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New Moon Cancer June 28th, 2022

This New Moon energy is going to show you a lot about what is coming up for you during the month of July. Along with the forecast below for each sign I have a July Tarotscope up on my Youtube channel here. Combine that message with the one’s below to get even more insights into the upcoming New Moon and the Month ahead.

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June 28th at 7:50 pm PT we have the New Moon in Cancer. This brings an opportunity for an emotional new beginning, especially involving how we care and nurture others. The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer which rules home and family. The Moon rules over our feelings, emotions and intuition, it is representative of our mother and ancestors. This combination is where we get the saying, “Always trust a Mother’s intuition”.

The Moon and Sun will sit next to each other as they do each New Moon. They will be joined at 7 degrees of the sign of Cancer. This is an optimal time if you want to get pregnant. If not, this is still an optimal time so take precautions. This is just one of many ways you can set intentions with this New Moon. By that I mean creating your 10 wishes that you are granted with each reset of the Moon.

In the sign of Cancer, we are wishing for things like being in touch with our intuition, feeling safe and secure, having a loving family. Since this is a Water sign, it is best to work with the water element in some way as you create your wishes. Cancer is also one of the Cardinal signs, which means it is time to take action to create the New Beginnings you want. Cardinal signs occur at the beginning of each season. Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere indicates Summer, it’s the beginning of Winter down under. This New Moon then indicates a new season beginning in your life.

While the Sun and Moon are at 7 degrees of Cancer they will form an almost exact square to Jupiter in Aries. This is a battle between wanting our independence and wanting to be a part of a family. Aries is masculine energy that wants to take action. Cancer is feminine and more receptive, happy to receive. This is a very sensitive sign that is knows to withdraw when feelings are hurt or betrayals occur. Jupiter wants you to understand that you can be part of something on your own as a leader, but you still have to consider the impacts to your family. Whether that is your actual family, or represents something like a large country. If you are the head of a family something about your leadership style is causing those at home to be very upset. This New Moon gives you a chance to make things right.

If you are part of an unhealthy family then perhaps your need for independence is warranted, you are finally going to break free. Additionally, if you only pay attention to your needs, but ignore your intuition, there is something you will be shown during this event that shows you that just being on the move all the time, like a warrior, isn’t enough. There is more to life than just conquests. You need to pay attention to your feelings, and listen to your intuition. Change is needed now.

If you have been avoiding love or your feelings, then you won’t be able to after this New Moon. Well, you can, but it will cause you to miss out on something truly beautiful. Jupiter and Venus are the two benefic, or beneficial, planets in astrology. They will be meeting up in a sextile, which is a very gentle blessing you are about to receive. Venus is in the sign of Gemini, which indicates conversations, maybe even short distance travel could be involved. These two have not had this type of conversation in 12 years. Perhaps there is something coming up for you that began when they last spoke in harmony in 2010 in these signs.

Nothing else is directly aspecting the New Moon itself. Saturn and Mars are in a sextile, which gives you a lot of drive and determination to create a new beginning right now. Saturn gives Mars a bit of restraint so you don’t just rush into something that isn’t in your best interest. Mercury and Chiron are showing you the information to heal your pain, helping you speak up or speak out, stand up for yourself even. We also have the ongoing connections between Neptune with the Nodes, in a supportive way. And Saturn who has been squaring the Nodes, pointing out how you have strayed from your fated path and need a plan to get back in line.

The major tension during this New Moon is with a building square between Pluto and Mars. They are squaring off and that is not a good thing. Mars and Pluto are both seen as rulers of the Underworld, both carry a theme of death and destruction. At the personal level something in your life is going to have to die, so you will let this new beginning in. And the harder you hold onto this thing that is not meant for you, the more painful the removal of it will be. Mars is fighting for independence in Aries. Pluto is the government fighting for power over the people in Capricorn. There is bound to be a very emotional conflict at this time. Ideally that conflict will lead to peace, but it may get very heated first. The Phoenix does not rise from the ashes when they are only partly burned, they must be burned down all the way. Then and only then can we rise above.

The last time these two squared off was last October when Mars was in Libra. This was when Barbados elected its own leadership and broke away from the Queen of England. This is a nonviolent way to get your independence. But there were many other incidents that were not so peaceful, and explosions were everywhere. This is a good time to stay aware, and mind your own temper. Last but not least we had a new battle that involved our health.

