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January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Happy New Year! As we enter into a new year and a new decade we are entering a brand new era. 2020 reduces to the number 4. While 2019 was a 3 year focused on our creativity, our creator, and how we communicate. It's no surprise the media was highlighted in big ways the entire year. A 4 year sees us shift into building a foundation for our future, and since this is a new 10 year cycle I would say the vibration of this year is as usual, perfect. There are four sides to a square, and they are all equal. This is what we are focused on as we build our new foundations. Equal focus in all areas of life. There are 4 suits in the Tarot, and when you master all 4 of them you can become a Magician of manifestation. You will be finding your roots in a 4 year as well. 4 represents home and family, especially family of origin. Let's take a look at how we will kick off this new decade with the planets.

January 2nd - Jupiter and Mercury meet up at 7 degrees of Capricorn and will form a square with the Moon. While Jupiter expands your communication skills, the Moon still wants you paying attention to how those big words are making others feel. This could be a good day to mend some fences or build bridges. If you want to make an impression you will know what to say. But pay attention to your intuition or you may just end up offending someone.

January 3rd - Mars makes its grand entrance into Sagittarius. All those big ideas you had while Jupiter was in Sag last year, now you can start to implement some of them. Mars will motivate you to learn, travel, maybe even study abroad. And if you have been lacking in joy you can expect that to get a big lift now as well.

January 6th - The Sun and Neptune meet up today in a sextile. The Sun represents your ego self, and when you combine that with your spiritual self you a likely to be fully, whole. This is a good time to kick off any type of creative project, spiritual practice, anything involving the arts. This can be a really dreamy type of day that has you willing to express yourself in new creative ways. But with Mars and Uranus making contact through an inconjunction it might feel a bit awkward, this means it will just take some extra effort. You might find yourself motivated in some strange or surprising way today.

January 9th - the Sun and Mercury meetup today at 9 degrees of Capricorn. This is what we call Cazimi! The Sun literally blots out Mercury because they are so close together and the Sun outshines Mercury. Your ego might have some big words to say, but no exactly a lot of tact to go along with them. Plus this puts a significant focus on your mind. Those who are born with the Sun and Mercury close together can suffer from anxiety. This mind is always running and it's hard to turn the focus off. This is a very good time to start a meditation practice. Even just ja few minutes several times a day so you can learn how to shut down the mind and give yourself a breather. This energy will last for a few days and then Mercury will move quickly past the Sun.

January 10th - we have our Full Moon in Cancer, the theme will be the balance that is needed between home and family vs career. Now you are going to think I am making this up but I am not. The first full moon of the year, and of the decade is happening with the Sun at 20 degrees of Capricorn, while the Moon is at 20 degrees of Cancer, so....2020. Seriously you cannot make this stuff up! So here is your first chance to set your intentions for your focus in the year ahead. Where do you want to establish your roots and build your foundations? What do you need to close out, so you can have this fresh start? Full Moon's bring something to fruition, to fullness, but the key is to find the balance between your ego self and your emotional self. Some months this can be harder than most, but this month in particular you really want to do the work. I will write up my full moon article for this event so you can see where your focus should be placed. The other great news on this day is that Uranus finally ends its retrograde in Taurus. All those things you have been revisiting can now start moving ahead! And Jupiter will be exactly conjunct with the South Node, karmic release will be a major theme of this full moon.

January 12th - the moment we have all been waiting for Pluto and Saturn are exact at 22 degrees 47 minutes Capricorn. When the planet of transformation meets up with the planet of restriction anything is possible. Ultimately Saturn always wants to be in charge, wants you to listen to his ideas and then execute them. Pluto wants you to go deep and face your fears and come out stronger as a result of the work you did. They ultimately have the same goal, and they both want you to dig deep and work hard. This isn't really anything new. You have been working on this for the past 38 years, the last time these 2 planets met up. But now you will be starting a new 38 year cycle, and if you haven't liked where you have been in these past 38 years in the area that Capricorn represents in your chart, then you best pay close attention to the signs being given you right now. At the conjunction point the energies are at their most potent. All week long you can expect to see a lot of turmoil in the governments, protests, shakeups, and secrets exposed. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. And Saturn represents Karma, so there will be consequences if you have strayed too far from your path. Same holds true for governments, this is ultimately about transformation of power. Grab some popcorn and sit back and watch the world stage this week, it could prove very interesting. Especially since the Sun, everyone's ego, is also conjunct with Pluto and Saturn. Please be mindful of your triggers and keep them in check! Like you know, put yourself in timeout and put your mouth on mute! Don't let this overwhelm you.

