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New Moon in Libra 2021

On Wednesday October 6th at 4:05 am PST we have a new moon in the sign of Libra at 13 degrees. A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are together in the same sign and at the same degree. In the sign of Libra, the themes of that zodiac sign are helping to create new beginnings. Libra rules our serious relationships, marriages, partnerships, and the law. The symbol for Libra is the scales of Justice. Its goal is to bring balance to all in a way that is fair. For this new moon we have the added energy of the planet Mars who along with the Sun and Moon will be at 13 degrees of Libra. Mars is our drive, our determination, our anger, and our passion. All three will be in an odd angle, back to Uranus in Taurus also at 13 degrees.

When any planet makes contact with the Sun it goes through a rebirth. It is invisible as it is so close to the Sun, in direct alignment, that you cannot see the other planet. Mars right now is invisible. It returns to the Sun once every 2 years. Wherever this is happening for you a cycle is concluding and a new one begins. During the new moon there is no light from the Sun reaching the Moon, so it is completely dark. Usually I tell you don’t start anything until the light returns to the Moon, but this time you may want to wait until Mars is far enough away from the Sun as well. All of the planets at 13 degrees signals a sign of rebirth, in Tarot this is the number of the Death card. In order for a new beginning to happen, something must be let go. And the energy is indicating the letting go will not be easy.

When planets are joined with the Sun we call them Cazimi. When 2 hot planets come together, like the Sun and Mars, the fire energy can be very intense. This happening in the sign of Libra means our relationships and partnerships, especially at work, can be a bit volatile. If not channeled effectively this can lead to major arguments and misunderstandings. As a result, this may not be the best time to kick off any type of new relationship, if you do expect them to be centered around passion and fire. This energy could however, help you to break free from a relationship that no longer serves you. Bottom line anything new as a result of this combination of planets will not be dull, and with the influence of Uranus could take you totally by surprise. Maybe it already has.

Bringing some bizarre energy, and sudden surprises, is the planet Uranus in retrograde, inconjunct this new moon at 13 degrees of Taurus. Inconjunct means it is 150 degrees away from the Sun, Moon and Mars. All 3 are activated in some way by this planet. Uranus is eclectic, electric, surprises, thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightening, you get my drift. Because Mars also rules accidents I would be very observant of my surroundings during the new moon event. Things could potentially get a bit explosive. It could also get your interested in things like astrology, or expose you to unique ways of healing.

Standing across the sky from these 3 in Libra is Chiron, what we call the wounded healer, at 10 degrees of Aries, also in retrograde. Libra is ‘we’ energy while Aries is ‘me’. There is a battle between the two happening during the new moon and your goal is to learn how to make me vs we into me as a part of we. You don’t have to give up who you are just to be in a relationship. And your relationship does not need to keep you from enjoying some personal freedoms. There could be some battles for control in your relationships as a result. Try to fight for it, not against one another and heal a rift instead.

Mercury is in its retrograde currently at 20 degrees of Libra. While it is a bit wide for a conjunction to the rest of the Libra planets, the fact that it is heading towards all of these planets would suggest it is playing a role in the new beginnings, bringing an element from the past. You may receive a communication from a past lover for instance, but the best way to use this type of energy would be to get closure and cut ties. You may be ready to finally speak your mind about their wrongdoing. Just remember to stay above the fray and don’t sink to their level. People who trigger us are lessons, and it is best to just learn the lesson instead. Of course, not all communications from someone in your past are bad, just pause and look at why it is happening, and don’t jump in blindly to anything at this time.

Mercury is also in-conjunct with Neptune while it is squaring Pluto and trining Jupiter. That can really create a lot of confusion and is another reason why you may not want to set any kind of intentions during this new moon. You may have a hard time determining what’s real and what is fear talking. The last thing you want is to create intentions that are not clear, or wishes that could end up causing you more harm than good. Pluto is extremely powerful as it is about to turn forward again. As it sits there in the sky, it is creating a lot of energy to brings its retrograde to an end. So, speech can come across a bit scary, ruthless, and untruthful. You have to pour over the details before you make any type of decisions based on what someone tells you right now, especially people of authority.

Saturn is making a very wide trine to the new moon trio at 6 degrees of Aquarius, but its rings are large and its impact can be felt up to 10 degrees for some. So, don’t count out the planet to try and bring some structure and order to all the chaos that is about to occur. Since it has already been in contact with all 3 planets you may already be aware of its influence, and attempts to control your ego, your drive, your emotions.

