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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 19, 2021

Friday November 19th, at 1:58 am Mountain Time, we have our eventful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. An Eclipse occurs when the Nodes are close to the Sun and Moon, but they are just an actual space in the sky, they hold no physical form. But the Earth does of course, and it is between the Sun and Moon and creating the shadow on the Moon for a Lunar eclipse. This begins the eclipses for the next 2 years in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, where the Nodes will shift after the first of the year. This then is the beginning of the work you have to do, and in some ways a preview of that work. An eclipse is meant to remove a barrier from your life. Lunar eclipse's remove an emotional barrier. Since it is the Moon, it can be tied to family, mother, home, and your own body, your soul’s home. Then it is influenced by the house it is transiting in your chart.

The Nodes shift about every 19 years, so you may have done similar work before in your life. You are either ready to complete this work or ready to take the work in these areas of your chart to the next level. Eclipses of the Moon help us remove emotional blocks that keep us from achieving our goals or purpose. You can reflect back on the last several shifts of the nodes in these signs to get some idea of what that work is, or was. 2003-2004, and 1983-1984. One thing I noticed was the financial markets were quite challenging during these times for the collective. Taurus rules over finances and the things we value.

The Moon will be at 27 degrees of Taurus opposing the Sun at 27 degrees of Scorpio, this creates tension and in order to bring something to fullness in the sign of Taurus we have to relinquish something in the sign of Scorpio. At the very least we have to find a happy middle ground between the two. The Sun is looking for success in Scorpio, with the energy found there. Death, transformation, sexuality, and the resources we get from others. The Moon is in its home away from home sign in Taurus, and it wants you to feel good. Achieve some financial goals, self-worth goals, find love, as it is a sign ruled by Venus. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is in harmony with this Lunar Eclipse, it is helping you take your power back and remove what no longer serves you. Pluto shows you your fears in order for you to conquer them, not to give into them. You have the power to make a major change in your life with the support of this eclipse.

Mercury is nearby at 21 degrees of Scorpio while trining, with Neptune at 20 degrees of Pisces. This is being able to put your words to good use. Clearing the past, getting secrets out, asking for forgiveness. Mercury near the Sun is opposing the Moon, so it is still important to listen to your intuition not just the thoughts in your head.

Jupiter cuts the space between the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio in half, as it squares the two from 24 degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter is a gentle giant as long as you are growing and expanding in healthy ways. If not, then your Uncle Jupiter will give you a talkin to that you won’t forget. It is trying to show you the dark side of Scorpio that is not serving you. Where you are holding onto material things instead of letting go and letting spirit guide you. Scorpio is a very spiritual energy, it does not need things to fill it up, it needs experiences. When that energy tries to use material things for fulfillment, it is sure to fail. Those material things belong in Taurus. If your Scorpio energy is wearing you down and you are in a constant state of lack, go make a donation of something you hold near and dear as a sign you are getting the message. We do not gain power from the material things we hold and treasure. But oh, that possessive Scorpio energy can really make that a challenge.

Not directly involved but occurring during the eclipse is Saturn in a sextile with Chiron. These two have been working together for most of the year. Chiron was a centaur and a trainer of the Gods. Together they are working to fire up the warrior inside of you. Make you a champion for a cause. Help you realize you are drawn to space (Saturn in Aquarius) by your entrepreneurial desires (Chiron in Aries) because you want to inspire others and lift them up.

Mars the other ruler of Scorpio, before Pluto was discovered, is in a sextile with Venus that lasts for quite some time. The lovers of the zodiac can be a bit careless getting their needs met. But they can inspire us to pursue love, pursue a passion project. The two planets can be rather indulgent, so watch the spending! Otherwise, when Venus starts her retrograde through the sign of Capricorn you might just regret your choices. If something is blocking you from achieving a dream the eclipse energy could remove it. Especially because of the opposition between Uranus and Mars during the eclipse, while Venus is trine Uranus. Surprises are definitely on the table with Uranus involved. Mars just wants to conquer and doesn’t really care who gets hurt in the process. But Uranus is pushing Mars to care, to review its values and not just take love for granted, or money.

