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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Nov 8th 2022

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

On November 8th 2022 we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. The Earth will be positioned precisely between the Moon and the Sun. This will create a shadow on the Moon, and usually a bit of color. In North America you will need to be up pretty early in the morning to see this. It reaches its orangey shade around 4 am MST. Tensions normally run high during a full moon. The Moon is at its full strength with the Sun shining across its entire surface. Since the Moon rules our emotions and our need for safety and security we can get a bit overwhelmed when the Sun is shining full force on the Moon. This one though takes that up a notch because it happens square to Saturn in Aquarius, the red in the chart represents all the tension we are under.

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Just like the Solar Eclipse we experienced on the 25th of October there is no sugar coating this energy. It is intense, but the point of the intensity is to bring about some dramatic changes. This affects us on a deep emotional level. Lunar Eclipses mean we are removing something from our life that is heartfelt, we are making an emotional release. We may need to remove something from our life that has been some sort of a security blanket for us. Eclipses are always aligned with the Nodes. While the recent Solar eclipse was a good distance away from the Nodes, the Lunar one is more closely aligned to the North and South Node. Fate and destiny are working with us in a way that can change the course of some of our lives. How can you tell? Look at the horseshoe shaped symbol in the picture above, that is the nodes. They are both within 3 degrees of the Moon and Sun, making this more intense. This is a North Node eclipse, which means something is blocking us from our destined path, that something needs to be removed. Even if it is just a way you feel about yourself, if it is holding you back, like having a lack of confidence, it is time to let that go.

The Moon feels strong in the sign of Taurus, this is where it likes to be when not in its home sign of Cancer. Here we can be a bit emotionally indulgent, so it is good to be aware of how you feel normally when the Moon goes through the sign of Taurus. Is it comfort food or comfort spending you are drawn to? For more on the sign of Taurus check out my article here. You can align with this energy by listening to the hypnosis session attached as well. Some areas of fulfillment you may be pursuing are finances, love, beauty, and self worth. On April 30th you had the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. What goals did you set for yourself at that time? Are you ready to achieve them? If not, the thing that is blocking you may be what is eclipsed now.

The Moon is conjunct exactly with the planet of upheaval and surprises, Uranus. This has been happening every month this year, so we should be used to the emotional surprises by now. The Moon visits each sign in the zodiac for about 2 1/2 days of each month. We are even somewhat used to Saturn and its square to Uranus, because again we have been exposed to this monthly as the Moon passes through Aquarius and Taurus. But because this time the Moon is opposed by Mercury in Cazimi with the Sun, this can have a major mind-blowing affect.

Venus has started to separate herself a bit from the Sun in Scorpio, but is still nearby. And of course, the South Node is there as well. Scorpio energy is intense normally. This sign is ruled by Pluto the planet of death and transformation. Whatever needs to ‘die’ figuratively in your life right now is doing so because it is meant to be. You cannot hold on to this any longer. Now add to all this the fact that the Earth’s shadow is going to block out the light of the Moon and well let’s just say it’s a good time to reflect on how you manage change.

Full Moon’s bring something to an end. This is a release of the build up since the Solar Eclipse. The light of the Moon is either building or draining, waxing or waning. You set intentions at a New Moon when there is no light. Then as the Moon is full you see your intentions reach a conclusion. But something is getting in the way of them, that is what the shadow of the earth is signifying.

None of the planets in Scorpio particularly enjoy the energy there. Venus is at fall. Mercury is Cazimi, or exactly conjunct the Sun. There is a heavy darkness where all these planets enjoy the light. Mercury in Scorpio can dig up a lot of secrets. The Sun in Scorpio is shining a light on our dark scary parts that we don’t like to see. These are those things you stuff in the closet that you never wanted to see again. Scorpio rules psychology so there is a chance to do some incredible work on our psyche at this time. Rooting out all those old stuck feeling and emotions and memories that hold us back, that is a great way to use this energy. Breaking free of fear is another great intention to set for this energy. There may be those who are trying to play mind games with you, but that is going to backfire now, especially in romantic relationships.

When we have opposing energies, we need to find a way to meet in the middle. When we have a T-square that means the two opposing energies are also square another energy. This time that energy is Saturn in Aquarius, moving forward, but still showing us the final lessons from April 2021 when this square with Uranus first began. Saturn was the traditional ruler of Aquarius, before Uranus was discovered. So, it is as if it is fighting for its old territory. Perhaps that sounds familiar on the world stage. If so, then this eclipse suggests that battle is coming to a close, in a very emotional, shocking and surprising way. The exit point of the tension is always through the energy that creates the T-square. Saturn wants you to do the hard work. Saturn is karma, it is time, it is structure and restriction. It is not touchy feely or overly emotional. It is rigid, strict and a disciplinarian. Now when you follow Saturn’s rules it offers you tremendous rewards. You know that funny story your Grandfather tells of walking to school both ways uphill and in the snow?? Saturn would have started that story, that is the kind of effort it expects from you.

