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Hot New Moon in Leo August 16, 2023

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The New Moon in Leo occurs on August 16, 2023 at 2:38 am PT. Both the Moon and Sun will be joined at 23 degrees of the sign of Leo. Each month the Sun and Moon join together for a rebirth of the Moon. It is void of light, a blank slate. This time that blank slate that is ready to be created upon, is in the showy fire sign of Leo. For you this refresh will happen in the house you have your Leo energy at 23 degrees. Don’t know where that is? Come and join my Sip n Stars group this Saturday August 12th. We meet once a month before each New Moon. I help you understand the energy of the sign where the New Moon is happening, help you craft some sample wishes, give you a lesson on manifesting, and then do some chart readings for those who attend live. Sign up here. And you can even have a friend join you for free the first session. Plus its recorded if you can't join live.

Leo is a fire sign, it rules over things like passion, romance, leadership, and showmanship. Its ruler is the Sun, making this a very powerful new moon with the ruler in the sign. Leo is considered a fixed sign. Meaning it wants what it wants and don’t try to tell it anything differently. The symbol of Leo, is the mighty Lion. Known for its powerful roar and big mane of hair. Usually a redhead with big hair, has some strong Leo energy in their chart.

Your wishes this month are focused on topics of joy, love and happiness. This energy can even be childlike in nature. The 5th house is ruled by Leo and it rules over our children. This is a great time to make wishes that speak to your heart. If your heart wants you to be a better leader, wish for that. Want to start having children, this is an ideal time. Need a little romance? Things are about to get really hot! To go even more in-depth with this sign check out my article and hypnosis session here.

During each new moon we have a chance at a new beginning. We get to create 10 new moon wishes, and we want to do them within about 8 hours of the event, afterwards may work best. This is a fire sign, so it is helpful to work with this element when creating your intentions. Write down your wishes by fire or candlelight, then burn them. Make sure these are things that are good for both the ego and the soul. Take a look below at how all the planets are interacting during this event.

The Sun represents the ego self, it is how we see ourselves, and how our closest friends see, or know us to be. The Moon is what we need emotionally to feel safe and secure. Being a star is important to us in particular this month, because Leo very much likes to be the center of attention. You might even say they demand it. But for good reason, they naturally attract a lot of attention because of their joy for life.

The Sun and Moon in the sign of Leo offer you a joyful new beginning. This is something you are going to pour your heart and soul into. The planet Venus is nearby the Sun and Moon, and in retrograde. Venus hasn’t been retrograde in this sign since 2015. There is something about that time that is lending its experience to this new beginning. Again, something you really love, maybe even someone, depending on which house is aspected for you.

As with all new beginnings there is something we have to let go of first. With Uranus in Taurus and slowing way down to start its retrograde at the end of the month, we have a shocking surprise in store. This square energy means you have to make some type of dramatic change. Especially since the square is exact. This energy feels like you were heading North and now completely do a U-turn and head South! For no apparent reason at all, but oh there is one, count on it. But with Mercury and Mars, in Virgo, speaking in harmony with Uranus, you know exactly where you are going and why. This was your plan all along.

Jupiter and Venus have been doing a square dance for a while now. At the time of the new moon, they are still in a loose square. Jupiter is urging Venus to make a choice now. What do you love? Who do you love? And do they truly love you back? Where this conversation is happening for you will give you more clues and we will cover that down below. With a positive aspect from Chiron, there is the potential to heal and old wound now. Chiron is in another fire sign, Aries, giving a lot of motivation to heal. Whether your broken heart is work or personal, now is the time to break free from the pain and heal. How you heal could seem a little strange. With Mercury and Mars inconjunct to Chiron you might hear from someone from you past unexpectedly with a big giant apology. About time!

The North Node shifted into the sign of Aries in mid-July. It is speaking in harmony with the Sun and Moon in Leo. This is a fated new beginning. The South Node forms a sextile from the sign of Libra. There is the potential for an old relationship or person from the past to be a part of this new beginning. At the very least there are lessons you learned from a relationship in the past that is going to apply now. Aries represents the self. You are making choices now that are in your best interest. In the past you may have let your partner have all the power, not any more.

Pluto and Neptune will be in a sextile for a long time as both these outer planets move so slowly. Together they expose secrets, or create new ones. Both planets are influencing your new beginning but that influence is hidden and beneath the surface. You just know you feel the urge to make a big change, but you are not sure as to why.

If you want to know why, and explore more in your own chart you can always schedule a New Moon reading with me here. Or check out my Tarot Reading for the week on my YouTube channel here.

Now let’s take a look at where this new beginning may be showing up for you based on your Rising, then Sun, then Moon sign.

