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July will have a New Moon in Cancer on the 9th and a Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd. As June ended Mercury was clearing its retrograde and Jupiter was just beginning its, which will continue until Mid-October. This month Chiron will go retrograde in the sign of Aries starting on July 15th and continue until Mid-December. Let’s see what else we have in store.

July 1st – The day is a challenging one with the opposition between Mars and Saturn. Mars wants action and Saturn wants restraint, as you might guess the 2 are not on the same page. This can be somewhat explosive day (s) as these the planets battle this out, and as above so below. You can use this energy in a positive way to fight for a cause of do some healing. The Moon will meet up with Chiron in Aries and make positive contact with Mars in Leo, they also form a trine to the South Node in Sag. This creates a Grand Fire trine which we can use to manifest healing. Don’t engage in any hot headedness yourself and tune into your intuition to know what action you should actually be taking. Trine means success when we apply ourselves, and we have a few days to do so.

July 4th – The 4th of July fireworks in the US might be extra explosive with the Moon conjunct with Uranus in the sign of Taurus, and the opposition still ongoing between Saturn and Mars. Pay close attention to where this is showing up in your own chart. There is a major battle being fought here and you need to be very aware. Mars is squaring off against the Moon and Uranus as well so we now have a major T-square going on between all 4 placements. Even Venus is nearby so relationships could be blowing up all over the place. So, let’s just calm down everyone. This pressure is meant to push you to grow not for you to push other people around to do your bidding, ‘Mars’. Those of you with Mars placements like Aries Sun, Moon or Rising are going to really feel this. Same goes for Scorpios, Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer….ok just about everyone is going to feel this. Be sure to ground yourself and find your happy place. Practice gratitude and focus on all things you are thankful for. Won’t put the fire out completely but it will help.

July 5th – The Sun makes a sextile with Uranus and an odd angle to Saturn, which means this could be a really weird unpredictable kind of day. Plus, we still have the T-square in effect so expect the unexpected and just go with the flow. There is a little help from fate as Venus meets up with the North and South Node today in harmony. Could mean out of all this chaos that you somehow meet the love of your life, or find the job of your dreams, maybe win a jackpot! The Moon makes positive contact to Pluto from Taurus so, pay close attention to your gut instincts today, they are leading you in the right direction.

July 7th – love can heal us as Venus and Chiron meet up in a trine. Both in fire signs you are really motivated and passionate about your healing journey, as well as helping others heal. Mercury makes an odd angle with Pluto so you might have some very strange ideas and be willing to take a new approach to healing. Perhaps you are ready to try something like hypnosis or acupuncture. The opposition between Venus and Saturn says you won’t get too far outside your norms though. Also, if you have been being unrealistic in love or money then you will get a wakeup call of sorts today.

July 9th – we have a New Moon in the sign of Cancer at 17 degrees of the sign. Uranus is sextile the new moon at 14 degrees of Taurus. This says your new beginnings involving home and family could come about in unique or surprising ways. You could decide to move suddenly for instance or someone moves in with you. Since Venus and Uranus are in a square this could mean someone moves out unexpectedly and ends a relationship. Whatever started with that T-square earlier in the month may come to a conclusion now. Also, there is a loose opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, so emotionally there is some work to do. More to come on this with my full writeup closer to the event.

July 11th – Mercury is finally ready to get out of its home sign of Gemini where it seems like it has been forever wreaking havoc on our minds. Communication is about to get a lot more loving as it moves into the sign of Cancer joining the Moon, Venus and Mars. Things are feeling more light hearted and very passionate with all that energy in the sign of fun. Venus and Mars have been closely aligned all month and now they will become exact in their conjunction for a few days until Venus moves on. Saturn is still keeping a watchful eye from Aquarius and keeping everyone in check. No getting carried away, there is a need to remain serious and committed especially with love and money. The first contact Mercury makes from the sign of Cancer is with Jupiter in Pisces. This can expand our way of thinking and speaking especially where loved ones are involved. This is a good time for signing contracts and making commitments, as long as you pay attention to all the details. Jupiter will make things bigger, like the details, so you don’t get fooled.

July 13th – Venus and Mars are exactly conjunct at 19 degrees of Leo while the Moon forms a T-square with the Nodes. If you are making any kind of unhealthy choices you are getting a nudge from the Spirit to clean up your act. Virgo, where the Moon is rules the 6th house of health and our daily routines and activities. Where are you out of alignment? Where do you need to get back on board?

July 15th – the Sun and Neptune, who is retrograde, speak in harmony today. This could bring out your spiritual side or your creative side. It’s a good time for getting projects of some kind off the ground. Neptune brings a dreamy quality to the success you seek. Good day to plan a spa day or to spend time in nature around water and get some inspiration. With Chiron in Aries now in its retrograde motion until mid-December it is time to pay closer attention to what we need to heal involving our self-esteem.

July 17th – Mercury makes an odd connection to the South Node which could bring up conversations with someone from the past. Don’t’ be swayed by any nonsense. The opposition between the Sun and Pluto can make this a very uncomfortable day with lots of ugliness being brought to the surface. We need to see it to heal it, but it doesn’t make it any easier. This could have been building for a few days and now the conflict is coming to the surface. Pluto likes being in the dark and does not appreciate the Sun putting it in the spotlight. You may feel a deep desire to retreat and hide. But all oppositions are simply asking you to balance the two energies. Whatever is shown to you now will be brought to a conclusion with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd. Right now, the Moon, Sun and Pluto are forming a T-square so you are highly unlikely to miss the message. Relationships at home are undergoing a huge transformation best be prepared for big changes.

