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Libra Full Moon March 28, 2021

On the 28th of March just past noon PST we have a full moon in the sign of Libra, this means the Sun stands across from the Moon in the sign of Aries. These are the 1st and 7th house oppositions, the relationship to self vs the relationship to others. From the Sun’s position at 8 degrees of Aries we are able to better exam how we make our relationships more successful.

The Moon in Libra is about balance, justice, fairness and of course relationships. In particular where are you out of balance in relationships, what do you need to readjust. The Full Moon represents closure in some area of our relationships or our business partnerships. They are either ending or going to a new level. Both still mean something about how we relate to others needs to end.

The Sun in Aries is 100 percent, maybe even 110 percent focused on the self. It’s my way or the highway time. However, when the Moon stands across the sky we are looking at how that attitude is impacting our partner, or the ability to find a partner. Emotionally we need things to feel fair, we want to be accepted, we want our needs to be just as important as our partner’s needs. But the focus on self isn’t all bad where relationships are concerned. There needs to be a healthy sense of self in our relationships. This is a time to question how you identify who you are outside of being in a relationship. Are you comfortable being on your own? Can you hold healthy boundaries? Can you let your partner be themselves? Do you give your power away to just keep your partner happy while ignoring your own happiness? When was the last time you were happy and single? When was the last time you had a hobby or interest different than your partners if you are in a relationship? As you can see the Sun has a lot for you to examine about yourself right now.

The key with all opposition energy is to find balance between the opposing energies. This is creating interdependent relationships where you don’t have to spend 24/7 with your partner to feel safe. You don’t feel guilty for doing your own thing. You don’t pick partners that feel safe, but flawed. You pick partners that push you to see yourself and to grow.

What makes this Full Moon extremely transformative is the fact we have a stellium of Aries energy, and when the Sun is involved this means the energy is Cazimi. Basically, the Sun is so bright when the planets are this close that they are not shining as brightly. The Sun is burning away their dark sides to bring about a rebirth of sorts, just like a New Moon when it is conjunct the Sun. The dark side of Venus is quite selfish and needy. The dark side of Chiron is wounded and not trying to heal itself or help others heal. There could be a tremendous pity party going on for yourself if you are not careful.

My advice is that like a New Moon you set your intentions for what you want to cleanse and start new. This is it, you are finally ready to release those past wounds from your love relationships and get back out there. The Universe is giving you a huge nudge that the pity party is over, no matter what happened no matter how hurt you were its time. Take your power back from that person or persons and start living your life again. Our partners our friendships, our human interactions are where we have the biggest opportunity for growth. You cannot just sit at home hiding from the rest of the world any longer, because you are stagnant and quite frankly bored! Aries energy is fire, it’s passion, it’s drive and determination and now is the time to take advantage of that and burn those bridges to the past and start fresh and new. Libra energy says we will be more balanced with this relationship opportunity. We will be fair, and we will expect to be treated fairly.

The Moon in opposition to Venus is about listening to our intuition, not just what we desire. The Moon in opposition to Chiron is taking those emotional wounds and transforming them into strengths. And if you are in a good place you are teaching others how you got there. One thing you know for sure, instinctively you are not a victim of anyone else. The only person making you a victim is yourself, and it’s simply time to stop. The odd angle between the Moon and Uranus means you may have an emotional surprise, an ending that is so unexpected, yet such a huge relief. It may have felt like there was no way out, and then voila, you are free. Don’t let this chance slip you buy. If you are given a way out, don’t guilt yourself into staying, take it and run!

Mars has been cozied up with the North Node, pushing us to take this life changing action. Mars is the ruler of Aries, which brings some fated events into this Full Moon. There is a grand air trine between the Nodes and the Moon and Saturn. We are learning from our past and taking action, we are getting back on the path we were meant to be on. Emotionally you are charged up. You trust your intuition. The Moon feels empowered to make changes and so do you. This is a huge turning point, but you have to act, and by that, I mean right now.

Even the marriage asteroid Juno during this time is squaring off with Neptune and Mercury. It’s adding more need for change. Pushing you to take off those rose-colored glasses and see the truth in your relationship. You are getting off the denial river. A square means it is time to make a change in how we commit to others. If your partner is telling you things you want to hear but not following through now you will stop believing them, even our business partners. Same holds true for you, are you holding up your end? Giving and receiving equally?

Mercury and Neptune together can give us a chance to delve into some dreamy creative energy, but you have to be careful not to get lost there. Instead channel this into some kind of artistic endeavor. Mercury the ruler of Gemini wants things to be quick and fast, but that just causes things to be messy in Pisces. You are stirring all the water up and it’s hard to see clearly. You keep getting little flashes of intuition and then they quickly become unclear. This is a really good time to journal or even just jot down ideas so when this energy clears you can come back to them and think them through.