Where might you expect a blessed new beginning amongst all this turbulence? The following is based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. Most applicable to your rising sign. But if you really want to get specific book a session with me. When we focus only on the New Moon or specific events the cost is just $55! Book a session here.

Aries – you have a lot going on in your life. Your battle is like the above, this fight for you independence with your family is very real. The 4th house is being activated which could involve you moving into your own home to claim your independence. Venus could help you get the money you need to close the deal on a new home.

Taurus – all that Aries energy in your 12th house is pushing you to do some healing on the subconscious level. It’s time you stopped telling yourself the story that is keeping you trapped and on your own. A new beginning in your 3rd house of communication only happens when you decide to tell your truth. Then you will have that opportunity to tell a new story and learn a new way of being.

Gemini – a new beginning in your 2nd house can bring a new job, a new source of income, maybe a new beginning in love, since Venus rules the 2nd house. You might have to break away from a current group you are a part of though. Its time you found one that is more in alignment with your values. Once you do your whole outlook on life could change, including your appearance.

Cancer – this is of course a new beginning for you on a personal level, since this is your first house, how you show yourself to the world. Could be time for a complete makeover on the outside as a result of the work you have been doing. Something that has been going on at work is pushing you to see yourself in a new way. Maybe even by breaking away from your current career path and finding the one meant for you. A new financial opportunity from some large organization might be just what you need to break away and step into your power.

Leo – a new moon in your 12th house can make subtle changes for you. This house rules things that are hidden, faraway places and large institutions. It could be time you became a part of something bigger. If you have foreign contacts or mentors who live far away from you they may be reaching out with an offer that causes you to move overseas.

Virgo – a new beginning in your 11th house could have you finding your tribe, feeling like you finally belong somewhere. This is the house that also rules our benefactors, like fairy godparents, who could be offering you a tremendous opportunity. All you have to do is let go of the opinions of others that are holding you back. Jupiter challenges and blesses you from your 8th house. The house that is ruled by Pluto and occupied by Mars now. There is a lot of pressure to transform in order for your dreams to come true.

Libra – has your career been on your mind? The 10th house suggests a change in status. This could be a career change or a relationship change. All that Aries energy is directly challenging you. Pressuring you to stop being such a people pleaser and instead learn to have healthy boundaries. There is a relationship you have that feels like a lot of work, but taking a risk, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, can really pay off.

Scorpio – the 9th house is about expanding our knowledge, long distance travel, connecting to a higher power. As a fellow water sign you are highly intuitive and sensitive. Your guides are coming through with an important message for you. With the Aries energy pushing you from your 6th house of health it could be time to break some bad habits. If you need some help financially, that is possible as well. You just have to do the work and focus on creating the life you want. It’s time to walk away from anything that contributes to you being unhealthy, including your job.

Sagittarius – the 8th house is the resources we receive from others, it is also our intimate partnerships. You could meet someone new as a result of pursuing some new financial endeavor. Or you could just receive some new financial windfall, or your partner could. Perhaps there is some creative idea you have been stalled on, if so, this is the time to pick it back up and make some tweaks. This could turn into a money-making idea.

Capricorn – with the new moon in your 7th house of marriage and serious relationships a new one can form at this time. This can be a new business partner as well. Something may have to give at home in order to make this happen. Perhaps you will be taking the next step and moving in together. If so, your daily life is going to be changed in a big way, but it will be worth it.

Aquarius – in the 6th house you are welcoming something new related to your daily life activities. This includes things like work, health, pets and finding ways to be of service to others. You just might have to get outside your comfort zone and meet some new people to make this happen. As a result, you might actually meet a new love interest, or at least find a new hobby.

Pisces – the 5th house is the house of romance, passion, hobbies and children. It’s a new beginning in filling your life with love. In order to do that, something about how you make money has got to change. Maybe you don’t currently have enough flexibility in your job to think about having fun. Once you make a change to allow for this you will start to feel alive again.

There are of course many ways this energy of new beginnings involving the Cancerian themes can show up for you. You can tune into my Youtube channel here to connect with the Cancer energy and start to work on your new moon wishes. And of course, book a personalized tarot and/or astrology session with me here.

Love and Light!

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