July 18th – Jupiter moves back to the critical 0-degree mark of Pisces with the Moon in Scorpio, this could be a very emotional day where you can do a lot of clearing from the past. This is a good day to release what no longer serves you and has been keeping you stuck or stagnant emotionally. Starting today Mars, Venus and Pluto are in an odd angle, or a quincunx. Love and love relationships right now are having a hard time. You have to face your fears if this relationship is going to work, you also have to be willing to take your power back and set healthy boundaries. Denial will only get you so far and now it’s time to face reality.

July 19th – Mercury and Chiron square off in order for you to break free of some kind of thinking that is holding you back. Communication could be a challenge today, so consider yourself warned. All that stuff you didn’t want to deal with anymore is coming back up to the surface to be cleared for good. Keep in mind Saturn and Chiron have been supporting one another most of the year. This is the time to be disciplined and make real changes in your life. You are on a journey to become a much healthier you. Something you started is coming back up so you can refocus and finish the work. Mercury can be a brat but you are being shown something you need to see. Mars and Neptune make an odd angle today so you won’t be able to just move forward, it’s foggy and you need some time to see the truth of the situation. The Moon and Neptune make positive contact so tune into your intuition for answers before you try to make any moves.

July 20th – Mercury and Uranus are in a sextile which means communication gets a boost. Financial markets might swing crazily during these few days as well. Also, great days for genius new ideas and inventiveness. The Moon meets up with the Nodes today so pay attention to any little messages that come through. The Moon in Sag is with the South Node and opposes the North Node. Listen to your intuition about something from your past that is keeping your from being on your path now.

July 21st – Venus and the Sun will both be at the 29th degree of the signs they are transiting. Venus in Leo gives a big final push to your love life, values and finances. Sun in Cancer makes home and family even more intense. Venus will move into controlling Virgo next as the Sun enters into the happy sign of Leo. Immediately Venus will face off against Jupiter at 0 degrees of Pisces. When the two benefics of the Zodiac face off it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but good things come to those who tune in and learn to bring balance to their lives. If you have been overindulging in any area of your life it will be brought to your awareness so you can course correct.

July 23rd – we have the Full Moon in Aquarius at the 1-degree mark. This means new beginnings are heightened as we release and bring something in this area of your chart to a conclusion. The Sun opposes the Moon in the sign of Leo. The Moon in Aquarius is about bringing people together, finding your tribe, emotionally feeling connected. While the Sun in Leo is about being in the spotlight on your own. This is the annual rebalancing of the Me vs We energy. Couple of odd things occurring will be the Sun inconjunct with Jupiter, and Venus inconjunct with the Moon, while Jupiter and Venus still oppose one another. And lest we forget Mars and Pluto are also still inconjunct one another. The ending that is coming is abrupt and final and might actually be really shocking. This could be the end of some kind of alliance, even on the world stage. Mercury and Neptune are in a trine during the full moon which means that words and art can heal whatever is broken inside. However, Mercury is also building in its opposition to Pluto. How we speak now is about taking your power back. Saturn is really wide of the full moon for a conjunction, but it feels like authority figures will be trying really hard to keep things from falling apart. Definitely one to look at in your personal chart, the changes could be life altering for some, but in a good way. More to come in my full write-up or all the signs.

July 25th – Mercury and Pluto oppose one another and secrets are being brought to the surface. The way you think and how you speak is being pushed to transform. You are going to have to face your fears to find your voice and finally be heard at home. Authority figures will try to keep you small and controlled but it’s time to take your power back. The Moon with Jupiter will guide you on what to do if you tune in and listen to your soul. This is not the time for your ego to take over.

July 27th – Mercury enters the sign of Leo and our mind and our speech is more onstage than ever. Whatever the conflict was during the full moon the speeches will be impassioned right now. The contact with Jupiter says don’t speak unless you have something worthwhile to say. This is not the time for talking just so you can be heard. You should only speak if you have something of value to add to the conversation. Do not add fuel to the fire just so you can feel included. Mars will be fired up as it reaches the final degree of Leo, make sure you are not in the line of fire.

July 29th – Mars will enter the sign of Virgo, which it really doesn’t like. But, those who love to clean, and get organized, REJOICE! It’s OCD season. Best to start planning those projects you want to work on around the house right now. You are about to be fired up and able to tackle your to-do list like there is no tomorrow. Nothing like a nice project to distract you from all the turmoil going on around you. Seems as though love has hit a snag as Venus square off with the nodes of fate. Some adjustments need to be made. Also, today Jupiter dips back into the sign of Aquarius. There is still time to find your tribe and where you are meant to be. Jupiter is calling you and all you have to do is answer the call.

July 31st – Stress and anxiety may rear its ugly head as Mercury and the Sun meet up again in what we astrologers call Cazimi. This is another rebirth for the planet Mercury as it is cleansed by the Sun in Leo. The good news is this happens while both are making positive contact with the Nodes, so let this be burned away. You may finally be free of some way of thinking that has haunted you for years. Plus, the Moon meets up with Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus while they trine with Venus, making for some really interesting changes in love and money. Follow your gut if you are making significant changes in either area, even if it seems like crazy talk.

August preview – We will have a new moon in Leo on the 8th and our second full moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees of the sign on the 22nd. There are 13 full moon’s each year which means one sign always gets 2 full moons. With both Jupiter and Saturn still in the sign of Aquarius it will give it even more energy and weirdness. On August 20th our final outer planet to go retrograde will be Uranus, at 14 degrees and 48 minutes of the sign of Taurus. It will stay retrograde through January of next year. Mercury won’t go retrograde until the end of September so we have a bit of time now to move some things forward. Until next month!

Love and Light!

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