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May Monthly Horoscope 2020

As May begins we have Pluto in retrograde and the Nodes at the final degrees of their 18-month journey through Cancer and Capricorn. We are about to really slow down as we will see many of the outer planets and Venus begin their retrograde motion.

May 3rd – We have a T-square between Venus, Neptune and the Moon. This means that the Moon opposes Neptune and Venus is in a square to both of them. The way we love is changing, the things we value about ourselves are also changing. This is crunchy energy which makes us really go within and make a major decision about our relationships. How we feel needs to be brought to the surface today and shared with our partners. The Moon will move on but Venus and Neptune will battle it out for much of the month, pushing us further to examine our spiritual connection with our loved one.

May 4th – Venus is still square over to Neptune and now the Nodes are making their big shift into Gemini and Sagittarius. The next 18 months we are focused on our communities, letting go of global issues so we can fix what is broken right here. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, I expect this will give even extra meaning to the Mercury retrogrades during this time. The North Node where Gemini is will be the path we are meant to focus on. This sign rules, plans, communication, seeing both sides of the issue, local communities, anything to do with working with our hands, writing and teaching. While the South Node represents what we are letting go of. Sagittarius rules foreign travel and faraway places, higher learning, connecting to a higher purpose, and teaching at a higher level. For the next 18 months we are focused on what is right in front of us versus getting distracted by what is happening ‘out’ there. Also today we have the Sun and Mercury conjunction, this will be another crunchy day. This can put the mind on high alert and become overactive. It can be great for brainstorming, but can overwhelm those who are sensitive to this type of energy. So it's a good day to come up with creative ways to keep your mind busy so you are using the energy up.

May 5th – We have a brief grand trine in the Air signs today involving Venus, Mars and the Moon. If you want to make any positive changes in how you communicate with your partner then today is the day. But because of the square between Venus and Neptune you need to make sure what is being said is truthful. It is easy to be manipulated during this type of energy. Neptune is all things hidden, Venus is love. Neptune is also spiritual and creative. When these 2 areas are in conflict it can lead to disillusionment. Because Venus is in Gemini this means we have to check the facts over very carefully, which is not Venus’s forte. Today let your intuition be your guide, you will know the truth when you hear it.

May 7th – is a great day for creative writing. Mercury and Neptune meet up at 20 degrees in a sextile. While this is positive Mercury and Neptune don’t blend well together and can lead to foggy thinking. So, it’s better to indulge your creative side than your thinking side. Venus and Neptune are also still doing their square dance, so not the best time to sign or purchase things you haven’t already gone over in full detail before now. Of even greater impact today is the Full Moon in Scorpio. With the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio we have to balance our personal values with the values of others. The 2nd house which is Taurus also represents the money we make, the 8th, which is Scorpio house, is the money we receive from other resources, like a spouse, the government or banks. Oppositions, like the full moon make, always present us with the opportunity to find balance between the two energies. Supporting the full moon will be Neptune. This give a deeply spiritual context to whatever you are bringing to fullness at this time. What are you completing on your spiritual quest? What discoveries have you made? Scorpio also rules sexuality, death, and transformation. What are you ready to transform? The Moon while a water sign like Scorpio, does not really enjoy the dark murky waters of Scorpio, but the Sun shining brightly on our dark side will make us face some fears today. In the world at large, I expect this to cause some fear mongering. Potentially a spike in Virus activity of some kind. This is a full-on battle between materialism and spiritualism. I would set your intentions well in advance of this one, determine what you want to bring to completion instead of having it brought for you. I will do my normal monthly so you know by sign and house what you may want to focus this energy on. It’s a good time to take a look at your chart and see what house you have Scorpio in your chart.

May 9th – Venus, Neptune, and the Moon all form a T-square today. This means all three of these energies are being squeezed to make necessary changes happen. This is a really good day for a creative project to channel this energy into. Something that is very art related. But nothing that costs a lot of money to do. Think writing, redecorating, singing. I strongly discourage anything dramatic, like a makeover, a tattoo, a new wardrobe. Venus is really slowing down now and getting ready to retrograde. Any permanent changes now may be regretted shortly. Nothing is what it seems right now so not a good time to make decisions. Venus and Neptune are going to do this battle the entire retrograde. Like they did back when Venus was in Sagittarius. While the work is slightly different the energy is very similar. So think back on November 2019 around the 14th. What was going on for you at the time? You may see something similar come up so you can finish working on it.

May 11th – Mercury is moving so fast now it’s already reached the last degree of Taurus and heading to its home sign of Gemini. Mercury in the sign of money could have you signing some kind of contract, receiving some sort of financial benefit, or having a long talk with a loved one. This energy is supported by a trine to Saturn who is now retrograde, so this could mean a discussion with someone or about someone from your past. This is serious, methodical, well thought out conversations or plans. This day being the kickoff for Saturn retrograde makes this energy especially potent today. Aquarius is about freedom, genius ideas, networking and friends. Everything that has been unfolding for you in the past month or so is now getting a second look. Again, this is tied directly to the Virus and how the people are being restricted. Probably highly likely we will see some sort of uprising or protest today. Saturn requires hard work and discipline. Whatever area this represents in your chart it’s time to get back to it. You will get smacked upside the head if you don’t. Plus Mars is fired up and about to leave the sign of Aquarius you will definitely feel a surge of energy in this area of your birth chart today.

