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March 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Rabbit Rabbit! Welcome to the Month of March. For whatever reason, ahem Mercury Retrograde, this has taken me 4 tries to write and post. As a result, I think it is going to be a bit a tumultuous month, and one that pushes us in ways that might make us a bit uncomfortable. Definitely frustrate us. The Spring Equinox in particular feels like an extremely crunchy time. So, let’s prepare for the month ahead. As a reminder this is just a general forecast. In order to know how this will affect you specifically you can always book a reading with me or start my new coaching series.

March 3rd– Venus and Saturn meet up in a square. If you think about a square there are four sides, pointy corners, and lots of walls to get around. This makes love and money a challenge on this day. Saturn wants discipline and structure, heck he loves a square. But Venus she wants love, and would prefer a circle where we all are brought together in love and harmony. There could be shocking breakups today. But just remember we are still in Mercury retrograde and they won’t necessarily be permanent. Also on this day, we have Mercury changing signs and heading back into Aquarius. This is a sign that brings people together. There could be scientific discoveries announced. When planets change signs, it is an extra surge of energy so look for some kind of big announcement or proclamation.

March 4th– Speaking of planets and big energy surges when they change signs Venus is now at 29 degrees of Aries. This can make you pretty passionate about love and money today. Best to channel this energy in a positive way and do not try to escalate the disagreements you may have been having. Emotionally the Moon in Cancer is making a sextile over to Uranus in Taurus, which Venus rules. Listen to your intuition where love is concerned today. Really tune in before you take any action you might regret.

March 5th– Welcome Home Venus. Taurus being one of the home signs of Venus makes this a bit of a welcome relief for this planet. Taurus rules the senses and our sensuality. Here Venus likes to lavish herself in all the finer things in life. Luxury in foods, clothes, beauty, so watch your checkbook. You can easily acquire a taste for the finer things in life during this transit. Just make sure you don’t spend what you don’t have. Also on this day the Moon in Cancer is standing across the sky from Jupiter. This is a conflict in how you feel vs what you believe. What you need to feel safe and secure needs to be grounded in a belief system that involves a higher power. Venus and her love of material things ain’t gonna cut it. Venus will spend most of this transit unopposed, so get ready for some lavishness.

March 8th– Neptune and the Sun join together in the sign of Pisces, making a conjunction. This puts a spotlight on your creativity, spirituality, and all things hidden. There are things that have the potential for being exposed in the outer world that will have an impact on your inner world. Make the focus for yourself about something you are creatively interested in. Bring back an old hobby or passion and breathe new life into it. Maybe it’s time you started up a yoga practice, or began some other type of spiritual practice. Or perhaps it’s time to kick a habit that you over indulge in as a coping mechanism, be that drugs, alcohol, food, exercise, sex, etc…anything you do in excess instead of dealing with the actual emotions.

March 9th– Venus and Uranus meet up with an exact conjunction in the sign of Taurus. This means there are surprises in store where love and money are concerned. The joining together of two planets means both of these energies are amplified. Think two magnets combining to make each other stronger. All I can say is expect the unexpected. People you never thought you might here from again may suddenly reach out. You might be attracted to someone you never expected. I would say just take this all with a grain of salt and don’t commit to anything. In a few days after this passes you might really regret your decision. Especially don’t go getting any type of beauty makeover. Or if you do, make it something temporary, like a hair color that will wash out.

Full Moon in Virgo – This is happening at 19 degrees of Virgo. This is the sign that rules our health, our daily routines, our pets, and being of service to others. You have a chance then to bring something to fullness in these areas. Neptune is very much influencing this full moon. Whatever creative projects you have been working on this is the time for completing them. Mars is the only planet that is even closely aspecting this full moon. It will give you the drive and determination you need to bring whatever this represents for you to a conclusion. The Moon in a trine to Mars gives your intuition and emotions a big burst of energy. You are definitely feeling emotionally charged. And maybe Mars in a sextile over to the Sun and Neptune will you make you a creative genius. Just know whatever you want to accomplish at this time you can. Completing whatever this is will bring a new beginning. What was going on for you 6 months ago when we had our new moon in Virgo? That might give you a clue to what you need to finish up now. You can read below for some more of what this intense energy can bring as Mars makes direct contact to the Sun and Neptune.

