do you have romance on your mind, because this could be the beginning of a fun and flirty new partner.

Sagittarius – the 4th house means something at home is getting a fresh start. You could be moving, buying something new for the house potentially. This also rules our mothers, maybe a chance to clear the air.

Capricorn – in the 3rd house you could be looking for a new mode of transportation or a new communication device. I also like this house for anything to do with working with your hands. This house also rules contracts and agreements, a new beneficial one could be right around the corner.

Aquarius – your 2nd house is about the money you make, which to come in means you need to believe you deserve it. You are worth it, and you do deserve it! If you have been wishing for a new job now is the time.

Pisces – this of course happens for you in your 1st house, the house of self. You could be ready for a beauty makeover, since this house does rule our physical appearance. This is how we present ourselves to the world. You want a new image and now you have the support you need to create that and be that. Say hello to a new version of yourself 2.0!

As usual these are just general forecasts. To have one specific to your natal chart feel free to book a session with me here.

Love and Light and Happy Wishes!

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