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New Moon in Capricorn 2021

January 12th/13th depending on your location, we will have a New Moon in Capricorn conjunct with the planet Pluto. This is a transformation like no other that will start you on a new path.

The new moon occurs at 23 degrees of Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn rules our success, our careers, the name we make for our self in the world. It is about hard work and determination. The ruler of this sign is Saturn. Those born under the sign of Capricorn or with strong Capricorn energy are a most serious bunch. In youth they appeared older than they were, willing to take on responsibilities far beyond their age. This does not change with age, and they are the person you turn to when you need someone level headed to give you advice. Not the most emotional of the signs on the surface, but they do feel deeply. Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn brings structure, planning, organization, it is often associated with governing bodies because of this.

With the Sun and Moon together, we have a chance for a new beginning with all things related to the sign of Capricorn as mentioned above. This is the time where we write out our 10 new moon wishes within 8 hours or so of the new moon. This will occur at 11:59 PM ET, on the 12th, so 4:59 AM UT on the 13th. Wishes like I am easily achieving my goals, I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals will put you in alignment with this energy. We are focused on success, but we realize we have to do the work to get there. It isn’t usually the work we mind, it is just the roadblocks that present themselves along the way. These tend to push us off course. So, this is a good time to set your intentions to work with this energy and find the success you know you deserve.

With the Sun, our success, and the Moon, our emotional needs, conjunct with Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, our new beginning is just that, brand new. This is going to be territory that has so far been unseen, unreachable. Pluto exposes our fears, our weaknesses, so that we can face them and turn them into strengths. However, there are those who struggle to see that, they get stuck in a place of fear and continue to fight instead of transform. Which side will you be on? Sometimes we just have to face the ugly side of things to understand it. You cannot transform that which you do not see. Something has to die to be reborn stronger than ever before. While sometimes that death is physical, as in the loss of something in the physical realm, most times it is metaphorical.

Pluto is the ruler of the 8th house, Scorpio. It is an intensely sensitive sign. It rules, death, transformation, sexuality, and the resources we receive from others. Since this sign is conjunct the Sun and Moon this means the new beginning comes because we let something die. We have to transform this area of our life in order for this new beginning to come in. So, this is not a typical new moon where you just wish for what you want. You have to wish to transform this area of your life in order to get what you want. And then that wish will be challenged to make sure you really want it. You will notice that in the write up below by each sign. Each one has a challenge to overcome.

During this New Moon there is also a need to heal, and help others heal. Chiron, the wounded healer, is met by Venus in a square, and Jupiter in a sextile. The square pushes us to take action, make a change in the way we view love and/or money in our life, even our value systems. Jupiter expands on the wounds that Chiron represents, so that we can face them and heal them. If you are a healer it is a good time to focus on expanding your business. If you have wanted to start a healing business this would be a good time to take small steps to getting that started.

In 2020 our energy was influenced by all the planets in Capricorn and conjunct with Pluto. This is the final bow of the Capricorn transformation. A new government is taking shape and new people will be in power. This is the reward you get for doing the work, for facing down those Pluto fears, and turning them into your greatest strength. This is a fresh start in your career, especially those in the financial sectors or government institutions. However, this new beginning will not happen without a major battle and transformation. Expect escalations as the transfer of power begins to occur.

In 2021 we are going to deal with the Saturn and Uranus square for the majority of the year. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is also the co-ruler of Aquarius, as it ruled the sign prior to Uranus being ‘found’. Saturn brings rules, structure, and discipline to a sign that thrives on freedom and love and togetherness. Aquarius is the 11th house which I like to describe as the house where we find our tribe, where we finally fit in and are free to be ourselves. Then when we are in our element we meet our fairy godmother/father and are granted gifts that help us achieve our dreams. Aquarius is ‘we’ energy. During the new moon we will have Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury between 3-7 degrees of Aquarius and Mars and Uranus between 2-6 degrees of Taurus. And so, the lessons of 2021 will begin. New Moon = New Lessons.

While the new moon is not in direct contact with the energy between Uranus, Mars and Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, it is influenced by it. Whenever we have a square in the chart we have a challenge happening between at a minimum 2 planet energies. This is like a corner of a street. Wherever you have a corner you have to take action and make a turn, or you are going to crash. But those who turn learn how to master the two streets and realize that they are joined together to get you where you need to go. For this new moon your new beginning happens because of these 2 streets coming together and pushing you to make a turn.

Taurus is grounded energy as an earth sign, ruled by Venus. It is about love and beauty, finances and our value systems. Uranus in the sign and retrograde, has us reviewing all of those areas in our lives for an extended period of time, as in 6-7 years. Mars in the sign will spend about 6 weeks there, pushing us to move forward in these areas. But Uranus makes this road a curvy one, and you have to watch for the signs that say slow down curves ahead. Taking the turn too fast may cause vehicles to tip over. Add to that all the planets in Aquarius saying ‘hey don’t forget to take care of others’, and now you add a baby on board sign to your car trip. You have differing priorities and you are going to have to figure out how to drive your sports car in a way that still protects that baby on board. Since Mercury is here and rules transportation we need to be extremely cautious, so make sure your seatbelts are fastened and tray tables are up in preparation for a crash landing. Saturn brings restriction and lessons wherever he travels. This planet is the brakes while Mars is the gas. So again, you can’t move forward to a new beginning unless you learn how to give just enough gas so you arrive safely to your final destination.

