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New Moon in Gemini June 3, 2019

This chart represents the planet placements during the new moon in Gemini.
New Moon in Gemini June 3, 3:01 am

New Moon's always bring an opportunity for a new beginning. The cycle of the moon at it's darkest point is like the seed underneath the earth, waiting to burst forth with something amazingly beautiful. This is why we plant the seeds at a dark moon, with our intentions, or new moon wishes. We want to create something new, we want it to spring forth, and then we want to watch it bloom.

Gemini is the the symbol of the Twins in the Zodiac, but it also looks like the #11, like a doorway. A doorway is good for both coming and going, but it is not good for standing still. Gemini is the 3rd house and represents movement, we are meant to move. How many times have you said to someone standing still in front of the TV that they make a great door? This implies a closed door of course, you can't see what is on the other side of a closed door. But Gemini is an open door way. It is 2 walls that you can bounce ideas off. It is 2 sides to every story. There is a back and forth, there is movement, there is planning. Gemini is not a stagnant energy, and hence why it is an Air sign.

Air implies movement. Communication is not successful if it is not back and forth. Too much movement however can be distracting. This is you trying to train your dog and suddenly it sees a squirrel. Focus can easily get broken. Gemini energy can be fast and ever changing. Have personal planets in Gemini? Think about that energy. Is it Venus? Then perhaps you are always trying a new beauty trend, can't settle down with just one partner, or changing jobs a lot. Maybe you have Mars here and your mood is always changing. You are taking action constantly one minute, and then on to the next project before you finish the first one or 6!! Or you have Mercury here, who rules Gemini and you are a fast talker, fast thinker, fast mover and shaker.

The Sun of course visits all the zodiac signs once per year, creating your sun sign on the day your were born. Those born on the New Moon are Gemini Sun and can expect a year filled with new beginnings. Or if you have your rising sign within 7 to 17 degrees of Gemini you may also see changes in yourself, especially this month, and over the next 6 months until the Full Moon in Gemini occurs, bringing something to fullness.

The Moon and Sun joined together mean the planets energies are merged. Our intuition, our emotions, our ability to nurture ourselves and others takes on a more logical flare, as in sun flares. This is tuning in and listening to your intuition and then creating a plan that you can execute successfully. This is having that conversation in an effortless way that you have been putting off for a very long time. This is getting that mountain of paperwork handled. You could also be planning local travel, taking part in a community event, planning a family reunion with all the cousins. Gemini ruling the 3rd house means you also might be studying something new, perhaps an online course, or something at a local community college. The 3rd house represents the local, the community, your community of close family that doesn't live with you. It opposes the 9th house which is ruled by Jupiter, and represents far away travels, higher learning, teaching, foreign lands, and your connection to spiritual teachers. As Jupiter stands across the sky from the New Moon, it is a reminder that you need to balance what is right in front of you with that which you cannot see. While the opposition isn't close enough to have a direct impact, Jupiter in it's home sign of Sagittarius is very strong. In fact it is 8 degrees off the opposition, which is also the number of strength. So wherever this planet is in your chart you need to see the bigger picture.

This is a pretty incredible time in the skies. We have an uncommon amount of planets in their home signs, which means they are all feeling good, feeling strong, feeling like they can accomplish their goals. And as above so below. So if you have ever wanted to test out the power of your new moon wishes, I recommend you do so now. We have Venus in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury the ruler of Gemini and this new moon is in it's home sign too. Think about how you feel at home, you are the ruler of your domain. You know where everything is, well except when your kids or partner don't put things back. Seriously it is not that hard, just put things back! Sorry I digress. The actually point is when you are at home, you feel pretty safe and secure, so your energy levels are typically pretty high. Unless some neighbor is doing something to annoy your peace and serenity. While not exact that is what Neptune and Jupiter are doing to Mercury and this New Moon. You can't just keep your head down and focus on the details (Mercury/Gemini). These 2 (Jupiter/Neptune) planets want your head up, want you to find a purpose that feeds your soul. Taurus season is over, so you can no longer keep your head down and just plow straight ahead. There has to be a plan, there has to be communication, and it has to serve a higher purpose.