March 10th– Saturn is now at the last degree of Capricorn. This is a critical and intense degree, as Saturn does not move off this point for some time as it is a slower moving planet. Saturn is the planet of karma, restriction, structure, hard hard work and discipline. If you have a big challenge and want something to finally push you to complete it, this is that kind of energy. If you need help with organization, strong will and determination, tap into this. If you hate all of those things, you are going to feel like you are being squeezed by a big vice grip. I won’t be surprised if there are political conflicts, corporate upheavals, and more financial unrest. At the same time Mercury is ending its retrograde motion. Now standing still at 28 degrees of Aquarius, finally getting ready to move forward again. Aquarius rules networking and friendships. Whatever you may have been trying to move forward you can start to take some baby steps, but you might want to wait on any major launches until the retrograde period is fully over. It takes a few more weeks for Mercury to reach the point where it started this retrograde in Pisces. We also have a square between the Moon and the Nodes today. This is your monthly reminder to tune into your intuition and look at where you are on your life purpose path. What are you holding onto from the past that is keeping you from moving forward? Who in particular are you holding onto?

March 11th– we have a beautiful sextile between Jupiter and the Sun. This brings expansion to your personal success. You may receive some recognition today for all the work you were doing during the Mercury retrograde. Jupiter in Capricorn is hard work, and Pisces is our creativity, combined together you may finally be ready to share your work with someone. Anything artistic or spiritual in nature gets a big boost today! This is very dreamy energy as well. Just don’t get too carried away here. Jupiter is a very beneficial planet, but also likes to make things bigger than life so you can see the impact it is having on you. There are some that might experience this as a bit of a wakeup call. Just know the end game here is to bring you success.

March 12th– Chiron the wounded healer squares the Nodes today and Uranus makes a sextile over to them. The theme of these contacts will be to do the work to release your karmic debts so you can be free. This energy will be with us for a while, as none of these moves very quickly. And they are all sitting at 4 degrees, which is home and family and foundations. This is a healing of some deep core issues tied to family, even generational family karmic debt. It is said what we heal will heal the entire family line. When you heal yourself for example, you heal your children. Relieving them from karmic debt so they don’t have to continue to carry it forward. Wherever the nodes are in your personal chart can give you clues on what you need to work on. But since the Nodes are sitting in Cancer, which also represents home and family, I think you are going to see a healing occur there. I think in the United States there will also be some kind of healing that occurs, helping to bring people closer together. Did you know countries have a birth chart too? The United States was founded of course on July 4th, 1776, making its sun sign Cancer, the ruler of home and family. A place that opened its doors to immigrants from all over, or at least we used to. Maybe we can look for some healing at home on a bigger scale.

March 13th– Mars and Neptune meet up today in a sextile. This gives us a lot of drive and energy where our spirituality and our creativity are concerned. Pisces also rules the hidden, the unseen, far away places. Even your psychic abilities can get a big boost of energy today. While this is positive, Mars is still ultimately a warrior and when you combine war and religion, well this can create a few zealots out there. This is conflict in the name of a religion. All you have to do is google April 2018 to get an idea for what this type of energy inspires in the name of whatever spiritual ruler you follow. I would just be cautious about your surroundings during these few days. Mars and Neptune make this contact about every 2 years and will continue to do so for some time to come in the sign of Pisces. Neptune moves very slowly through a sign, while Mars moves around the Sun approximately every 2 years. So, think about this pattern and what has been coming up for you every couple of years in the spring. You just might see it coming up again.

March 14th– Mercury is back at the 29-degree mark of Aquarius. This has given us time to think about our causes, our networks and our friends. Maybe you have cultivated some big ideas! There will be a big push of energy as Mercury exits the sign, be sure to take advantage of it. Your mind will be clearer and able to put all the pieces of a puzzle together. In addition, Pluto and the Sun make a sextile today. Talk about being in your power, this is a serious dose of steroids! Pluto makes you face all the dark corners of your soul in order to free you and make you stand in your power. This can be a very successful day, just don’t go over board or overdose on those steroids. You are not actually invincible and bones still break. But if you have been needing to feel more confident in order to take a risk, then this is the day. Just be prepared there will be those among us who don’t know how to handle their new-found power. Don’t get caught up in the aftermath.

