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New Moon in Leo August 8, 2021

The Lion’s Gate is open on August 8th for our New Moon in the sign of Leo. This occurs at 16 degrees of the sign of Leo, where the Sun and Moon are meeting. The two will meet about 6:51 am PST. The Lion’s gate, a powerful manifesting portal, opens when the star Sirius aligns with the Earth, while the Sun is in the sign of Leo. This increases the power of your New Moon wishes this month. For more information on new moon wishing take a look at my article here.

Leo is the sign that rules romance, passion, fun, joy, hobbies and our children. Its ruler is the Sun, so when the Sun transits this sign it is at its most powerful. Another reason you don’t want to miss writing out your 10 New Moon wishes this month in particular. Which of these areas are you looking for a new beginning?

With the Sun and Moon at 16 degrees of Leo they are making a square over to the planet Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus. This is the planet of shocks, surprises and innovation. A square means this new beginning could come about in an unexpected way, but know that it is for the best. Saturn is still loosely squaring Uranus, while the planet is stationed to go retrograde. This makes our need for impulsive decisions a bit over the top. Before you take that leap make sure there is a safety net beneath your feet. Saturn is all about restrictions, making sure you have a plan after all.

2 planets are inconjunct with Mercury who is in Leo at 23 degrees, this gives us the formation of a YOD, or Finger of God at the time of the New Moon. Fate is calling. Pluto and Neptune have been in a sextile for some time now. Neither planet moves very quickly and both are retrograde now. How we communicate when connected to these 2 planets feels different. How we talk to ourselves and others feels different. But there is something new you need to experience or learn as a result of this New Moon. While Mercury is a little wide to be conjunct this New Moon it is still a heavy influencer. You will want to see exactly where this is showing up in your chart so you understand the area of your life being influenced by this new beginning and this YOD. Be sure and take advantage of a website like to create one and note the houses being influenced. Jupiter retrograde is getting ready to face off with Mercury a few days after the new moon, as it is at 28 degrees of Aquarius now and picking up some speed. Jupiter asks you to expand your thinking, and be open to learning something new.

Neptune is our spirituality, things that are hidden, it is music and artistry. Pluto is our fears, death, and transformation. When we make that connection to spirit we are able to face our fears. We can also work out our emotional blocks through some kind of creative project, especially something you worked on in the past.

Venus is standing directly across the sky from Neptune in an opposition. Love has to stand for something. There needs to be meaning behind the connections you are making, even if they just involve money. Pluto is in a trine to Venus which can make us lose our hands in all the passion. But Neptune can amplify in a way that can be a bit too out of control. Best to keep your head than dive in head first. The two form a very loose Grand Earth trine with Uranus, so it may take a little more effort than a normal trine to get whatever this represents in your life off the ground.

Mars is squaring the Nodes from the sign of Virgo, so this need for control that you have has to be released. Otherwise you are going to push something or someone away that might otherwise play an important role in your future.

How might this influence you based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign?

Leo – this happens in your first house of course which opens you up for a major shift in your personal goals. The first house is how you present yourself to others and it would appear you are ready to put yourself out there and be more on stage.

Cancer – Leo is your 2nd house and rules the income we make. Are you ready to make money being on stage, performing in the arts? Or are you also ready to take on more of a leadership role at work and get compensated for it?

Gemini – your 3rd house rules your local community, your extended family, and communicating. This also rules transportation. Perhaps you are buying a flashy red sports car or enrolling in arts school. Just make sure you check the fine print on any contract you are thinking about signing. And if you need to deliver some kind of speech everyone listening will be all ears.

Taurus – in the 4th house you are ready for some changes at home. You could be redecorating, moving, or moving someone in or out of your home. Just remember it comes about with a bit of a struggle. So maybe just sample that bright paint color, don’t go all in just yet. And wait for the light to appear on the Moon before you do any actual moving.

Aries – the 5th house is the one that Leo rules over so you have a chance at beginning a new romance, kicking off a new hobby, or having some fun with your children. Anything you feel really passionate about now is the time to indulge yourself a bit. Just remember this is the romance house, not the marriage house. So, have fun, but don’t get too attached just yet.

Pisces – the 6th house rules our work, our health and our daily routines. You too could be starting a new job, one where you take on more responsibilities. If it’s your health, then Leo rules your heart, if you have issues here, it is time to deal with them and change your diet. You need to reduce that inflammation and eat more veggies!

Aquarius – your new beginning happens in your marriage house so you might just be ready to take things to the next level, whether this is business or personal. Marriage proposals could come about in a strange way. Again, I would sit on them before you make any final decisions about making a commitment. The proposal might come about in a big onstage way as well.

Capricorn – in the 8th house there is a new source of income coming in from someone else. This could be a loan, stock options, an inheritance, even a tax refund. It might be from a source you have completely forgotten about, but when you are due, you are due. This house also rules our intimate partnerships, so you could take a relationship to a more intimate level. This house also rules death and transformation, so you can finally let something die and start all over again.

Sagittarius – the 9th house is where we go to expand our beliefs, learn something beyond a standard course of learning. We seek answers here, we seek adventure and travel to far away places as well. As a fellow fire sign, you feel the passion to live life to the fullest right now. You are ready to move forward. If you have been wanting to sign up for some continuing education, this is the time.

Scorpio – the 10th house rules our career, recognition, and fame. This could be achieving a major milestone at work. Getting a big promotion, taking on more responsibilities. It could also mean a financial reward of some sort. But it could come about because someone in the company leaves unexpectedly. You are thrilled for the chance, just was so unexpected.

Libra – the 11th house rules our friend groups and our networks. There is a chance you can join a new one. There is also a chance that someone is looking out for you and reaches out to invite you to join something that has a major impact on your future. And this is the house of financial gains like the lottery, so go spend a dollar on a ticket!

Virgo – the 12th house is all things that are hidden and unseen. Like our psychic abilities, intuition, and spirits. Also, the subconscious mind. So, new beginnings here are not always the most obvious. However, this is a good time to commit to connecting to your subconscious and working to release those things you say, that are in your self-critical nature, and turn them into more supporting beliefs about yourself. This house also rules large institutions so new beginnings within large organizations or institutions are also possible, along with faraway travels.

These of course are just some examples of how this energy might show up for you. If you need some help tapping into the Leo energy you can try out my free hypnosis track here.

If you want to specifically find out what is in store for you, you can always book a 30-minute session with me and we can focus in on your chart and I can help you construct your new moon wishes.

Love and Light!

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