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New Moon in Libra October 16, 2020

This new moon is going to pack quite a punch with the squares to the Capricorn planets and the opposition to Mars, and of course Mars squaring all the Capricorn planets still. If you needed a bit of motivation to finally kick a habit, or breakthrough a barrier then harness this energy in a positive way. If you are defiant and trying to stay stuck in your ways then you are simply going to put yourself and those around you in a very stressful environment. I personally am going to take the time and write out these new moon wishes in a way that proactively brings a new way of relating to others into my life. This can be a way of relating to others in general, or relating to yourself. This can be a desire for your relationships to be fair and balanced. I don’t recommend the wish for an actual new relationship, because anything started at this time would be full of a lot of stress and strain. I would focus on creating a new healthier relationship instead. Of course that all depends on your personal chart and journey, maybe fate has something else in mind for you.

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, and is an Air Sign. This sign is all about using our words to connect with others. Libra’s love to be in a relationship, they want to be taking care of other people. In fact they do this to a fault and often end up exhausted from being so giving. The goal of Libra though is to bring balance into the relationships that they have. The opposite of Libra is Aries energy after all. They are trying to balance their needs with their partner’s needs. Venus represents love, and in Libra the sign of Justice and Law, it can represent marriage or contracts of some kind. The ruler of this New Moon, Venus is making a harmonious trine to Jupiter. If you can avoid the trap of the crunchy energy, then love has a chance to lift you above and bring you something you have desired for some time now. Libra is the 7th house and this represents our marriage partners as well as business partners.

As we create our 10 New Moon wishes in Libra we want to focus on:




Interdependent Relationships




Legal Contracts

Sample of a new moon wish for Libra with all this stressful energy:

“I want to easily find myself open to understanding points of view opposite to my own” From:

Spiller, Jan. New Moon Astrology (p. 93). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Avoid wishing for things the ego wants at this time. Material wishes and unhealthy relationships that don’t benefit both partners. Jupiter makes positive contact with Venus, but has a way of making things larger than life so you see the impact they are actually having on your life. This is for the greater good, but may not feel that way if you are living in denial about a particular relationship in your life.

As reminder you want to do these new moon wishes within about 8 hours of the actual new moon. This will happen at 12:30 pm PST. Each one should be about finding balance between you and those around you to help offset the squares and the opposition energy. Or ask for guidance from spirit, as there is positive influence of the Nodes during this New Moon.

Body part ruled by Libra is the Adrenal Glands. This is a really good time to wish for a healing in this area. So much is out of balance in your body when your adrenals are not working properly. This leads to all kinds of issues throughout the body, especially creating a toxic environment that leads to illness and tiredness. “I want to easily attract the right healer that brings balance back to my adrenal glands.”

Tarot Card that represents Libra is the Justice Card. Lady Justice is fair and balanced. The heart wins where the scales of justice are concerned. Unlike the 2 of swords card, Lady Justice faces decisions with eyes wide open. She carries a mighty sword which represents her ability to use her sharp mind and words to deliver her Justice with. She is not swayed by emotions.

Our meditation this month with the Justice card in mind can be done using your essential oils in a diffuser while you are journaling. Free writing and asking Spirit for guidance on how to restore balance in your relationships can be an effective way of clearing any blocks you may be experiencing.

What house is impacted by the New Moon based on your Sun, Moon or Rising?

Libra - the first house rules the self. You may be deciding to make yourself the priority. All the areas mentioned above are on the table for you. Relationship challenges force you to potentially make a change to your living arrangements.

Virgo - the 2nd house is about your self worth, the money you make and your values. What is blocking you from believing you are enough? Because you are. Take a risk on that new way of making money.

Leo - the 3rd house is teaching you how to communicate with others in a way that is fair and balanced. No longer are you biting your tongue. Now you say what you mean and stand up for yourself.

Cancer - the 4th house is home to you and this means a new beginning at home. This could be about a new roommate, or setting boundaries at home.

Gemini - the 5th house rules our romances, our creative skills, and our children. A new creative outlet could be born out of a need to change how you make money.

Taurus - the 6th house rules our daily routines. Your new beginning in your daily life comes with clearing out some old belief systems.

Aries - the 7th house is about our serious relationships, to have a healthy one we have to start believing we deserve to be loved.

Pisces - the 8th house rules our intimate partnerships and the finances we receive from others like the government, or our spouses. Something about our support system is shifting to be more healthy.

Aquarius - the 9th house is our connection to a higher power, it’s far away places, and teaching. In order to adopt a new mindset we really have to look at our subconscious and how they impact our daily routines.

Capricorn - the 10th house is the house of career and recognition. Balance between home and family can only happen when you decide to pursue your personal goals. The demands of work and family may have been holding you back.

Sagittarius - the 11th house rules networking and our friend networks. Your self worth has been getting an overhaul. You may be ready to join that group that is more aligned with your value system.

Scorpio - the 12th house rules all things hidden and the subconscious mind. This is good time for releasing attachments to the past. Letting go of negative self talk. Something is holding you back from starting something new. Great time to use meditation or hypnosis to get in touch with what that is and set your mind free.

This is a pretty complex new moon and hard to summarize based on how late in the sign this is happening. Might be a good time to book a reading and see exactly how this will be impacting you. Just remember to breathe and know that the conflict is serving a purpose and pushing you to grow. Let it by working with, not against the energy. It is not a time to just stay stuck in your ways. It is a time to connect to source and be guided on the work you need to do.

Love and Light!

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