March 16th– Mercury makes its way back into Pisces. This gives us a bit dreamier energy in our communication skills. Neptune the ruler of Pisces also can make things a bit foggy. It’s hard for those ruled by Mercury in particular to think clearly. It’s best to use this time to be creative versus needing to focus on details. Personally, I wouldn’t sign any contracts without several, and I mean several, reviews of the details. And even then, I don’t recommend it if you absolutely don’t have too. Try to wait a few more weeks until Mercury is at least out of its shadow period and has concluded the retrograde.

March 19th– this day represents the end of the astrological year. The Sun is now at the last degree of Pisces, the 29th degree, making this spot the last degree of the last house in the zodiac. It is closure. This is the last day of the butterfly in the Chrysalis. A very dark period of transformation is about to end. This may have been a dark and scary time, where you were pushed to grow into something you never imagined could be possible. Saturn in Capricorn is exactly sextile the Sun on this day. This gives you all the determination you need to complete your transformation. And Saturn while considered one of the Malefic planets, does reward you when you follow the rules and listen to him. So, what will your butterfly transformation represent?

March 20th– Happy Spring Equinox! Or first day of Fall down under. Whether it is relief from the heat or relief from the cold this is a day of great change. We are beginning a new astrological year. Although some say that is actually in a few more days when the new moon in Aries occurs. The Sun will now shine a light on all things Aries. The ruler of Aries is Mars of course. So we are motivated to experience new things, be independent, fight for what we believe in. And fight we will. It takes an awful lot of effort and energy for the butterfly to break free from that Chrysalis. The Sun every month changes signs to give us a chance to shine a light on an area of our life that we may have been ignoring, or not taking advantage of the energy available to us. Or, maybe we have been using it a little too much and now are made to see how that has been impacting us. There are those who don’t like the light and prefer to stay in the dark. They won’t react well to being outed. Saturn energy is setting the theme for the Spring Equinox. Saturn rules the government, Mars rules war, there are some battles ahead. Ultimately bringing in much needed change.

March 21st– Jupiter joins up with Mars today in Capricorn at 23 degrees. This reduces to a 5 and the 5 represents change. Mars already has a pretty big ego, and he likes Capricorn energy. Jupiter is not at his strongest in Capricorn, in fact the planet is considered at its fall, it’s weakest. I just think these few days are one’s that can be pretty volatile. You are feeling like you are invincible, and for some that is not a good thing. For others it is the energy boost you need to get something major at work accomplished. Whatever is going on for you there is a big need of a physical outlet for all the energy you will have going on at this time. If you are the anxious type at all you might feel a bit like your skin is crawling. So go generate some physical heat. Work out, get in the hot tub or sauna, have great sex! Just don’t try to sit at home and stew. Every energy opportunity we have involves making a conscious effort to tap into what you want, what you need at that particular point in time. I am saying right now that you need to choose light energy, and you need to have a plan for dealing with all this drive and determination. Channel it into something good and you will reap amazing rewards!

March 22nd– Mercury makes positive contact with the Nodes and Uranus today, and that means it makes some kind of fated communication come your way. This could be a follow up conversation to when the Nodes and Mercury met up previously, although it was at a slightly different degree. This is the third and final time this opportunity is making itself known to you. Now or never. Are you going to finally let this message through? Your destiny awaits you, don’t miss it! Also today, Saturn now moves into Aquarius....Aquarius. Sorry, I can’t help singing that song. Remember a few articles back where I said don’t worry the time for the people to rise would be coming soon? Well this is that time. Saturn moves its focus from the government to now the people. It brings scientific creations to life, brings people together in a constructive way for a cause. Saturn takes about 30 years to move around the zodiac. We will see the themes of the early 90’s reappearing. Groups, like boy bands were popular. It was the beginning of the end of Apartheid, the right to die discussion started. Talks to free Nelson Mandela began at this time as well. The stock market at the time was hitting all-time highs, of 2800 and 2900! Aquarius is the sign of freedom, networking, friends and benefactors. Expect all of these themes to be carried out over the next 2 ½ years while Saturn begins its transit there.

