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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 26th, 2021

We are kicking off eclipse season on the 26th at approximately 5:13 am PT. The total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow appears on the Moon. This is also when the Moon is very close to the Earth, so will appear just over the horizon as a very large orange blood moon. If it sounds a bit ominous it actually is.

Monthly, we have a Full Moon as the Sun enters a new sign and opposes the Moon. This opposition creates tension before you can bring something to fullness. To complete this cycle, you need to find balance between your inner and outer world. The Sun is the ego and what it takes for us to feel successful, the Moon is our emotions, and what we need to feel safe and secure.

The Sun is in the sign of Gemini at 5 degrees 25 minutes and the Moon in Sagittarius at the same degree. Gemini is our thinking and communication skills, and it is all about our local community. The Moon in Sagittarius is about expanding our horizons, pushing ourselves and our limits. This is an eclipse because both are sitting next to one of the Nodes. The North Node is in Gemini with the Sun, at 10 degrees. This is our fate, where we are headed in this lifetime. Something is about to be eclipsed out of your life that keeps you from achieving some personal level of success. The Moon is with the South Node, this is our Dharma, or what we came into this lifetime with. An experience from the past helps you fulfill some kind of destiny. With a full moon you are going to need to release something to close a chapter and finally move on. Eclipses can be hard or easy. If you don’t let this go, it will be let go for you. That is the not so easy path.

Jupiter is a large planet and so we give it broader range for things like planetary contacts. This full moon at 5 degrees is creating a t-square with Jupiter in Pisces at 1 degree. A t-square also causes tremendous pressure in order for you to be pushed to take action. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and a secondary ruler to Pisces. It is playing a large role, pun intended, with this full moon. The most important thing you can do right now is deal with your past, and let it go. Make amends where you have fallen short. Jupiter is the teacher, the guru of the zodiac. It wants you to go big or go home. You are going to feel this pressure. Like a Billy Joel song, pressure.

Saturn is in a trine to the North Node and sextile the South Node. This is our saving grace. If you focus here, and commit to change you will be shown the way. Saturn wants you to listen to his advice and then execute flawlessly. Most importantly this planet wants you to work hard! When you put in the work Saturn rewards you. While Saturn has gone retrograde it is still within its square to Uranus, but that planet has taken a step closer to Saturn so the pressure in this area of your life may be building up again. Uranus wants that freedom, and Saturn wants that structure. The two will continue to battle it out most of the year, and so will you. How can you give just enough structure to something, yet not feel completely trapped?

While not impacting the Full Moon directly Mercury and Venus are together in Gemini and squaring over to Neptune. This is where we need a reality check. We may be being a bit delusional where love or money is concerned. Neptune can also be deception, and Mercury slowing down to go retrograde means you could be easily fooled. This is an important time for reviewing all the facts, checking every last detail, and holding off on signing any contracts until this energy has cleared.

As with each full moon we are bringing balance to our Sun and Moon energies, and then eclipses bring in a bit of fate to move us along our path. An eclipse typically removes a block from your path so you can advance. The Lunar Eclipse is felt more than it is seen in your daily life. This makes it a great time to clear emotional blocks and traumas. Jupiter is going to push each of the combinations below to find a higher purpose to the actions you are taking. Which means you could see something become larger than life in its ridiculousness so you can’t ignore it any longer. Where might you be doing this work? Take a look at the below for your Sun, Moon or Rising sign.

Gemini and Sagittarius – you are balancing the 1st and 7th house energy, since this is where the Sun and Moon are sitting. Gemini a serious relationship may reach a new level because you are able to release an emotional block. Sagittarius you may be able to achieve a personal goal, like completing a higher level of education. Both must balance the energy you focus on the self vs the energy you focus on others. Something at home or with family is challenging your ability to focus on your relationship to others and to yourself. Can we all just get along?

Scorpio and Taurus – the 2nd and 8th house is about balance between the money you make and the money you receive from others. For Scorpios the release is happening from an outside resource, like a partner, spouse, or the bank or government. For Taurus this is the money you make yourself. Perhaps you are ready to change jobs. Something about a hobby is pushing you both to make a change.

Libra and Aries – this is about balancing the 3rd and 9th house. The local community vs the world. Maybe Libra you are contemplating moving out of that small town and ready to make a big move. Aries maybe you made the big move and now want to get back to a smaller community. Maybe you just have to figure out a way that you can have both. You can make an adjustment in your daily life that will make this change possible.

Virgo and Pisces – your balance is needed between home life and work life or the 4th and 10th houses. The challenge happens from your serious relationship house. You are having to figure out how to find the right job, the right partner and the right way to contribute at home. It is possible, but only when you give equally to all involved.

Leo and Aquarius - the 11th house of friends and the 5th house of fun would seem to be the lightest of the energies to work with. Leo is happy bringing people together and keeping things fair and balanced in the groups it belongs to. Aquarius loves the passionate energy of the 5th house of romance and fun. But you have to keep the two areas in balance. You can’t just take care of all of your friends and forget about fun, and at the same time you can’t run around having fun and forget about your friends. The 8th house where Jupiter is sitting says there is some serious transformation work you need to finish as well. Definitely not all fun and games anymore.

Cancer and Capricorn – you are balancing the 12th house and the 6th house. This is faraway places, and the daily routines. Capricorn you are releasing some subconscious blocks that will allow you to start showing up in your life. Cancer whatever is holding you back in your daily life, like your health needs to be resolved. You are ready to let something go that keeps you from being healthy. You are really being pushed to find purpose in your day, a way to connect to a higher purpose specifically. You can’t just escape and hide anymore, it is time to join the real world again.

The Moon is in the fire sign of Sagittarius, which means working with fire can help you release those emotions. Good time for letter writing and burning the letter, as a way to symbolize the release you seek. Get ready to set those intentions over the next few days and get in alignment with the areas mentioned above. Emotional work may not be seen, but it will be felt. Be sure and tune in so you recognize the release work that needs to be done for you.

Love and Moonlight!

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