Aries – you are making wishes that pertain to your 5th house, the one mentioned above. New beginnings involving your children, a hobby or a romantic partner. Love is in the air. With the North node going through your sign for the next 18 months you are ready to be guided on this new love journey by fate. Uranus is the twist of fate in the money you make that might throw a wrench in your love life.

Taurus – your family sector is where all the love is right now for you. You can be wishing for a family member to move home, or make an addition to you home. It could be time you settled down in a home of your own. The North Node in your 12th house has you doing a lot of work on your subconscious mind for the next 18 months. Perhaps you need to release some blocks so you let love in. With Uranus still in your sign, you might be surprised at the breakthroughs you can have.

Gemini – with Leo in your 3rd house you just love to communicate your feelings of love for someone close to you. Since you already have the gift of gab, this may not exactly be unexpected. However, with the North Node in your friend house, maybe it’s you who is surprised by someone who expresses their feelings for you. Uranus in your 12th house could do something crazy like make you move right after you professed your love for one another.

Cancer – Leo energy in your 2nd house can have you falling in love with the money you make. Perhaps it is a new job or new role at work that has you so elated. Perhaps it is an old career, or mentor who is reaching out to you now. That North node is going to be pushing you to take some risks where your career is concerned. Uranus in the 11th house could see a friend upset by the changes you are making though.

Leo – of course this is your New Moon, and you might be ready for an entire new look. The first house represents the self, and you are ready to layer on the love. Maybe you will go back to a look you had in 2015. The North Node in your 9th house is pushing you to grow in big ways. Maybe you are considering relocating overseas. Perhaps some type of upset in your career has you ready for something more.

Virgo – when the 12th house is activated it may be hard to see what’s coming in for you. These are things that are hidden. You could be ready to start some type of spiritual work. You will be very connected with spirit during this new moon. That North Node energy in your 8th house of death and transformation could see you talking to dead people. There is major transformation work coming up for you in your relationships. Uranus in the 9th house could see you making a major surprising change in direction too.

Libra – there is something new for you that involves your friends or networking groups. You too have major work ahead with the South Node in your sign for the next 18 months. Are you already letting go of some people in your life? Sometimes to let something new in we need to let someone else go. With the North Node in your 7th house of serious relationships you are learning about setting boundaries with your self and others. Your partner may be part of what initiates this change for you. Maybe Uranus will bring you a surprise lump sum of money that will have you reconsidering everything.

Scorpio – there is something related to your career that is about to take off when you have a new moon in your 10th house. If you are not working this is something related to your fame or current status. You may be feeling like a big weight has been lifted with the South Node out of your first house now. The North Node in your 6th house is also supporting you making some type of fated job change. Maybe your partner gets a new job and you have to move unexpectedly, causing you to also make a move.

Sagittarius – as the last of our fire signs you are looking forward to this fresh start. In fact, the new moon is in your 9th house, which feels like home to you. This is the area where we experience major growth, doing things beyond our normal boundaries. This can be a higher education or something involving a foreign country or person. The North Node blesses you with love, so maybe you are going to fall in love with someone from a foreign country. Uranus sends a jolt of surprise in your health sector. So, there could be a sudden change at work that lets you go enjoy a trip to a foreign country in style.

Capricorn – that 8th house brings you a new beginning that is life transforming. This is also the house that rules our intimate relationships, perhaps a new one is beginning for you. Finally, since you have been working too hard as usual. This would be one hot romance if that’s the case. The North Node in your 4th house of home and family means there are changes happening here over the next 18 months. Lessons to be learned about your family. Uranus brings a surprise element from your 5th house. Perhaps a child moves away from home and this causes a major shift. What will your life be like as an empty nester?

Aquarius – your 7th house of serious relationships is where your new beginning can happen. There is newfound passion in your existing relationships, and if you meet someone now just like Capricorn’s it is going to be hot hot hot. The North Node is going to teach you to express what you need from a relationship partner. Uranus is going to bring you a surprise move. Perhaps this is what gets you moving forward quickly with a new romantic partner.

Pisces – the 6th house rules our daily life, our health, our job, our pets, whatever you spend your time focused on. Are you ready to branch out finally and take a job that works for you? The North Node is going to guide you to do just that visiting your 2nd house for the next 18 months. You are going to learn to be more independent and in charge of the money you make. Uranus might surprise you with a new car to get to your new job. Which means be careful, because it could be a car crash that gets you that new car.

As usual, all of the above are just some possible scenarios, how this turns out for you has everything to do with your individual chart. If you join the sip n stars group there is a high chance you can get yours read. Hope to see you there! If not you can book a reading for just the New Moon with me here.

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