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Hello New Moon in Aries!

Or, should I say hello sexy??

Things are getting hot in here or is it just menopause talking?? Ok that isn’t really a thing for me, but it fit the energy of this New Moon in Aries. The sign of Aries is what kicks off the zodiac and some say it really is the beginning of the astrological year.

Aries is the first house, rules the self, and represented by the number 1, it represents new beginnings. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is where our energy, drive and passion comes from. This is our warrior spirit. Want to get in touch with your inner warrior? Check out my hypnosis track here.

On April 11th at 7:32 pm on the West Coast our New Moon will occur at 22 degrees of the sign of Aries. This degree is a master number in numerology, 22 is the master builder. What kind of future are you ready to build for yourself? The ruler of the New Moon, Mars, is at 23 degrees of Gemini, which adds even more fire to this energy. This is the sexy energy I referred to earlier since this makes a sextile over to Aries. It is also combined with Venus which gives us a stellium of planets during the new moon.

In a sextile on the other side of Aries is Jupiter at 25 degrees of Aquarius, which means there is a trine over to Mars. This feels like a friend or friend group may help you start this new beginning. Jupiter is the energy of expansion, far away or foreign places. It is where we reach for a higher power and connect to source for meaning and purpose. It is where we meet our teachers, or become one ourselves. Are you on the right path? Are you seeking answers or meaning? You just might find them now. And connected to Mars and the New Moon stellium in Aries you are extremely motivated.

Venus is just 4 degrees away from the Sun and Moon, and still going through her rebirthing process. By the end of the month she will come out shiny and new again, having made enough room between her and the Sun to once again be seen. This bodes well for new beginnings where love, money, beauty and self-worth are concerned. What do you have to burn away first? What is keeping you trapped or stuck in the past? This is the time to let the fire burn down walls and barriers to love.

Pluto and Venus in an exact square on this day is what will give you the power to start over. Pluto shows you the dark side of things, makes you face your fears, so you can be reborn stronger than ever before. But a square means something in your life absolutely has to change in order for this new beginning to happen. With Pluto square the Sun (ego) the Moon (emotions) and Venus (love) there is a lot of work to be done.

After you do the hard work where can you expect to see the theme of a new beginning show up in your chart. The following is general information and most noticeable from your Rising sign, Sun is your internal world, and Moon your emotional one.

Aries – this of course happens in the sign of Aries so you as a person are experiencing a new beginning. The 1st house represents the body, the body image, yourself. It might be time for a major makeover. Something at work might push you to make a big change.

Taurus – when you get a new beginning in your 12th house it may not be as noticeable. The 12th rules our subconscious mind and things that are hidden. You could release some old stuck beliefs that help you have a fresh start. There is also the square from Pluto from your 9th house going on right now. This has you questioning old belief systems.

Gemini – the 11th house for a new beginning brings you a new friend group, you are finding your tribe. It is also a house that represents good fortune. The square from your 8th house means you have to complete some type of transformation work. There also could be a change in the income you receive from some other source, like a spouse or the government.

Cancer – the 10th house for new beginnings can bring in some new career options or just bring in some recognition for the work you have been doing. There is some sort of challenge that must be overcome in your partnerships or relationships in order to get the recognition you deserve. Perhaps you have a partner that isn’t pulling their weight and it is time to set them free.

Leo – the 9th house can bring some foreign travel, or at least long-distance travel in your near future. It also is where we seek to find teachers and mentors. Something in your daily life is stirring things up and causing you to reach out and search for more.

Virgo – the 8th house rules our intimate relationships, it also rules the resources we receive from others, outside of our job. Could be loans, tax refunds, or someone pays you back finally. The challenge for you comes from your 5th house of fun. Maybe it is time to take that hobby of yours to the next level. Or it could be time to bring some romance back in your life and welcome a new lover. Yes please!

Libra – the 7th house is all about new beginnings in your serious relationship sector. Are you with the right partner? Are you with a partner at all? What do you have to shift at home in order to allow yourself to pay better attention to your partner? If you are not in a serious relationship you could be soon.

Scorpio – the 6th house rules work, health, and our daily routines, it also rules our pets. Are you stuck in a rut? Does something need to be changed in order to bring a bit more positive energy to your day? The square from your 3rd house means you need to get moving. This could be physically or just needing a major clean-up of paperwork in your office. It could also bring about some sort of challenging discussion or news, that pushes you to make a change in your daily life.

Sagittarius – what fun new adventures are you ready to have? The new moon in the 5th house is all about having fun! It also is about bringing back romance, playing with your children and finding your passion again. Something might need to shift in the way you make money in order for you to start having more fun!

Capricorn – is it time to move? The 4th house rules home and family and our mother’s. You could clear the air at home. Literally give your home a makeover. Something that challenges you personally is giving you this opportunity to change things up around the house.

Aquarius – the 3rd house rules our local community, our transportation and how we communicate. This too could mean moving, or getting a new car. You could be joining some new community group. You may be moving away from some type of large institution in order to make this new start.

Pisces – Aries for you is your 2nd house, which rules the money you make. Are you ready to start a new job? This is the perfect time to invest in and believe in yourself, because you are worth it. The challenge here comes from a current benefactor, they are pushing you to do more, be more. You might need to break free from a group of friends that are holding you back.

I hope you follow your passion and let this new beginning happen for you. Since this is a fire sign it is good to write out your new moon wishes by candlelight, or use fire to burn your intentions, safely of course. Put a lot of positive energy into these 10 wishes. Even a quick workout before you write this out can be really inspiring. This can set you up for success in the year ahead. This is also a really great time to take those wishes and turn them into a vision board. What does your life look like when you are following your passion instead of living from a place of fear? That is the question the Pluto square is asking you. Will you answer the call? Yes, you, will.

Love and light!

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