There no other direct aspects to this new moon, you can read my daily blog to see what other energies are going on around this time.

Let's look at how this might impact you based on the house this new moon will be in as it relates to your Sun, Rising or Moon sign.

Gemini - this occurs for you in the first house, which represents the self. What Gemini trait do you want a fresh start in? Communication, planning, writing, a new vehicle maybe, more short trips?? This is your new moon, so own it. You can totally reinvent yourself right now and make a fresh start.

Cancer this is happening in your 12th house, which rules the hidden, the unseen, the subconscious mind. What are you done deluding yourself about? You can seriously clear out some cobwebs with this type of energy. A weight can be lifted off your mind.

Leo this is happening for you in your 11th house. This is the house of networking and friends, a new benefactor may show up for you. If you have been feeling stuck, this is a great time to go on Meetup and find a group that can get you motivated again. When we give back, when we have a purpose, we come alive again.

Virgo this is happening in your 10th house of career and fame, the house of recognition. This could be a new job, recognition for the one you already have, or finally finding your true calling. The midheaven or the 10th house is at the very top of the chart, hinting that you just might come out on top with the right new moon wishes!

Libra the new moon in your 9th house, which is ruled by Sagittarius, means you are given an opportunity to expand your views beyond just yourself. You might sign up for University or a significant training program. This is also a great time for planning that trip abroad. Perhaps you are ready to give teaching a try. You are definitely getting pushed outside of your comfort zone.

Scorpio's will have their 8th house activated, which is the home of Scorpio. This puts a little bit of 1st house energy out there for you then. There is something you have been working on, some very deep transformation work that is going on for you, and this new moon helps to light the next steps up for you. This is the house of sexuality, rebirth, and the resources you receive from others. If you are in a partnership this could mean a change in their income that positively impacts you.

Sagittarius the new moon is in your 7th house of committed relationships, and serious partnerships. This is a new commitment in either area for you. This could be the year you get married or start that business venture you have long been talking about. You are moving away from focusing just on yourself and focusing more on what you do in partnership with others.

Capricorn this is happening in your 6th house, which represents daily routines, work, your health, even your pets are a part of daily life. This can bring a new routine in any of those areas for you. New job, new exercise, new focus on your health in general. This could be a change at work, or a change in the way you do your work.

Aquarius the 5th house represents your creativity, your creations, i.e. your children, and your romances. A new beginning in any of those areas will be quite fulfilling and a lot of fun! Gemini ruling communication devices means you might start this new romance online. You might sign up for some online are class. Or you are finally ready to plan for a family.

Pisces in your 4th house of home and family you might be getting ready to move, break ground on your new home, or just doing some home projects. This house also represents your roots, your soul's foundation. You might finally get in touch with who you really are and let go of some of that fear and anxiety you like to carry around so well.

Aries the new moon is happening in your 3rd house of communication which is of course what Gemini rules. So all the things that are written above can apply to you at this time. All things Mercurial can be put into practice with that extra energy and drive Aries are so well known for. Maybe it is time for that cute little sports car!

Taurus this is happening in your 2nd house, which is the house you rule. So new beginnings like Scorpio. You can find a new source of income, find a new beauty treatment or product, or maybe cut your hair. You are indulging your senses with this new moon and the sky is the limit. Might want to put your credit card on lock down though!

Of course where this New Moon will actually impact you is dependent on your actual chart. The above is generalizations and apply if you are at the midpoint of your sign. If you are early or late degree than the sign before or after you might better apply. You can create a chart for free at or and several other sites. Then look for the house number in your chart and where the Sun and Moon in Gemini will fall. That way you know for sure where your new beginning will be.

Now before tomorrow morning at 3:01 am write down your new moon wishes. You get 10 of them, unless tomorrow is your birthday and then you get 30! I don't know if I could even come up with 30 wishes! Wish for fluency in communication or writing. A new car, or a new form of transportation, maybe a new commute! You could wish for better communication between you and your siblings, or to get along better with your neighbors. Perhaps you wish you were more organized. You might want some kind of new communication device, like a phone or laptop, and can wish for the opportunity to easily acquire one. You could wish for a new learning opportunity. Last but not least maybe you just want to easily communicate with your partner again.

Love and Light!

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