January 13th - Venus ends her time in quirky Aquarius and enters into a more enjoyable energy for her, Pisces. Venus loves the dreamy escapist energy of Pisces. It is a fantasyland for love and she will revel in it for the next several weeks. You will be in love with love. Just remember though Neptune the ruler of Pisces is a bit deceptive at times, so if they seem to good to be true, they are.

January 15th - Venus and Uranus form a sextile. There are bound to be surprises in love and money on this day. If you have been stuck where either are concerned out of nowhere you might finally be able to move forward. If you meet someone new during this time it may not be long lasting, like the flash of lightning they might disappear. Or it is a very unconventional type of relationship. But more than anything I would anticipate some aha moments where love is concerned.

January 16th - Mercury enters into Aquarius, and air sign. Mercury is happy here, thoughts and words flow freely, inspiration abounds, and there is a common goals amongst you and your peers. The words you use now help build bridges, and make plans.

January 17th - Mercury forms a square with the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus. This is that surprising thought, that surprising communication, that sudden change in direction to the plans you just started laying out yesterday. A square means we have to make a change. So the same old same old won't cut it. You need to get innovative, and express yourself in new and better ways,

January 20 - Today the Sun moves into Aquarius. Our focus moves from finances and governments and hard work, to a focus on the people. The 11th house focuses on networking, friends and our benefactors. We are working on making connections in the month ahead. Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius brings the erratic and sudden changes you come to expect from anyone you know with strong Aquarius energy. The zodiac symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, providing water to the masses.

January 22 - the Sun will be in a sextile to Chiron while also in a square over to Uranus. Chiron is the healer, the teacher of the zodiac. You may have the chance to do one or both during this transit. But Uranus energy says you will approach this in a unique way. This could be a good day to introduce yourself to alternative methods of healing. Maybe an announcement about a new drug protocol will be made. Healing is top of mind and you have all the tools you need to close an open wound.

January 24 - we have our New Moon in Aquarius, I will as usual send out my New Moon blog so you can prepare you wishes. Innovation, friendships, networks, humanitarian causes are all areas of focus during this New Moon. Innovation and technology are both ruled by Aquarius so if you are in the market for a new computer now is the time! Mars will be making contact with Mercury in a positive way, which bodes well for making connections, but in a square with Venus. This means your approach to love or your love relationships needs a change. Fortunately Jupiter is making a sextile to Venus and this makes us feel love in a big way. This is a special blessing where love and money are concerned, be open to receiving this one.

January 26 - Mars and Venus are in an exact square, which means our love relationships might be a bit on the crunchy side. As the 2 lovers of the zodiac it isn't a surprise that sometimes they fight. There is a lot of passion between these two. But Venus doesn't like getting held back by Mars, she is happy and in dreamy love land and doesn't have time for the harsh realities from Mars at the moment. Give this a few days and this too shall pass.

January 27 - Today Venus is going to dig her heels in where the square to Mars is concerned. She is exactly conjunct with Neptune today and that is where she likes to be. This will make you extremely creative, loving, kind and generous. But Mars says you need to take action, you can't just sit around taking bubble baths all day and eating bon bons. What are your goals? What are you doing in your relationships? And that financial budget you started at the beginning of the New Year? That extravagant purchase is not in there. Best put the credit cards away for these few days. Remember Neptune is the planet of deceit, and hidden things. Don't do things you will regret later, that is exactly Mars' message

January 28th - Mars is still in his square mood but now his target is directly on Neptune. This is you needing to take off those rose colored glasses about a particular situation, you know the one. yes that one. Denial is not a pretty place to dwell, and Mars is coming in so you can see through the fog of this situation. And once you face this there is no turning back. This energy will remain with you up until the end of the month.

Wishing you many blessings in the New Year and new decade ahead.

Love and Light.

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