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July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

We have 5 planets in retrograde as the month of July starts out. The final of the 3 eclipses occurs in Capricorn with a lunar eclipse. Saturn dips back into Capricorn while Jupiter and Pluto are still conjunct. Things take a serious turn while Mars is in its home sign of Aries.

July 1st – Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the Sun, which means it is Cazimi and the Sun shines so brightly Mercury is invisible. At the same time both are making a square over to Chiron. If you have a tendency for anxiety these few days before and after can have you feeling like you are climbing the walls a bit. Give your mind something to work on, be it puzzles, a project maybe. The square over to Chiron is showing you an ego wound that needs to be healed. In fact, your ego may be getting in the way of your healing journey. It is ok to ask for help and now is an excellent time to seek some. There is no shame in seeking help.

July 4th or 5th depending on your location we will have the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn – this is the final in the Cancer eclipse series. This is the final message about finding balance between work life and family life. Between home and family and the government. I expect an emotional day. Mercury in retrograde is creating space between it and the Sun, but close enough to feel the impact of the eclipse. You are challenged to make a decision that takes your intuition into account. Uranus sits at 10 degrees of Taurus, exactly, so sextile the Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer and trine the Moon and 13 degrees of Capricorn. This means there are surprises in store and anything goes. These are both positive aspects, however with Uranus you just never know what the outcome will be. Uranus brings about freedom, surprise, innovation and networks and groups. Perhaps we can hope for an emotional breakthrough between those who are fighting for equality and those who would see it stamped out. Whatever the 18-month journey of the Nodes through Capricorn/Cancer has meant for you, now is time for you to see the results, learn your final lesson and incorporate what you have experienced into your life path journey. There is definitely a feminine feel to this eclipse. Women somehow will play a big part in the lessons. Both Vesta and Juno, Ceres and Palace Athena are all touched in some way. Mother is calling and she won’t be silenced so easily. More in my monthly writeup for the impact by sign. But Cancers born in early July this will be especially impactful to you.

July 6th – the Moon in all its strength now travels through Capricorn making contact with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. If there was ever a time for you to do some emotional work, and tune into your intuition, this is it. Each of these planets can help you complete the release of emotions that no longer serve you. It is as if the Moon finishes with Saturn and the message is to keep your emotions under control so you can finish your journey.

July 9th – Mercury retrograde is in a trine with the Moon while squaring Mars. Your mind and your intuition are working together but getting the words out right takes extra effort. In fact, you might end up saying things you don’t mean to say. So slow down, think this all the way through before you express yourself. The Moon is also in a sextile with Uranus so that full moon message could come up as if out of nowhere. This work from the past will be good to resolve, but this is only temporary and may not be able to be completed until Mercury finishes its retrograde motion. Be patient, said Mars never or Uranus, but you can try.

July 10th – the Sun trines the Moon and Neptune retrograde. This has a dreamy comforting quality. Just don’t get too comfortable, because delusions reign supreme. However, if you need some creative inspiration this will be a wonderful day. When the Moon and Sun connect our success and joy come from expressing our emotions. Dream big, but keep one foot on the ground.

July 11th – Venus makes a sextile over to Chiron. Love heals our wounds. Love makes us want to help others on their healing journey. Venus is also starting to pick up speed again and go over that territory she covered in the retrograde. This is a good time to heal those rifts in your love relationships. Especially those relationships from the past. Chiron will join in the retrograde fun today and remain this way through most of the rest of the year. This is the ego self getting time to heal.

July 13th – now is when the energy starts to get crunchy, as in get out the big container of dip because you are going to use it all. We start with the Moon in Aries squaring all the planets in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. There is a fight going on and the only way out is to drop the ego and remember what you actually care about. You need to listen to your intuition. Now will world leaders do that? Not so sure, and if not, the protests will be full on big time.

July 14th – while the Sun takes on Jupiter in an exact opposition today, Mars and Chiron meet up. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, but he was also a trainer of the Gods. Yah so Mars the God of War is getting trained to be stronger by Chiron, who is in retrograde. This means they have done this dance before. This is exact today but the influence of this coaching has been building for a while now, and the output of this coaching will show up through the end of the year. There is major conflict coming. Mars hasn’t been in this area of the chart for about 30 years, since the Gulf War. Chiron is going to be needed to train the troops who are called into action potentially. So how can you use the energy? You can fight a battle you have been fighting the last 30 years and win!! So, use this to your advantage. This will expose a wound so it can be healed, but the healing journey is not always easy, ok it is never easy, it requires hard work. And it will be hard work. As in really hard.

July 15th – the Sun stands across the sky from Pluto today, and still in a close conjunction with Jupiter. Where are you giving your power away? Where are you ignoring your ideals? You can be successful and still maintain your integrity. You may see a test asking you to choose to honor what you stand for, and it will not come easily.