What area of life do you have to transform and learn a lesson so your new beginning can come in? You can look at this information below for your Sun, Rising or Moon Sign. Let’s take a look at all the signs below:

Capricorn – this new moon is in your first house which means a new way of presenting yourself to the world. Wishes should focus on physical changes, a complete transformation. But the challenge happens in your financial sector this year. You have to manage your budget better and learn what is realistic to spend on fun and what is not.

Sagittarius – your 2nd house is about the money you make, which could bring a new source of income at your current job or a new job, however you may need to walk away from one first. The challenge this year is between your 3rd house of communications and siblings, and your daily work. It could be a challenge just getting to work daily. Might be a good time to explore alternative means of transportation.

Scorpio – your new beginning occurs in your 3rd house of communication, this could involve a local move, new car, new phone/computer. The move may not be your choice however it is necessary. You are challenged at home this year about your relationships or work partnerships. You may not get the support you need at home about a new partner. Looks like you will have to learn how to communicate clearly and set expectations and boundaries in both areas of your life.

Libra – you could be getting a new home as the new moon happens in your 4th house of home and family, possibly not by choice, or it is a major change in location. Could also be addition to your family. Saturn in your 5th house of romance and Uranus in your 8th could mean you have romantic challenges to deal with. Perhaps moving in with a lover is going to take a lot of adjusting.

Virgo – the earth signs are supported by the new moon energy, in the 5th house you are finding new ways for fun and romance, or enjoying a new hobby. The challenge for you this year happens between your 6th house of daily routines and work and your 9th house which is your spiritual practice. You may need to constantly remind yourself to have fun and not be so serious. Or you may need to incorporate spirit into your hobby and make a job out of it.

Leo – the new moon happens in your 6th of work and health and daily routines. You could start a new job or a new diet because you have to. Your relationship will go through some challenges this year because of a new career or some kind of fame and recognition. Definitely focused on career over the next 6 weeks. But a relationship either distracts you or challenges this new beginning in some way.

Cancer – your 7th house of serious relationships could bring you a marriage or business partner, but only because you finally let go of one that does not serve you. Also, Saturn in your 8th house can bring restriction to how much this new partner contributes. They might be too involved in their outside priorities. The lesson may be to learn how to be open and vulnerable and express your needs so they can be met.

Gemini – the 8th house rules our debts and the money we receive from others. This is also our intimate partnerships. Your spouse or partner could be making a new beginning involving finances of some kind. Or you may have a new intimate partner. Mars in the 12th house . The challenge is Saturn in your 9th house is pushing you to find one with some sort of higher meaning or purpose. It isn’t just about power you know, spirituality is also important. Plus a foreign country may present a challenge of some sort to you especially if you owe one a debt of some sort.

Taurus – another earth sign so some harmony with a new beginning in your 9th house of higher learning, far away travel and spiritual connections. Mars and Uranus are both in your sign wreaking a bit of havoc for the next 6 weeks. Everything about you could be changing right now. A new career or a new boss may be pushing all of your buttons right now with Saturn in your 10th house of career and notoriety.

Aries – with the new moon in your career sector you may finally see that recognition you so deserve. This is a new career showing up for you. With Mars and Uranus in your 2nd house you are determined to get more creative in the way you make money. Saturn in your 11th house says you need to listen to a mentor and stop trying to do it all on your own.

Pisces – the new moon in your 11th house brings you a new tribe to belong to or a new gift from your fairy godmother/father. Are you finally ready to be yourself and find where you belong? Mars and Uranus in your 3rd house of communication are helping you speak up. Saturn will actually help you calm down all that negative chatter in your head that has you worrying 24/7. That energy will challenge you to break that bad habit and release what does not serve you in that subconscious mind of yours. Doing so might open a door to making money via the internet.

Aquarius – the new moon in the 12th house can unleash psychic powers, the hidden and unseen. This is large institutions and faraway places. Think of your job sending you overseas for an assignment. Saturn in your 1st house this year means you appear far more serious and hardworking this year. The challenge from home means you are breaking free, having to define who you are outside of and away from your family. For those that are younger this could mean leaving home for the first time.

All of the above is just a general forecast of the energy. How this shows up for you will be dependent on your actual chart. If you need some extra help working with this Capricorn energy and setting your intentions for this new moon you can always book a session with me. You can also check out my free self-hypnosis track for the Capricorn energy on my Youtube channel here. This is what you can use to set your intentions for this New Moon.

Love and Light

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