May 13th – Venus retrograde officially begins today. Venus in Gemini can be a bit flighty. She sees two sides to everything and has a hard time deciding what she wants. In fact, she just wants it all. Now as she heads back over the territory she just traversed she is taking a second look at something she may have originally discarded, and so are you. The planet of love, money, self-worth and beauty in the sign of communication means you can go back over any of these areas in a thoughtful way. Venus is more logical and in her head in the sign of Gemini. She overthinks every little detail, and that can be overwhelming, and why she has a hard time deciding. This is also why we say don’t do anything too permanent during this retrograde season. It’s not that you can’t fall in love or find love, but just that you need to take it slowly. Whatever you have started you now have a chance to make sure it actually fits your needs. Then by the time this planet moves forward again you can start taking those same forward steps. But she is heading all the way back to 5 degrees of Gemini from the current 21 degrees. Slow and steady will definitely win this race. Also today, Mars enters into the sign of Pisces. Mars is not a fan of the over emotional Pisces. He is fire, he wants to heat things up, not get watered down. This can cause a lot of steam, fog and confusion.

May 14th – Jupiter joins in the retrograde parade today. The expansion we experience occurs from within during this long cycle. Today is one of those mixed energy days. The Moon and the Sun form a square. Our ego and our intuition are battling to get along. The Sun is extra potent as it meets up with Pluto in retrograde today. You are really working out something personal, in particular how you define your self-worth. This can make people extremely touchy and sensitive. Especially now that Mars is in Pisces. Because of all the retrogrades the energy is so much longer lasting this entire month. There are very few quick hits. We are being asked to slow down and really feel into these experiences, and that requires time. This is why I have cautioned that the impacts from the Virus will be felt all year long. It will take us until the end of December to clear all of this away.

May 17th – The Sun and Jupiter meet up today on this review of your ego goals. Your success is highlighted, you might be taking on some broader goals, you might also see a reward of some kind. Some work you did in the past is about to pay off. Could our stay at home order be markedly lifted? Let’s hope so!

May 19th – Just like that Taurus season officially comes to an end. The Sun will be at the last degree of Taurus today. You might feel the need to spend money, or maybe be first in line for that long overdue haircut and color! We will have all 5 senses shining brightly today and feel a bit indulgent. Best to be aware of overspending tendencies.

May 20th – The Sun enters into Gemini and the Venus and Neptune square is exact again. We are much more analytical with all this energy in Gemini now. We have Venus retrograde squaring off with Neptune, repeating their earlier conversation. So that argument that just won’t die, will come back up again. Don’t dig in, this will get cleared up once Venus finally moves forward again.

May 21st – Saturn and the Sun meet up in a trine today, which is positive energy 120 degrees apart. Our success comes from being disciplined and organized. We are following a plan and executing against it flawlessly. Positive Saturn contacts can bring rewards when we are showing our ability to follow the rules.

May 22nd – Mercury and Venus meet up in Gemini and we have a new Moon in Gemini on the same day! All with the number 2 attached to them, which means relationships are taking center stage. Venus and Mercury at 20 degrees of Gemini is all about communicating how we feel. Meanwhile the Sun and Moon at 2 degrees are helping us get organized. Learning, writing, communicating, and planning are in the forefront. Now these plans might take a while to get off the ground but this is the foundational work that will be beneficial after all these retrograde energies cease. Especially since the Venus and Mercury conjunction is in a square back to Neptune. You are all kinds of foggy thinking right now. Again, channel into being creative and thinking outside the box to work more effectively with these energies. Fortunately, Saturn is speaking in harmony with both the Moon and the Sun. This helps us plan and be disciplined about those plans.

May 25th – Happy Memorial Day to those in the USA! Mars gets to meet up with Uranus today in a sextile. Mars is getting a bit of a jolt to get out of his doldrums in Pisces. Your energy levels might be floundering just a bit. So, this little energy shot of electricity to water will get you moving fast. If there is any emotional energy work you need to be working on now is the time. We might also see some sort of secret revealed from a scientific perspective. It is meant to be a shocking sort of day.

May 26th – The Moon opposes Pluto and Jupiter today which makes us doubt our intuitive guidance. But all we really need to do is balance it out with a little common sense. Which is challenged because Mercury is also making a strange angle back to Jupiter and Pluto as well. You might have really big ideas from out of nowhere and need to check in with your intuition before you try to implement any of them. Jupiter expands our thoughts and our communication, but they aren’t working quite right. I would not sign up to buy anything on this day. Details might come up today that make absolutely zero sense. Imagine a very odd twitter rant for example, or speech coming out in a jumbled sort of way. I recommend journaling the crazy ideas you have, you never know what this might open up for you later.

May 28th – Mercury will move into the sign of Cancer today. This will give us a heightened focus over the next several weeks on communicating with loved ones at home. Maybe this is a sign we are finally able to get together and catch up. During this time Mercury has all been connected to the North and South Node. Fate may bring us a fated communication from the past or one that helps us on our path, or life purpose.

May 29th – The Sun and Chiron meet in a sextile today, which is 60 degrees apart, or 2 signs. This helps us achieve something in our healing journey. The Moon will be in a trine over to Uranus would could bring up emotional surprises, but in a good way.

As we end the month of May with a focus on healing our inner child we will focus on applying that healing to the Eclipse season that is about to begin in June. We will have several eclipse energies to discuss in next months forecast.

I am keeping my low rates on my coaching program as I know there are those struggling to make ends meet. I am also welcoming just single sessions so you can experience a session and decide if you want to do more.

Love and Light! Stay safe and healthy!

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