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New Moon in Capricorn January 2022

On January 2, 2022 there will be a New Moon in Capricorn at 12 degrees of the sign. 222 creates an Angel number which among other things reminds you to stay the course and be patient. This is one of the Angel numbers I personally see the most. The sign of Capricorn is one of the Cardinal signs. It signifies starting something new, such as Winter. This is also the sign that is known for doing hard work. When the Sun and Moon combine in the sign of Capricorn for a New Moon you may just be ready for a new career.

Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house, which is the Midheaven. In your personal chart this house represents what you are best known for. It is the top of your chart. Where you reach your claim to fame. This is a good time to create your new moon wishes for all things related to a new beginning where you career and claim to fame is concerned. The new moon happens at approximately 11:33 am MST and the closer you can get to that time to create your wishes the more powerful they are.

Capricorn being an earth sign it is the earth element we want to work with to help our wishes manifest into reality easier and faster. This could mean writing our wishes out and planting them into the earth, even a house plant will do.

During this New Moon the Sun, Moon and Uranus are meeting up in a trine, which brings the element of surprise to your new beginning. This could be a job offer out of the blue, a financial windfall of some kind. If you are in the wrong job it could mean a sudden job loss that forces you to find one better meant for your life path. A trine means this is supportive energy, but Uranus is unpredictable. It is also ingenious, electric, and eclectic. Your new career could be one that is unexpected and unique in some way.

Two planets with be at the 0-degree mark at the time of this new moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter has just entered back into Pisces, while Mercury enters into Aquarius. This could mean major breakthroughs in how we think, how we connect with others, even in how we heal. Jupiter is the original ruler over the sign of Pisces, prior to Neptune being discovered. Jupiter is a spiritual teacher, helping you connect to your psychic abilities, to your creative gifts. Mercury in Aquarius is helping you network and find your tribe. It also helps you be inventive with your communication skills.

Saturn is still square to Uranus, but it is finally moving on from its exact square. There is still a need to break free, and if you have been doing the work required of Saturn, then with this new moon energy you might just be allowed to finally move this area of your life forward. Where have you felt stalled all yearlong? You may see a door open now that had seemed to be glued shut permanently.

Venus is still retrograde and working herself away from the heavy influence of Pluto, but the two are still close enough that the need to transform love, money and self-worth hasn’t quite lessened yet. The two are also in the sign of Capricorn, so whatever has been coming up for you during this Venus retrograde, now you get a chance to see it with a fresh point of view. Maybe you are ready to see your true worth and walk away from something that no longer serves you. Perhaps you already have and now the Universe is ready to present you with a reward. Venus is also marching towards her exact sextile with Neptune in Pisces at 20 degrees, so there is a bit of a dreamy feel to your new moon wishes. Just remember if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. But you have a chance to review something from your past, a love, or a creative project you loved. You could be bringing it back to life. Even if it is just your love for music or art, and somehow this spills over into a new start in your career.

Mars and Saturn are just off their exact sextile but within a few degrees of one another. This makes you cautious no matter what you are beginning. Mars is described as the gas, while Saturn is the brakes. This teaches you to know just how to apply both appropriately to get you where you need to go safely.

The following are some suggested ways this energy could show up for you, based on your Rising, Sun or Moon signs. However, it is most noticeable based on your Rising sign typically. If you want to know for sure and need help setting intentions for the first new moon of the new year, feel free to book a session with me. I have a special for my followers on my website at If you want to tune into this Capricorn energy for some inspiration tune into my hypnosis track here.

Capricorn – this happens in your first house, so while Venus retrograde is having you rethink your entire wardrobe and overall look, it is a good time to set some goals for yourself but not commit to anything too drastic or permanent. You want to save that for after Venus is done with her retrograde. But, determining how you want to define yourself in 2022 and setting goals on achieving that, can be done successfully with this energy.

Sagittarius – in your 2nd house you have a chance of having a new source of income. This could be the result of a new job, or maybe just a raise in the one you currently have. You might even be ready to ask for a raise because you are starting to realize your true worth.

Scorpio – the 3rd house brings a new beginning in all things involving how you communicate. You could take a new place in your community, get a new car for commuting or a new phone. You could start a new job as a teacher, or sign up to take some courses at your Community College.

Libra – in the 4th house you are creating a new beginning where home and family are concerned. You could add a new member to your family, have someone move in or move out. You could even be buying or selling your home.

Virgo – the 5th house could mean a new romance is in the cards for you. It is time to get out and have some fun at the very least and stop focusing just on work all the time. Since Uranus brings the element of surprise your desire for this new romance may come out of left field somehow, or the suitor.

Leo – the 6th house rules over our daily life, our health, our routines. This could mean a new job, or some new type of responsibilities at your current job. This would be a good time to set intentions for creating a healthy diet and work out routine. There is even a chance you are ready for a new pet.

Cancer – the 7th house rules our marriage partners, and all our serious relationships in general, even business partnerships. Something about the ones you are in are changing, and this is creating a new beginning for you. For some this is marriage proposals, for other this is new business partnerships being formed. Someone in your friend network may reach out with some interesting news about a potential partnership.

Gemini – the 8th house rules over the money you receive from others. If you are married this could be your partner getting a raise. This is also inheritances, taxes. This is the house of death and transformation. Your new beginning may come from some type of ending. You could be breaking down the walls in your intimate partnerships in order to get closer.

Taurus – the 9th house brings us new beginnings that helps us to expand our horizons. There is no playing small in the 9th house as its ruler is Jupiter. You are opening yourself to learning, connecting to spirit, maybe you are planning a trip to a foreign country.

Aries – the 10th house rules your career. It is also our house of fame and recognition. You may have a door open for you that leads you down the path to a new career. If you have been looking for a career or new job that may unfold for you now as well. If you already love your career then you may receive some recognition for a job well done.

Pisces – the 11th house rules our friends and networking groups. We are creating new beginnings in how we connect with others. We are starting to realize we need to give back to our communities if we want something from them in return. You can’t keep being only on the receiving end of things.

Aquarius – new beginnings in the 12th house are usually pretty subtle. This is the house that rules the subconscious mind, so you may not immediately be aware of the change. But this also rules large institutions, so if you work for one, you may see some big changes coming within your organization that will directly impact you.

Just remember, all of these new beginnings are connected to Uranus energy, so how they happen could definitely be a bit surprising. Hopefully happy surprises are in store for each one of you in the New Year!

Love and Light!

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