July 17th – the Moon and Venus meet up in the sign of Gemini. You can see your partners side of things today, be intuitively guided in love, and just feel good overall. There is a lot of passion in the air with Mars in a sextile to both. Take some time out to really enjoy your weekend! This could bring a much-needed distraction.

July 20th – we have the 2nd New Moon in Cancer at 28 degrees, opposing Saturn. So, before you even think about making any new beginnings you will have to be checked by Saturn. Nothing is getting by him without a well thought out plan. Any new moon wishes you work on at this time should be well thought out, have a plan to execute them, with goals, checkpoints, and an expected outcome that Saturn finds serious enough to meet his approval. The Moon is strong in its home sign of Cancer, but Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn is stronger. You will do best if you balance the two energies. Mars in Aries is at 12 degrees and asking you what new beginning are you willing to fight for, what changes are you willing to make? Keep in mind Jupiter and Pluto while separating from each other slightly are still very influential in the sign of Capricorn. Your desire to feel safe and secure at home is going to face a tremendous challenge from government leaders. This will be the pinnacle of the crunchy energy this month.

July 22nd – Happy Birthday to all the Leo’s out there. The Sun is in its home sign for the next month. I don’t know about you but it sure would be nice to welcome in some fun energy right about now. Give it a few days as the Sun starts distancing itself from all that opposing Capricorn energy.

July 25th – we have the 2nd of the 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Neptune. This again is a bright spot in our heavy energy month. Neptune and Jupiter together are very spiritual in nature. Jupiter expands on Neptune’s energy. Jupiter is what we call a benefic planet, but sometimes it makes things bigger so you can see them and make peace with them. Neptune is all things hidden, so something may be brought to the surface now. Think back to when these planets first met. First week of March, we saw the Virus surge here in North America, because we needed to see it. So, you see what I mean by Jupiter being a beneficial planet, but the virus isn’t actually a good thing. Knowing about it so we can deal with it is. Perhaps now we shall see the treatments for the virus start to be better utilized, a vaccine may still be months away, but having a better treatment plan could help a lot and keep from the needless suffering going on out there. And then there is what was going on for you on a more personal level. Did you have something come to fruition that you put into play at this time? There is more for you to see about that situation. Then one more final time in the end of October the two shall meet again. At that time, you should see the final resolution. Just a little heads up that Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto will all be meeting up on election day Nov 3rd. It will be an election like you have never seen before. Get out your fact checker as you are really going to need it. But more on that later.

July 26th – Mars enters the shadow period of its very long retrograde today. It confronts the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. How you think, what you feel and what you believe are all about to go through a destructive period. This is the jumping off point, so pay close attention to what is going on around this time. Little tidbits of information will come up so you can start to prepare yourself for a major battle. Emotionally you are feeling it. The Moon is squaring all the energy in retrograde in Capricorn. Something from the past is rearing its ugly head again, and this time you need to face it head on, no more time to hide from the truth. The stuff that bubbles up to the surface right now could be really weird too. The Moon makes a strange angle back to Neptune. We are talking aliens coming up from the sea type of crazy. Do you have some dip left? This could be a very interesting show.

July 27th – Venus and Neptune square off today. In Gemini Venus is kinda all over the place, she really can’t decide what she wants. It changes daily. Neptune is a stop sign, that says make a choice. Stop fooling yourself in love and start taking things more seriously. Is there a spiritual connection in your love life? Do you share the same ideals, or are you both abusing substances and deluding yourself? This is a wakeup call, bringing things to the surface so they can be dealt with. You can’t hide from the truth any longer. Plus, the Moon in Scorpio is squaring the Sun in Leo, emotionally you are not strong. You are facing your dark side.

July 28th – Mars and Mercury squaring off mean you can see a lot of verbal wars happening right now. The Moon with Mercury make you very impassioned in your speech, but don’t take that passionate speech too far and wish you had bit your tongue instead. There is a right way to use your words to get your point across in a way that is respectful to others.

July 31st – we end the month with Venus making weird angles to all the Capricorn energy and Mercury opposing it, just as the Moon enters the sign. Venus is fighting for loving communication, Mercury is fighting for home and family. All that Capricorn energy is still about money, fame and power. Neptune is still sextile with Jupiter, it’s hard to tell what the truth is anymore. One thing is for sure, this new normal, is not normal at all!

August will continue this crunchy energy with the full moon in Aquarius. This is a cause coming to fruition. This is finding your place amongst your tribe energy. Mercury and Venus are clear of their retrogrades. Mars will continue to build its strength in Aries, and we will have a New Moon in Leo, where we all need to wish for some fun! Mars will be supporting the New Moon, but Mercury will be conjunct it. So, we might not be seeing things all too clearly. More on that next month!

Are you struggling to meet your personal goals with all this chaotic energy going on? I have kept my introductory prices on my coaching package in order to help those who really need it right now. If that is you check out my website for more details. I will create a package that meets your needs.

Love and Light!

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