Venus is about to leave the sign of Scorpio, and as a result is just a few degrees away from the South Node in the sign of Sagittarius where she will be headed next. Venus is love, South Node is Karma, and releasing the past. Venus is also the ruler of the sign of Libra, and so the ruler of this new moon. It is going to be nearly impossible for things and people from your past not to come up, especially those that need attention. If you have buried some issue relating to love or money, self-worth, your values, it will need to be dealt with. If you and your partner do not share the same values, you may have to deal with that and decide what that means for you as a couple going forward. South Node love’s feel oh so comfortable, but the South Node is what we are moving away from, Karma we are settling. Love could move very fast with Venus in a fire sign, just don’t get too carried away. The North Node which opposes Venus is where we are heading. The best way to use the South Node and Venus conjunction is to learn the lessons about love from the past so you can create the future you want, with a healthy partner. The North Node in Gemini still wants us to open our minds to learning, and communicating so we can share our knowledge with others. But not in a way that scares them.

So, what may you experience based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign?

Libra this is in your first house, so this is a complete rebirth for you. You may be changing your wardrobe, your hairstyle, how you present yourself to others. Just remember it’s still Mercury retrograde so don’t do anything too permanent, like a new tattoo. But maybe a temporary fun hair color will do.

Virgo in your 2nd house you may be experiencing some serious burnout at work. You are ready for a new opportunity in how you make money. Out of some sort of chaos you may come across a new job opportunity. But take your time, ask a lot of questions, and make sure where you are going is where you want to be, not just a place to escape current circumstances. Otherwise the old saying the grass isn’t always greener, will be your reality.

Leo the new moon for you is in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, cousins, and your community. You could be getting a new phone or car, but I wouldn’t buy it, just do some window shopping. Once this energy clears you can go back and finalize the deal. Otherwise this purchase may haunt you.

Cancer as the ruler of the 4th house of home and family you may feel like making some changes at home. Maybe making a trip home. Again, I wouldn’t jump into and take on any major reno project just yet. But it is the perfect time for planning, looking at color samples and materials.

Gemini’s just wanna have fun with a new moon in the 5th house which rules our romances, our children, fun and hobbies. With Uranus in your 12th house there could be some hidden things that come out and disrupt your fun. If you do start a new relationship just be sure to keep it really casual, let them show you who they truly are before you jump into anything serious. And when they do, believe them!

Taurus with the 6th house you like Virgo’s, want to make some changes at work. How you spend your day is wearing on you and you are ready for new beginnings at your job, or with your health routines. If you were to adopt a new pet right now it could come with some surprises so perhaps you want to fulfill that need by just being a foster for the moment.

Aries the 7th house is ruled by Libra and so you could be looking to take a relationship to the next level, to get engaged, or to break it off completely. Mars may have you highly motivated to bring the passion back into the relationship, but it also could be having a hard time sustaining the momentum. Give this a few days to clear before you take the leap and don’t sign any partnership paperwork just yet.

Pisces in your 8th house you could go through some major changes in this new moon cycle. Your partner’s finances are ruled by the 8th house so they could be getting a new job, or raise potentially. Something about this change for them though could mean major upheaval for you. Best to put aside any serious conversations about finances until this energy is less intense.

Aquarius the 9th house is where we get to expand our horizons, take a journey to a faraway place. This is a really good time for starting a spiritual practice like meditation or yoga, but expect it to be a little difficult to concentrate at first. If you started something like this in the past but let it fall by the way side, this is a good time to pick it back up.

Capricorn the 10th house rules our career and fame, the things we are most recognized for. There could be the potential for some recognition to be received at work. You could get a new job opportunity, but if you do, expect it to make you super busy as you transition from one role to another. This house is also associated with how we are seen married, or divorced, single or in a couple, changes could be coming in for you.

Sagittarius your 11th house for a new beginning means you could be making new friends, albeit weird one’s, but they feel like home to you. You also could meet some type of benefactor, maybe come across someone who will be a great mentor for you.

Scorpio with a new beginning in the 12th house you may be feeling a bit uncomfortable. While the energy works well with your need to be hidden, with Mars there stomping around in your subconscious mind you may be pushed to face some fears in a big way. It is time to clean out the attic, and knock down all those cobwebs. The 12th house rules large institutions, like hospitals, so don’t put off dealing with any type of medical issues at this time. And be careful as you drive.

If you want to know more specifically how this will show up for you I have a New Moon/Full Moon reading you can book with just a few slots left before this event happens. You can check it out here.

Love and Light!

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