In numerology the 8 is a really powerful number. We have 5 energies all at 8 degrees, which enhances even more our ability to bring something to a conclusion at this time. Are you a life path 8? If so you have a really strong business acumen. You are a leader, you take charge in any situation. You can be very focused on making money. But you are also focused on balance. If you turn the 8 on its side you can see it is the same as the infinity symbol. Never ending, but also the same on both sides. This is why we are even more focused on bringing our relationships back into balance. Even if this is just the relationship you have with yourself. Do you believe you are enough? Or do you seek outside validation in order to think you are worthy? It is time for that type of thinking to come to an end. You are enough right here right now, as you are. No matter what someone else says about you or how they appear to talk down to you. How do you treat yourself? Are you kind and gentle? Do you give yourself love? Are you caring and nurturing to others but never take care of you? This is the time to reset the scales.

Let’s look now at where you can potentially see the relationship scales reset based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. You will likely notice the rising sign the most in daily life. But the Sun will show the inner shift, and the Moon an emotional one. These are based on whole sign houses. You will have to look at your own birth chart to see what houses are actually impacted by this full moon for you.

Libra/Aries – this is happening in your 1st/7th house axis. Everything written above pertains most to these 2 signs. You are finding balance in how you relate to self and how you relate to others. A relationship change is happening for you. Libra the full moon in your first house, also means some personal goal is coming to fruition. Aries in your 7th house you may just finally believe you deserve to have a healthy relationship, and be willing to let go a bit of your ego to get there.

Virgo/Pisces – the 2nd and 8th house axis is about our relationship with money. With Libra ruling the 2nd house for Virgo you are looking at learning how to value yourself, this full moon can remove a block to self-worth. This directly impacts the way you earn money. You could find a new source of income. Maybe you start a new partnership or make changes in a current one that increases your income. Pisces the 8th house is about the money we receive from others. Your partner could end a job to start a new one and as a result make more money. These could take some pressure off of you and now you can pursue you own dream job.

Leo/Aquarius– the 3rd and 9th houses are about a need to expand our mind and our beliefs. We are learning and teaching others. Leo with Libra in your 3rd house you are learning about what it means to have a healthy relationship, closing the door on past relationships in order to start healthier one’s. Aquarius you could be moving to start a new relationship, or in order to get away from an unhealthy one. The 9th house rules higher education, and foreign travel. You could be finishing up some course of study and the end result is a new partnership. With these two houses you are taking what you already know and leveraging it to take your relationships to the next level. Aquarius you might also finally believe your knowledge is worthy of being shared with others in some formal way.

Cancer/Capricorn – the 4th and 10th house are the home and career axis. There is a need for balance in the amount of focus you give to your relationships at home and the relationships you have at work. Cancer for you Libra is your 4th house. How you relate to your family is important. They have likely played a key role your entire life. But work may be pulling you away from those relationships in some way. Capricorn with Libra in your 10th house you benefit from having strong partners where you work, in fact you may have had better relationships at work then you did at home. Both of these signs are figuring out how to have healthy relationships in both spaces. When you do a shift happens both at work and at home.

Gemini/Sagittarius – the 5th and 11th – these are the happy houses of the zodiac. The 5th rules romance, fun, hobbies, children and feeling childlike joy. The 11th is our fairy godmother energy where we encounter those who help us make our dreams come true. When you have just the right amount of joy and romance in your life you attract in those people who can help make your dreams come true. But you can’t give your power away to others, look to them to make things fun. You have to bring the fun to the things you do with others. Gemini your 5th house is where you can see a romance coming to fullness. A friend could introduce you to someone new potentially. Just by getting out there and having fun with others. Sagittarius you could leave a group you belong to in order to have more time at home or just more time for having fun! Hobbies are great, but they shouldn’t start to feel like work.

Taurus/Scorpio - the 6th and 12th house axis – is all about the inner and outer world. In the 6th house you are focused on routines, busy work, getting those to do lists done. The 12th house is a lot more fluid. There is lots of time for dreaming and creating. Something about your schedule Taurus is changing. You are ending some of your daily routines in order to give a little more time and space for relaxing and dreaming and focusing on your mental health. Scorpio it might seem like your mental health is working overtime. But now it’s time to bring that to a close. There is a lot going on up in that mind of yours, and it needs an outlet. It needs some structure. If you have been putting off dealing with your mental health the excuses from your daily life will fall away and give you time to focus. Meditation, counseling, and a good diet will really help with your anxiety or depression, if that is plaguing you at this time.

This full moon is in an Air sign which rules communication, thinking and speaking and of course writing. Set your intentions using this element to bring your area of focus to a conclusion. Since it is opposed by fire I love this for a time to burn our intentions into the air. I have a great visual of this in my Aries hypnosis track here. Try it out for some inspiration. You can also speak your intentions into a candle. You have all week to focus on your intentions, do the work, you will be so glad you did.

Sending you much love and light during this powerful full moon!

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