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New Moon in Gemini May 30th, 2022

Monday May 30th is Memorial Day in the U.S.A. and the New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the twins. The Sun and Moon will combine at 9 degrees and 3 minutes, the 9 in numerology represents endings. That would suggest in order for the New Moon wishes to manifest in your life you will need to complete something first. If you think about the Moon like an hourglass, when it is dark, like during a new moon, you are emotionally complete and ready to start again. Ready to flip the hourglass over. The Sun gives you the strength to flip the glass, it provides the energy for the recharge.

Gemini is the 3rd sign in the Zodiac. It represents our thoughts, our communication, teaching, seeing two sides of everything. It is one of the Air signs, and what is called mutable energy. This can make it difficult to make up your mind. Or if you do make up your mind you may just change it a few moments later.

Gemini rules over the 3rd house, which covers similar themes, learning, our community, early education, siblings, cousins, people who are part of our family, but not directly part of our household. It is also transportation and local travel. This house also includes communication devices like phones and computers. Which is why whenever it’s a Mercury retrograde they tend to go haywire!

Mercury the planet ruler over Gemini is currently retrograde and in a trine to Pluto, also retrograde. This adds an additional element of something from the past that needs to be resolved. Our thinking has been going through the wringer with Pluto, and all kinds of things, including fears, may have been coming up to be released. This is the perfect time to vanquish those fears. To bring an end to those thoughts that hold you back, that steal your power. Mercury is basically stationing to go direct so will be here speaking with Pluto for the next week, going forward on June 3rd, but very slowly at first. So, this conversation between these two is long and deep. This would indicate this shift in how you think is a major changing of the mind. Something you once thought you would never change your mind about may suddenly fall by the wayside.

A better use of your 10 New Moon wishes this month would be to focus on things you need closure on. With the ruler in retrograde new beginnings may be stalled. But if you use these wishes to instead focus on old ways of thinking, or something like finding your way back to your community, they may come about easier. I am easily finding closure in the relationships that no longer serve me, is one example of how to do that.

No other planets are in direct contact with the New Moon energies. Mars and Jupiter are almost exactly conjunct in Aries which keeps our passions running high. Venus is in her home sign of Taurus which can make us indulgent. Saturn squares the New Moon ruler, so again an essence of some work needing to be done about what you think you know. Saturn wants you to finish something that you started long ago. Maybe you were planning to take some classes but have continued to make excuses. Those won’t work anymore he says, it’s time to get started.

Saturn and Neptune have been in a long dance with the Nodes and that still continues. Slowly they are making space between themselves. But both are about to turn retrograde next month so will continue to be in contact through the Summer with both the North and South Node. Neptune inspires you to find your path, Saturn makes you work harder to get there.

The following is some suggestion for how this may show up for you based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign. The rising sign is usually what we notice most in our daily life, the Sun we may feel as an internal shift, and the Moon as an emotional one.

Gemini – in your 1st house you are thinking about how your present yourself to the world. Are you being genuine or being what others expect of you? This is the time to let go of any kind of thinking that has held you back from being your true self.

Taurus – in the 2nd house you are looking at the job you have, the money you make specifically. Are you being valued enough? Is it time to break free from a job where you are not getting compensated fairly? You have to face your fears about being good enough and take a risk and apply for that dream job.

Aries – the 3rd house as mentioned above is a new beginning in our community, or maybe taking classes at a community college. While you might be thinking it’s a great time to buy a new car, I wouldn’t do that just yet. Definitely time to keep doing the research, and then make a final decision once the retrograde is over.

Pisces – the 4th house can bring a new beginning involving home and family. Maybe communication has been strained or maybe you have been rethinking what the importance of family is for you. Are you giving too much power away there? Is it time to set some good boundaries and let go of any guilt you have there?

Aquarius – the 5th house says we want to find our joy, we want to stop focusing on being in crisis and start enjoying life again. Is there something that needs to change in the romance department so you can let joy in? This is also the house of children, so plan accordingly!

Capricorn – in the 6th house you are contemplating a new beginning where your health or your daily activities are concerned. It may be time to approach this area in a completely new and different way. It is time for a real breakthrough if you are going to make your health a priority and stop making excuses. You know how to work hard, you just have to get out of your head and do the actual work. Speaking of, maybe you are going to be looking for a new job soon.

Sagittarius – the 7th house can bring a new beginning in your serious relationships or business partnerships. What is getting in the way of you taking things to the next level? Are you meeting your partners needs as much as your own? You might need to think about what the obstacles are and let them go so your partner feel like they are the priority.

Scorpio – the 8th house feels like home to you, since you rule over it. This eclipse season has already pushed you to the edge, but there is still more changes needed. The 8th is where we seek value from others. This can be financial or it can be emotional, even sexual. If you haven’t been feeling very connected to others maybe it is time to change your mind set. And if you are looking for some funding you may want to spend a bit more time going over all the details before you decide to commit to anything.

Libra – in the 9th house you are hoping to expand your horizons, maybe even see some new ones by getting to travel overseas. This is also the house of higher education, so you could be signing up for some courses, or specialized learning. What half-finished studies may you need to wrap up before you can give your full attention to this new one?

Virgo – the 10th house can bring a new beginning in your career, of course that means you may need to let go of the current one first. This is the house that rules over fame and recognition, and you really deserve some. So, stop thinking that you don’t.

Leo – the 11th house could bring you in some new friends, but some of the old ones may need to fall by the wayside. If you and your current group of friends no longer think alike that’s ok, sometimes we grow at different speeds and need to move on.

Cancer – the 12th house can bring things to the surface so you can finally see them in the light of day. This is the house of things that are hidden, places we can get lost or trapped, like our mind, a prison or a hospital. On the positive side you could sign a new contract for work with one. But the best way to use this is to do some psychological healing like using my Hypnosis for Gemini session here or Pisces here.

What have you been contemplating during Mercury retrograde? This new moon energy will likely help you uncover it a bit more clearly. You will want to wait until June 3rd when Mercury begins to turn direct and the light is shining again on the Moon, before you take any major action. But use the time between now and then to create a plan of action. That is the perfect use of retrograde energy any way. Review, rethink, reconnect or reconstruct. Maybe the perfect way to think of this is something old is new again, and see what shows up for you.

If you are interested in finding out specifically what this New Moon could mean for you I have a special reading you can book here.

Love and Light!

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