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New Moon in Aries 2022

March 31st or April 1st, depending on your location, we will have a New Moon in Aries. It will be part of a stellium with Mercury and Chiron both conjunct this New Moon. The mind, Mercury, your Emotions, the Moon, your ego, the Sun, and your wounds, Chiron, all are joined in the sign known for new beginnings. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. It is a Cardinal sign, which aligns with the beginning of a season. 4 seasons, 4 cardinal signs. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, so there is lot of passion, aggression, and action involved when you have events happening in the sign of the warrior.

The Sun and Moon meet at 11 degrees and 30 minutes in Aries at 11:23 pm MST. This is a major reset in your life. It is time to make 10 new moon wishes that involve starting new things. Taking action. Getting active. Taking on leadership roles. This is a good time to write out your wishes and use the element of fire to solidify your intentions. You can speak them into the flame of a candle, or hold a bon fire. You can even burn your wishes. When the Sun and Moon join your emotions are a blank slate. The Moon is colorless, the light is gone and it is an opportunity to reset your emotions. Aries energy can be anger getting the best of you. This can help you break free of that energy and start over with a blank canvas. You can get in touch with that energy here.

Mercury will be at 9 degrees of Aries. Not exactly Cazimi, but your mind will be feeling the intensity of the Sun shining a bright light on it. This can be a time for starting new projects, writing, taking a new course of study. Mercury rules transportation and in the sign of Aries you could be a bit reckless at times, driving too fast. This is a time to slow down and evaluate the needs of your mind. It may not be easy to meditate when Mercury is in a fire sign, but that is exactly what makes it a good time to practice. If you can slow down a racing mind while in a fire sign, you have developed a skill that will serve you for a long time. Listening to your intuition and your mind combined will help you make better decisions.

Chiron, known as the wounded healer, is conjunct at 12 degrees of Aries, with all these other planets. You may be able to see your pain differently because your emotions will be dampened. But you also may be ready to stand up and fight for what you want. Chiron was also known as the trainer to the Gods. If you have been playing small, you won’t going forward.

There are no other planets making direct contact with the New Moon planets in Aries. All eyes are on them as they come together emphasizing how important this event can be. But Mars the ruler of Aries is almost conjunct with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is keeping Mars and this New Moon energy in check. Saturn is the time keeper, the karma keeper, and the brakes when you start to skid out of control. Venus is also still in Aquarius and starting to put some distance between herself and Mars, finally. But, all 3 are close enough together and squaring the Nodes, in fact creating a tsquare, that they are applying a lot of pressure during the New Moon. Saturn says slow down and look at what your plan is here. You can’t just act on your emotions, your passion, there needs to be structure and control.

The blessing during the New Moon comes from Jupiter who is almost conjunct Neptune, and both are making positive contact to the Nodes of fate. Neptune has been under this influence for some time now. As Jupiter approaches whatever you have been working on is getting even bigger now. The potential to create something positive in your life is becoming an even greater possibility. Jupiter and Neptune combined could help you finally break free from an addiction. But you might have to hit rock bottom first, before you reach out for help. This is how Jupiter teaches. Shows you what you don’t want to see, but once you do, it’s time to act. Spirit will be there to guide you.

What area of life are you ready for a new beginning? Based on your Rising, Sun and Moon sign below you might find a clue.

Aries – this is your New Moon. It is time for a fresh start. A new stronger you is emerging just as soon as you vanquish those subconscious thoughts that keep holding you back. Saturn is exerting force from your 11th house of friends and networking groups. Where you once thought you fit in, might not be the case anymore.

Pisces – this happens in your 2nd house of the money you make. You could create a new revenue stream with this type of energy. Your mind is on fire with lots of great new ideas for making money at your current job or a new one. Jupiter is blessing you with personal growth. Saturn is asking you take a second look at your subconscious mind. What thoughts are there and holding your back. It is time to change a pattern of belief that no longer serves you.

Aquarius – your 3rd house can bring a new beginning that involves transportation, communication devices, maybe even a local move of some kind. With your mind on fire it could be the perfect time to enroll in some courses, or sign up to teach one. Jupiter may be blessing you with the money to take those classes. Saturn will give you the determination needed to see them through to the end. It is time to become the person you are meant to be.

Capricorn – this new beginning occurs in the house that rules over home, family and motherhood. You could be ready to buy a new home. Maybe you are looking to move overseas or near the water. Jupiter may deliver some important news that helps you make a big decision. Saturn however is asking you to keep whatever it is within your budget.

Sagittarius – the 5th house is for fun and play and pursuing your passions. It is also the house that rules over our children. Be careful if you are not looking to add them to your plans. Jupiter is helping you expand your home. Jupiter and Neptune could bless you with something new involving water at home, like a pool or hot tub. Saturn is trying to get you to change your thinking. Maybe there is conflict with your neighbors or siblings and it is time to resolve it.

Scorpio – the 6th house is our health, our pets, our job and our daily life. What new things do you want to start and make a part of your day? Jupiter is blessing you with some fun and passion. If you have been having too much though it is time to get it under control. Saturn is making you deal with some difficulties at home, that may be a result of you overindulging your desire for fun.

Libra – you have a chance for a new beginning involving a serious relationship. Are you ready to pop the question? Or just take a relationship to a new level. This could be you starting a new business partnership as well. Jupiter may be helping you get a raise, or at least expand your responsibilities at work. Saturn could be what is pushing you to take your romance to a more serious level.

Virgo – the 8th house is the house of transformation, it is death, sexuality, resources you receive from others. This could create a new income stream for you, where someone else starts contributing more. Jupiter could be bringing a new partner into your life personal or business. Saturn is pushing you to make some changes in your daily life that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

Leo – in the 9th house you are expanding your horizons. On a journey to learn all there is to know. This is foreign travel, or advanced foreign studies. Maybe you are going to teach overseas. Jupiter is blessing you with the resources needed to make the trip. Saturn gives you are serious partner to help guide you on your journey.

Cancer – the 10th house of career and fame means a new beginning involving your job. You could be getting some sort of recognition involving your career too. Jupiter is blessing you with being open to learning something new, providing you the vision to make a change. Saturn is pushing you to look closer at your intimate partnerships, something has got to change here.

Gemini – the 11th house opens the door for making some new friends and joining some new networking groups. You could be introduced to someone important that offers you a new opportunity. This person could be someone you know from work as Jupiter is providing a blessing here. Saturn is holding the door open for a big change that could send you overseas.

Taurus – new beginnings in the 12th house are not always easily seen. This is the house that rules over the unseen, the invisible. It is a new beginning that could see you becoming part of a large institution. Jupiter is offering you some major blessings, a benefactor of some kind. Saturn in your 10th house says it may be time to make a change in your career. Perhaps you are going back to be a part of some larger organization.

If you want to know specifically what is coming up for you feel free to book a session with me here.

Sending you much love and light as you create these new beginnings.

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