All in all, a really interesting Full Moon Lunar eclipse. What might you experience? The below is written based on your Rising Sign, and whole house signs. But in reality, your chart is not like that. To know for sure, you will want to book a reading with me. I have specials for just this type of analysis. See them on my website here. You can also tune into the energy of Scorpio with my self-hypnosis track here.

Aries – you will be completing something related to the 2nd house, which is all things ruled by Venus including the money you make. A raise, a new position at work are possible. And an obstacle to making more money may be removed. Such as not relying on others to support you and make your own way. Maybe hanging out with some new friends will help you see the light.

Taurus – the first house means you have some personal goal to achieve. Something about how you present yourself to the world could be cut out. Something that blocks you from being true to yourself could also be removed. The Sun is shining a light from the house of serious relationships and partnerships. You have to stop giving your power away and staying where you shouldn’t just to belong to someone. Work is keeping you busy but it is still important to focus on yourself.

Gemini – the 12th house rules things that are hidden, faraway places and large institutions. The eclipse could bring some secret to the surface, even one you have been keeping from yourself. Overseas travel is also a possibility. The Sun is in your 6th house so something at work has been stressing you out and bringing up a lot of fears. Now is the time to break free and believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Cancer – the 11th house rules our friends and our networking groups. Is there a project you have been trying to get off the ground with others? Roadblocks to your success could be removed at this time. But you have to be willing to work with others to do so. The Sun in your 5th house, ruled by Leo makes you want to stand out on your own. But you don’t have too, there are others that can and will lend a hand if you let them in.

Leo – the 10th house rules over your career and your reputation. You can be completing a career goal or changing jobs. The challenge comes from having to balance the needs of home and family in order to bring this career goal to completion. Maybe you will need to move for this new opportunity. The challenge may be coming from your partner. You are afraid to focus on your own goals for fear of losing them. But the right partner will want you to succeed and follow your dreams.

Virgo – in the 9th house of higher learning and spiritual teachers you are entering into a period of growth and expansion if you let yourself dream big. The eclipse is in harmony with your earth sign so expect help from above. If something is removed it was meant to be. The Sun in your 3rd house has you focused on how you communicate with others. But your communication is meant to be with a higher power at the moment. Don’t let your work commitments hold you back from time to connect with spirit.

Libra – in the 8th house you may experience some major changes. This area rules the money we receive from others, like our marriage partners. The Sun shines a light on the money you make. You might be willing to make some changes so your partner can make more, or you might be ready to push your partner to contribute more. You may be asked to review the level of intimacy in your partnerships and make some changes, knock down some walls. Jupiter also says you might need to think about how the two of you are having fun. Is it healthy? Is it boring? Time for a change.

Scorpio – your 7th house of serious relationships and commitments is about to go through some major upheaval. Uranus has been there for quite some time trying to shake things up. If you have been holding on to what does not serve you, now you may no longer have a choice. Relationships are changing in one direction or the other. Something at home or involving family could be the trigger. It could be you need to stop focusing so much on your own needs and tune in better with your partner’s.

Sagittarius – when your 6th house is activated something about your daily life is about to change. Maybe it’s just being open to a new way of thinking, or being willing to change careers by enrolling in some new type of learning. The Sun and Mercury going through your 12th house can stir up some anxiety and fear. The Full Moon is going to help you make healthy choices to deal with those subconscious thoughts that seem to haunt you. Or you could be in the hospital needing to take care of your own health, as much as you do others.

Capricorn – you like Virgo have a good connection to the Full Moon. With your 5th house activated your romance sector is lit up, so is having some fun in general. If you can just get yourself out of all those obligations to other people. Valuing yourself more might be the ticket to making these needed changes.

Aquarius – the 4th house rules over your home and family, something relating to home is coming to an end. Maybe you are moving, or moving into your first home. Something related to your career may have been keeping you away from home. But a personal goal being achieved can help you better balance home and work obligations going forward.

Pisces – the 3rd house rules communication, the community, and learning. The Sun may be pulling you towards some major degree, but you need to finish something first at the local level. You may need to pay attention to those subconscious thoughts that have been blocking you from achieving your goals by holding you back with self-doubt. You know more than you realize, or give yourself credit for and the Full Moon will show you just how much.

Sending you much love and light for your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse journey.

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