March 23rd– Pluto and Mars meet up in the sky. Talk about intensity. When the planet of war meets up with the ruler of the underworld well these are a good few days to escape to a quiet retreat somewhere away from the public. Remember my whole religious zealot comments, yah we have more of that with a lot more intensity. I really don’t like to be a doomsayer type, but this is just beyond intense energy and it comes up every couple of years when these two meet up. The theme of course is government when they are meeting in Capricorn, but also death, sex, and transformation. Jupiter is right here with Mars and Pluto, so that expands on this energy even more. It just is going to make everything even bigger and more explosive in nature. Remember Jupiter blows things up so we can see what needs to be dealt with. Guess who was running for President and whose sexual allegations were brought to the forefront the last time Pluto and Mars met up? Travel safely, or if you can, don’t travel at all. Pack a lot of patience and hold a feeling of love in your heart, and send that love out to others. This energy will build for several days and last for several more. Just envision Archangel Michael surrounding you and your loved one’s with protective white light during this time.

March 24th – Today we have the New Moon in Aries, bringing an official start to new beginnings. This is the first new moon in the first sign of the zodiac. You know the drill, get out your pen and paper and write down your new moon wishes for all things Aries. Being the first house this represents the self. What are your personal goals? What do you want to achieve in the year ahead? What are you passionate about? Is it time you healed your ego wounds? The Sun and Moon in conjunction with Chiron say yes, yes, it is. Plus, they are all squaring the nodes of the Moon. You need this new beginning to help you get back on your life path and accomplish the goals you set out to when you first arrived here. Maybe it’s time you took your healing practice to a new level during this new moon. Started sharing your talents with the world or at least a much broader audience. That is what I plan to do so watch for new content coming out around this time from me. And as usual I will put out my New Moon article.

March 27th– Venus comes in to bring some lightness to this very intense energy we have going on. Her message is one of love, love is the answer to all this dark energy. She will be in a trine back over to Pluto and Jupiter and Jupiter and Venus together can bring you a major blessing. Pluto there basically intensifies the whole experience. This is love on steroids, money, your values and your self worth. You will feel very passionate during these few days.

March 29th– Mars and all his intensity is really fired up as he hits the last degree of Scorpio. I am feeling a strong need for meditation and chamomile tea right now! Breathe just breathe. Since Saturn is still sitting at the 0-degree mark of Aquarius they are conjunct which can make you a bit of an authoritarian. It’s your way or the highway kind of energy. You will definitely see this playing out on the world stage as well. I expect to hear and see a lot of chest thumping going on. At the same time Jupiter and Pluto are now exact. What hidden things will we see surface?

March 31st– Saturn and Mars end this month exactly conjunct. Mercury is out of retrograde completely and the pressure of the nodes with Chiron and Uranus is also waning. But the intensity of Pluto and Jupiter together still remains. Use this time to take your power back, wherever Capricorn is in your chart. For a few weeks at least, we have a bit of relief. But then Venus will start her shadow period. And then Mars his. This is a year of growth that requires us to slow down and look at where we are, review our choices, make some much needed changes. Per usual we don’t like to make changes, especially really big one’s, unless we are forced or pushed to do them. That of course is a bit of a generalization but you get the point. The good news is once we give in and make the needed changes life improves dramatically. So, accept the coaching, hear what is being shared with you, and stop living in a state of denial. Things that happen and shock you do so for a reason. Accept all the energy around you as a gift and plan how to work with it instead of against it. Set your intentions at the beginning of every month to be shown what you need to see in an easy and effortless way. Then maybe, just maybe the shock to the system will be a little less dramatic.

And if you need help navigating this crunchy month you know where to find me. I will be there with a bit of daily advice and you can always book a session or one of my new coaching packages.

Love and Light!

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