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Libra Full Moon April 2022

On Saturday April 16th we will have a Full Moon in Libra at 26 degrees of the sign. The Sun will be in Aries at 26 degrees, while the Moon is at 26 degrees in Libra, of course. Libra rules the 7th house and our serious, committed relationships. The overall theme means there can be relationship goals that are brought to fullness, be they personal or business. You can get in touch with this energy by checking out my hypnosis for the sign of Libra. Here.

Libra also rules Justice, the Law, and things being fair and balanced. If things are out of balance in some area of your life, it will be activated by this full moon and brought back into balance. Perhaps in a bit of a shocking way. The Sun and Moon both form a t-square with Pluto, the planet that rules over death and transformation. There is pressure to let something or someone go that is harming your mental well-being in some way.

The Moon rules over our emotions, it controls the tides. Our feelings ebb and flow based on the push or pull life has on them. The Sun is our joy, happiness, our success. What cost is success coming at in your life? What changes are you being pushed to make? Does how you measure success need to change? Pluto has you go deep into your psyche and face your fears. You don’t want to get stuck there, you want to finish your transformational work. This Full Moon will help you do just that, and break down barriers and fears that are keeping you stuck in relationships that are no longer fulfilling.

Saturn will be sextile to the Sun and trine to the Moon at 23 degrees of Aquarius. Your plans coming to fullness is something the Saturn energy appreciates. Your hard work is recognized and rewarded by Saturn. There may be some kind of group recognition that you are a part of. Or some invention that you created that is ready to be launched, as result of Saturn being in the sign that rules over such things.

The Nodes are in an inconjunct angle with the Sun and Moon. So, fate may come in and help you complete your goals in some unexpected way. Even Mercury is stirring up the pot sitting close to Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Your mind feels like it is repeatedly getting a jump start, so does your mouth. The things that come out of it as a result could be very surprising. Be prepared. They are both making a sextile to Venus. This means love, finances, beauty and the things you value are all getting a jump start too. Expect the unexpected.

Lastly the great conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune is still underway. There are lessons and blessings that may come to a conclusion with the energy of the Full Moon. Like the contact to the North Node from the Moon, these 2 planets are also inconjunct it. This creates a YOD in the sky that begins prior to the actual Full Moon hour. It is loosely formed, but still important. There is a mission being laid out for you now.

The following are some possibilities for what could show up for you based on your Rising sign, Sun and Moon signs.

Aries – with the Sun in your 1st house the Moon is in the 7th, which puts Pluto in your 4th. There is a struggle to balance your personal goals, with relationships and family. It feels like all sides are pressing on you. Can you make a choice that takes everyone’s needs into consideration? The relationship area is the priority for you now. A close friend may be able to guide you on the decision you need to make with Saturn in your 11th.

Taurus – the Moon is in your 6th house of daily life, health, pets and being of service. Are you ready to bring something in this area to completion? Can you let go of the subconscious thoughts that are keeping you stuck? Pluto in your 9th house is pushing you to see the bigger picture about the choices you need to make now. Perhaps it is time to get back to a spiritual practice of some kind that helps keep you grounded. There is a mentor at work that can help guide you now with Saturn in your 10th.

Gemini – your 5th house is activated by the Full Moon, which rules over children, fun, romance and our hobbies. Are you ready to take a hobby to the next level? Maybe you are ready to take your romance up a notch. Or conclude those things that are getting in the way of you having fun? Perhaps you have taken romance completely off the table because you are worried about getting hurt again. Pluto says it is time to move past that way of thinking. Saturn in your 9th house says maybe you should trust your connection to spirit. The answers you seek lie there.

Cancer – in your 4th house of home and family you might be ready to find answers about your ancestry. And with the help of Pluto those answers may be brought to the surface. This energy also supports you moving or concluding projects around the home, finally. Cancer naturally rules over the 4th house but the Moon is square to those with this as the Sun, Moon or Rising. So, the conclusion of this cycle for you is a bit uncomfortable. However, with Saturn in the 8th house maybe there is some kind of financial windfall associated with this information.

Leo – a full moon in your 3rd house brings things to conclusion that involve communication, your community, the vehicles you drive, the devices you communicate with. You could be getting a new one. Or perhaps it is time to conclude a battle you have been having with a significant other. Pluto is applying pressure from your 6th house of daily activities. Saturn is supporting you from the 7th house of serious relationships. Maybe your partner is rewarding you with a new opportunity that causes you to change your job.

Virgo – in the 2nd house your financial goals are being achieved. This house rules over the money you make. You may be taking on a new job, or receiving a raise. You also could be taking a new role that pays you what you are worth. Pluto applies pressure from your 5th house of hobbies, so maybe it is time to take that to the next level. Saturn in your 6th house though also supports you being recognized for all of your hard work on the job.

Libra – the Moon is of course in your 1st house helping you to achieve a personal goal, which could very well be about your relationship. You are finally ready to set boundaries and get your needs met and stop taking care of everyone else first? Pluto in the 4th house says your family priorities are getting in the way of that. But Saturn in the 5th says your children have your back and will support your choices.

Scorpio – a full Moon in your 12th house could bring some secrets to the surface, or this could be just some releasing of old stuck wounds from your psyche. The 12th house rules over things that are hidden, our psychic abilities, spirituality and large institutions. Perhaps you are making some changes in your religious beliefs? Pluto in the 3rd house is challenging the way you think while Saturn is lending you the support of a father figure, or at least someone with authority.

Sagittarius – the 11th house can bring something involving our friends or networking groups to an end. Maybe you are taking time out from having fun to join something that provides more value to the world. Pluto in your 2nd house of making money could be pushing you to join a new group that appreciates your values, is more aligned with them anyway. Saturn may send you the message you need to find your tribe.

Capricorn – the 10th house brings you some sort of recognition for the work you do. The 10th house rules over our career, fame, the things we are notorious for. This could be a job change that causes you to relocate. Pluto has been pushing you for some time now to step into who you are meant to be. Saturn has a financial reward for you when you do.

Aquarius – the 9th house is the house of foreign travel, higher learning, and expanding your horizons. Where are you willing to go to grow it asks? A Sun is Aries is giving you the power to think for yourself, but the Moon in the 9th says you learn best by listening to your intuition. Pluto in your 12th can be a bit unsettling. So many old hurts and memories stored in the subconscious mind need released. Saturn is your 1st house is giving you the discipline you need to be yourself.

Pisces – the 8th house rules over the money we receive from others. You could get an inheritance, your partner could get a bonus, or your loan may finally be completed. What needs to change about how you are contributing? Pluto is helping you find your tribe in the 11th house, join a group that is better suited for you. Saturn is pushing you hard to work on overcoming your doubts and fears that keep you up at night.

There are of course many different ways these energies can combine during the Full Moon, the best way to understand them is to book a reading with me. I have New/Full Moon readings for just $55! You can book a session here. Are you signed up to receive my newsletters automatically? If not join on my website now for free.

Love and Light!

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