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New Moon in Pisces

The biggest new moon of the year is here and we have a major reset happening along with it. The Sun, Moon and Neptune all combine at the 15/16 degree mark, which is a conjunction. This is at the midpoint of Pisces, a chance to pause, before these planets continue forward in the last sign of the zodiac. With a new moon we have a chance to recharge our emotion, our intuition, our overall goals for all things of a Piscean nature. If you know any Pisces you know they are very psychic. This new moon gives us an opportunity to trust our inner guidance, to stop ignoring what we are being pushed to see. To give up control, to let go and let God. The more we continue to push for control, the more we will be shown just how much control we do not have.

We have two sextiles also supporting the new moon. Mars in Taurus is pushing us to act where money and self-worth are concerned. The tighter you are holding on to either area in your life the bigger the message is to let this go. Worry thoughts about your health, your weight, your appearance, no longer serve you. Instead Mars wants you to take action that improves your self worth, and letting go of debilitating thoughts is step one. Normally Mars is warrior energy and takes off without careful thought. But with the Neptune trine there is more compassion in this energy, so be open to how to use this energetic lift in a more spiritual way. The overall message is to be gentler with yourself.

Of course Saturn wants structure, restriction even. If this energy were in a square you would be feeling very uncomfortable. But the sextile softens this connection during the new moon. Let's say for instance your weight is your biggest concern right now. With the Saturn and Mars energy combined with Neptune, Sun and Moon, you have everything you need to find a program that works for you. There will be guides who send you to the best eating plan, exercise plan, support groups. If you what you have been doing isn't working you will be shown a better way. The goal here is to be open to the psychic downloads available to you. Then when the light of the moon is visible again, take action. But it will be gentle action because we have Mercury going backwards through Pisces at the same time. You will need to revisit your plans. So don't dig in too deeply, don't get attached to outcomes quite yet. Just enjoy the planning stages.

Mercury is stationed at 29 degrees and conjunct Chiron at 0 degrees. There has never been a clearer sign from the Universe that we are off track and we need a major healing to occur. We have lost sight of what really matters. In our desire to get more, have more, be more, we have lost touch with our Spirituality. So the Universe is giving you an opportunity for a major shift and with this shift a major healing of self. Once Mercury completes this retrograde you will know exactly what to do to heal. Over the next 6 months you will continue to be shown opportunities to heal, and by the time the full moon in Pisces arrives you will be well on your way. But your success will be completely dependent on your willingness to let this healing occur. Those deep dark recessed thoughts have to be exposed. For some this will be harder than others. For those you know who have dependency issues this is an important time to stay in contact and to reach out. We do a wonderful job of compartmentalizing what we no longer want to deal with. However this will be very difficult to do during this transit.

New Moon Wishes in the following areas will receive extra support during this time. Write these down late tonight or early the morning of the 6th. Pisces being a water sign means water will enhance your wishes. Take a hot bath with epsom salts or even a foot bath. Drink water while you say your wishes out loud. Release them in a river or stream. You could even put your wishes in a bottle, fill it with water, and bury it, glass only please.

You can wish for increased imagination, to find your inner happiness, open yourself up to your psychic abilities, trust and mystic awareness, welcome a spiritual healing, increase your ability to feel compassion for yourself and others, and releasing helplessness or victim mentality. Pisces rules addictions and the feet. Wishes for healing addictions or any health related issue related to the feet are enhanced at this time.

Here is what you might experience by sign.

Pisces - in your first house this is a complete reset for you.

Aquarius - in your second house reflecting new beginnings in love and money.

Capricorn - in your third house reflecting new ways of communicating, getting organized, maybe in a short trip.

Sagittarius - in the fourth house of home and family, there might be a lot of spring cleaning and the kickoff of a remodel. Maybe someone is coming home again.

Scorpio- in your fifth house of children, creativity and romance you have a chance to kick off something new in any or all areas. For those of you wanting children this is an auspicious time for getting pregnant.

Libra - in your sixth house of work and daily routines you may be kicking off a new health routine, making positive changes at work, and someone from the past may come back to help you.

Virgo - in your 7th house of serious relationships you may be starting a new serious romance or taking an existing romance to a more serious level. This could also be a major change at work. Going into business with someone new, or making a major change at work. All partnerships are highlighted and someone from the past may play a pivotal role.

Leo - in your 8th house of resources from others, transformation, you may see an impact to your finances where others are concerned. Perhaps someone from your past comes back and pays you back. This is also where we connect deeply with our partners, as this is also the house of our sexuality. This also speaks to a lover coming back from the past during the Mercury retrograde.

Cancer - in your 9th house you may have an opportunity to expand your knowledge, both in studies of a spiritual nature or something just related to an area you have been interested in expanding your knowledge in. This also bodes well to planning a long trip, especially to a foreign location.

Gemini - in your 10th house of career and recognition this can bring in a reward for the hard work you have done so far this year. You could also be given an opportunity to get on your 'destined' career path or vocation. A job you have done in the past that is in better alignment with your life purpose may suddenly reappear.

Taurus - in your 11th house of networking and benefactors you may make a connection that furthers your ambitions. This could impact you in love, career, and friendships. The mercury retrograde means a contact from the past may present you with a new opportunity that is very beneficial to you.

Aries - in your 12th house this is a psychological shift. This is opening up your third eye, receiving psychic downloads, releasing thoughts that are holding you back. More on the subconscious level so pay close attention to your dreams. There is a message there for you.

Keep in mind these are general energies and depending on your personal chart you may feel more the influence of the sign ahead or behind you. Those of you born around the 20th of any month for instance should look at both signs.

Love and Light!

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