Venus is the ruler of the eclipse, as she rules over Taurus. Whatever is going on with the ruler adds more to the story. Since Venus is exactly square to Saturn that means something related to love, finances, values, relationships and self-esteem is getting an adjustment. There is an unhealthy attachment you have to one of these areas and you have to make a change. There could be an unhealthy fear you need to release. Saturn may use fear to teach you a lesson, but the lesson is always the same. Face your fears, because when you do the power they have over you dissolves.

Mercury and the Sun coming together is always a rebirth for Mercury, this happens several times a year because of all the retrogrades this planet makes. But this time it happens in a dark emotional sign where we have to learn to let down our walls, face our sensitive side and allow ourselves to connect deeply to others. But Scorpio has a very sharp sting when hurt, it likes to hide and retreat and only feels safe in the dark. Our goal though is to take that pain that we are seeing now and transform it into a strength. There is no hiding from this any longer. It will be on display and larger than life. Something has to be done about it. We can release an attachment to a way of thinking that no longer serves us.

With a North Node lunar eclipse there is an emotional release that needs to occur in order to follow your fated path. The South Node in your chart is what you came here with from a past life. It is the experiences we had as a child if you don’t believe in past lives, that shaped us and taught us lessons. We are not supposed to stay stuck in the South Node. We are supposed to learn the lessons, resolve the karma and head towards the North Node. The Nodes move around the sky and are a mathematical spot associated with the Moon. Ideally you learn what is needed and use what you learned from the South Node as you grow into the North. The North Node is in Taurus, and asking us to think about what truly matters, what is truly valuable in our lives. It focuses on tangible things, while Scorpio focuses on non-tangible. It is associated with things that we cannot see, the psychology, the occult, spirituality. The big question is how can you value what you cannot see? How can you balance the tangible with the intangible? If you think back to 2003, 1984, 1965 even you can see what we were fighting for as a country. During these times the Nodes were also in Taurus and Scorpio as they are now. Is this energy familiar at all? The United States was fighting a war in another country just like now, so far minus the physical presence. What wars were you fighting?

Election Day on the same day as the eclipse promises a lot of upheaval. So, if you have an option, vote early, track your vote, and stay home. My guess is the outcome of the elections will cause a lot of conflict and chaos. There may be restrictions put in place that make it hard to cast your vote. Mars just turned retrograde on the 30th and that can add to all the confusion right now. Mars in Gemini is going to have us reviewing the details for quite some time. The planet won’t move forward again until January 12th! You also don’t want to rush to judgement. This is something that is going to take a lot of time to fully comprehend. Mars is inconjunct to Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, so this is again some information coming up about the past, likely related to someone in power, another one of Scorpio's traits.

All of the energy in Scorpio is also inconjunct to Chiron, the wounded healer. This means the path to healing our wounds is a strange one. We need to open ourselves up to the possibility that the past wounds are something we have outgrown if we really think about it. This story we have been telling ourselves for so long, is starting to sound old even to us. It’s time we let this go.

Pluto while inconjunct to Mars is also getting closer to its sextile to Jupiter, who is retrograde, so these planets are moving towards one another. Jupiter makes things bigger in a good way. In its home sign of Pisces there is an opportunity for spiritual growth. When Jupiter finishes its retrograde the sextile between itself and Pluto will almost be a few degrees apart. The time for fully stepping in to your power may not be completely realized until the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd, but you are being shown the next part of your story now. This contact between these two began back in mid-April. What power have you been trying to tap into since then? What more do you need to see before you take this final leap of faith that Jupiter is offering to you?

The following is some suggestions for how this may be showing up for you. The best way to know how this will impact you is to understand your chart and where all these energies are located. You can do that by booking a session with me here. I also recommend you read the sign that opposes yours as that is where you will see the conflicts or the awakening occurring.

Taurus – those of you with mid-degree Taurus energies from 10-20 degrees are going to feel this one the most intensely. You are under a tremendous amount of pressure between yourself, your marriage or business partner, and your career. Doing what is best for your career may be the answer here. There could be an emotional letting go that involves a sudden change in your career. A mentor may make an offer you can’t refuse. Or perhaps a mentor provides some good counsel that helps you two dissolve your conflict. This surprising emotional release allows you to step into your true identity and show yourself fully to the world again.

Scorpio - those of you with mid-degree Scorpio energies from 10-20 degrees are also going to feel this one very intensely. You are under a tremendous amount of pressure between yourself, your marriage or business partner, and your family. Doing what is best for home and family may be the way out of all of this tension. There could be an emotional letting go that involves someone in the family that brings the two of you closer together. Or perhaps a family member provides some good counsel that helps you two dissolve your conflict. In any case there is some kind of emotional conclusion to the tension between you and a partner during this eclipse. You could end up moving as a result.

