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Libra Full Moon April 7th 2020

The Full Moon tonight is called the Pink Full Moon, as we think about all the beautiful pink flowers about to bloom with the coming of spring. The Moon will be at 18 degrees and 43 minutes of Libra, while the Sun is at 18 degrees and 43 minutes of Aries. One the West Coast this occurs at approximately 7:35 pm.

Each full moon we are given an opportunity to bring a cycle to an end. In the sign of Libra this can be something that pertains to our relationships, fairness, balance. There may be some legal issues we have been dealing with, documentation that needs to be signed. We also deal with the opposition energy each month between what the Sun (your ego) wants and the Moon (your emotional needs) wants.

This month the Sun is in the sign of Aries, representing our independence, our drive, our determination. Our need to do things all on our own. Meanwhile the Moon is in Libra, wanting love, to be in a relationship, for things to be fair and balanced. For justice to be served.

The key is to find the middle ground. It is never good to be too focused on one end of the spectrum or the other. You are looking to balance ego and emotions. Each month brings a new cycle where we get to work on that.

Adding extra tension to this full moon is the square between Mars and Uranus. A square means you have two energies that are butting up against one another, and for the energy to move freely you have to make a shift, you have to turn a corner. Mars doesn’t like that, he wants to plow straight ahead on the course he has set and does not like being pulled off his path. But Uranus is about freedom, a path less traveled, being unique. This energy isn’t about using a stick to get your way, it’s about using your mind to come up with an inventive way to tackle a virus for instance.

Also helping us think on the bigger scale is the Sextile between Jupiter and Pluto, with Mercury. Keep in mind though, Mercury is sitting in Pisces and does not think clearly here. This is really going to be an individual impact. How has Mercury in Neptune been for you so far? Are you thinking clearly and more creative than ever? Or do you feel a bit lost in a fog? Jupiter and Pluto will give more energy to however that is currently showing up for you.

Additional help comes from the trine between Venus and Saturn. Venus is the ruler of Libra and this support from Saturn helps us take our partners more seriously. We aren’t wasting time on relationships that are unhealthy for us, or signing contracts that don’t support our future goals. Saturn reigns Venus in a bit so she doesn’t get so carried away. It’s like the limit on your credit card spending. It is really there to protect you from being too impulsive.

What can you look forward to based on your Rising, Sun or Moon Sign? Don’t know what those are? Go to a sight like and you can create a free natal chart. Just plug in your date, place and exact time of birth. Rising sign will be most noticeable. Moon we feel. Sun is an inner impact.

Aries – This full moon happens in your 7th house, the house of serious relationships. The Moon in Libra is asking you to share how you feel, it’s time to stop focusing on only your needs. In order for this relationship to come to a successful conclusion you will have to balance your needs with the needs of your partner.

Taurus – The 6th house of work and daily routines is activated for you with this full moon. What have you been meaning to put into action, that is finally ready now? Or are you finishing up a big project? Some work on those subconscious blocks will help you complete those daily tasks. You need to bring out your feelings into the open as well.

Gemini – With the 5th house of romance, children, fun, and hobbies you are feeling a strong desire to put some more you time on the books. While the sun shines a light from your 11th house of social networks, you really are feeling the strain from helping others right now. How can you do a better job of balancing your responsibilities with having some fun?

Cancer – The 4th house rules home and family. Maybe you are ready to move, finishing a home reno project or want to, but work keeps getting in the way. Set your intentions to find that balance you seek between home and family. Especially if you are working from home right now with young children who still need help adjusting. The key will be a good schedule that everyone agrees with.

Leo – With the 3rd house of communication all you wanna do is talk, talk, talk, small talk at that. But where is your focus on the bigger picture? Small talk is great and can serve its purpose, but how do you connect the dots better? If you are working on a writing project now is the time to finish it up. No more looking for answers, you have them all right inside of you. Just tune in, and then write it all down.

Virgo – In the 2nd house of finances you are bringing some type of financial event to a close. You are taking responsibility for how you spend your money. Some type of financial venture is coming to a close. The money you make on your own, has to balance out with the money you receive from others. You can’t rely on either end too much. Same thing with your self worth. It is ok for others to give you support sometimes, and lift you up. You just can’t rely on that as your only source for valuing yourself.

Libra – This of course is your full moon so it is happening in your first house. Some goal that you have set for yourself is ready to come to fruition. Of course, you can’t achieve it at the expense of your partner however. Look for a way to include them in the process, they will feel valued as a result, and you will have someone to help support you sustaining your goal long-term.

Scorpio – the 12th house is the house of hidden things. This can bring secrets to the surface so they can be dealt with. Subconscious blocks can be released. You just need to slow down from all the everyday tasks and sit with your intuition for a bit. There is something important you need to be made aware of here.

Sagittarius - Networking and friend groups are taking priority for you right now. You may have had a chance to explore new areas as a result of social distancing. Maybe you are ready to move on from a group. This could be an opportunity to take your hobby to the next level. Introduce the idea to a benefactor that can help you launch it into a money-making idea. But it’s time to take whatever this is more seriously. It can’t just be fun, fun, fun all the time.

Capricorn – Your 10th house of career and fame is bringing in some sort of change for you. Maybe this is a major work project that is finally concluding, and you receive some well-earned recognition. Once it’s done you have a little more down time at home. Or maybe you are ready to make a big career change. Either way it needs to be done in a way that allows for good work life balance.

Aquarius – the 9th house of higher learning, foreign travel, or just faraway places is being impacted by the full moon. Even though you may not be traveling right now, something about future travel plans could be getting finalized. And with all this extra time on your hands maybe it is time to enroll in some distance learning. The things you have already learned and studied will be of value to you as you take this next step, so don’t forget to refer back to what you already know.

Pisces – the 8th house rules transformation, sex, death, and other people’s resources. This puts something you are working on to a very definitive end. Maybe there is a change in your partners income. Perhaps it is time to relook at the budget and find a better balance between your two incomes. Neither one should be relied on too heavily. Which means no you can’t just go on a shopping spree with all your partners bonus money.

The above of course is just a general reading. To know your specific impacts requires a full chart reading.

If you are having any difficulty dealing with stress right now you can book a coaching session with me where we can do a single hypnosis session at the coaching rate. We can create in your mind a way to cope with any stress you are experiencing as a result of changes to your daily life routines. See my website for booking options!

Love and Light!

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