Aries – the tension for you falls in the houses that rule the money you make and the money your partner makes. Arguments over money in relationships are usually more about power than the actual money. But what is it that you are choosing to do about the money you are making because of what your partner wants? Are you staying in a job you don’t like because their job is too demanding? You need to follow your passion and pursue that when it comes to your job and the money you make. That is the only way you will feel better about the current situation. When you do things will feel more balanced between the two of you. If not in a relationship this is about the money you get from other resources. The good news is your over reliance on this other resource can end because you are able to make your own money by pursuing your passion.

Pisces – the 3rd house rules our communication skills, it can be teaching as well as learning. So, something you think you know is being challenged by someone else who thinks they know better. The Scorpio energies are in the 9th house of higher learning. You could be letting go of a role in your community or feeling like you have too in order to do something more. Or maybe you are finally finding where you feel like you belong. Could be as simple as having to get a new vehicle because the one you have is too small, but it would be an emotional goodbye. Saturn would make you think long and hard about any changes you are trying to make as it is a constant nagging voice in your head right now.

Virgo – in the 9th house you have an end to a relationship with a mentor possibly, but it’s because you have learned all you need from this one. Saturn in your 6th house is saying it's time you put the knowledge you have learned to good use and make a career out of it. If not from a specific mentor maybe you are finishing up a course of study. The 9th house is an end to a period of growth and expansion. Now it’s time to apply the knowledge. Maybe the mentee becomes the mentor now. Using your knowledge as part of your daily life is what that Saturn energy expects of you now.

Aquarius – something comes to completion involving home and family for you. It could be you are moving in or moving out of a home, maybe as simple as finishing a remodeling project. The Sun et al are shining a light from your career sector. Perhaps the work you do has been affecting your home life. Saturn says while it sits in your first house that the choice you make here is going to be what is best for you. Of course, it involves a lot of work like it has the entire year. But the person who wins this battle is you. The way to break the tension is to allow your self to step fully into being the genius self that you are.

Leo – in the 10th house something about your status is changing. Could be getting married, divorced or making a major career change. This is an emotional conclusion to something and it could happen a bit unexpectedly, maybe it already has. The family may have been applying some pressure that delayed this change for you. But married life is what is winning as a result of all the tension you have been under. This is a lifelong commitment too!

Capricorn – the 5th house involves our children, our creations, our heart and our romances. There is a closing of a chapter in this area. Perhaps you finally have to follow your heart even when no one in your friend group is supporting you. Saturn has been in your 2nd house of the money you make. It suggests you should put more focus here. The 11th house is our friends, our benefactors and our networking groups. Too much time spent on what is important for others or too much time focused on romance is distracting you from the work at hand. Do the work Saturn says, the money will follow.

Cancer – something coming to fulfillment in your 11th house could be some surprise financial gain from a benefactor of some kind. The source of the funds could have you feeling a little sad. This person, could be a close friend, may be causing some tension with your children or getting in the way of your creativity. Don’t let it be a distraction. Saturn in your 8th has been trying to get you to leverage the resources you receive from others all year long, also trying to keep you from spending irresponsibly. Maybe this means you can pay off some debt!

Sagittarius – something that is a part of your daily life is coming to an end. This could be health, work, sorrow over a pet, or the way you serve others. The tension is coming from your 12th house, which could be a hospital or other large institution. This could be a long work project like a book that is ready to be published and suddenly the publisher is giving you the run around. Saturn says in your 3rd house that the hard work you have done to write this will be rewarded, just stay focused on doing the work that is most meaningful to you.

Gemini – something involving a large institution you are a part of is coming to a close. The 12th house is endings in general. Things that are hidden and unseen. It is our connection to the subconscious mind and our psychic abilities too. The Sun is shining a light from your 6th house of health and daily work. Maybe your health has been getting in the way of you making a big move within the large organization where you work. Saturn energy has had you focused on learning and educating yourself in order to create the day to day life you want to be living. Some major information could be shown to you now that creates a major growth opportunity, maybe even overseas.

Eclipses may feel a bit harsh, but if they weren’t we wouldn’t move on from something that is holding us back from our destined path. They push us outside our comfort zone because that is where growth can happen. As we grow, we end up living a more fulfilling life. The best you can give yourself and those around you right now, is patience and compassion. Change isn’t easy for certain people. We are not all Life path 5 people, like me, who thrive on change. Your Life Path number is your birthdate added up and reduced to a single digit number. It is the overall theme you can expect for your lifetime. 5’s experience events that invite a lot of change into their life. See you just learned something new! You are growing already!

Sending you full moon blessings and wishing only those things you are ready to release, are a part of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Love and Light!

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