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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 15th/16th 2022

At approximately 9:12 PM MST we have the second of our 2 eclipses. This one is the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio at 25 degrees 17 minutes. Full Moon’s always bring completion and with the help of the Nodes and the eclipse, blocks to those things needing to be completed are removed.

The Moon sits conjunct the South Node in the sign of Scorpio which is fated transformations happening. Scorpio brings things up to the surface to be seen and once in the light of day easily let go. The Sun will be sitting conjunct the North Node at 25 degrees of Taurus, shining a light on our fated path. The message of any opposition is to find the balance between these two opposing energies. The Nodes are always in opposition, the Sun and Moon do so about once every 28.5 days. The Moon is our emotional self, the Sun our ego self. Our feelings and our need to shine have to come into balance in order to achieve either one.

Scorpio sits opposite Taurus in the zodiac. Scorpio is our sexuality, spirituality, death and transformation. Taurus is our sensuality, material things, finances and luxury. You can have both things, but you must do so in a balanced way.

The Moon with the South Node, which represents our past lifetimes, karma and lessons, is supporting the need to let something ‘die’ in our life that no longer serves us. Or we must transform it into something that does. The Sun with the North Node, our fated path in this lifetime, says we only achieve financial success once we settle our karmic debts. If you are struggling financially it is likely you are in need of repaying a karmic debt and/or resolving your self-worth issues. We will never have more than we think we are worth.

Supporting this work is Mars in Pisces at 23 degrees and conjunct to Neptune at 24 degrees. This is a sort of boiling of the ocean in order to brings things to the surface that need to be seen, so they can be dealt with. Mars isn’t the strongest here, Neptune is. Mars sits next to Neptune and pushes that energy of denial and delusion out of your head. Mars wants action. It has no time for those who want to feel sorry or garner pity for themselves, instead he wants to motivate them to do something so they can feel better. Imagine Hulk, me smash more! That’s Mars when it comes to having to feel things in the sign of Pisces. The message is to take action, to do the work, to release what no longer serves you. Those stuck, trapped emotions, are holding you back. Physically and mentally they may be making you sick or depressed. But with the help of the eclipse you can release them and begin to feel better, more alive, more connected to spirit and your purpose.

Pluto and Mars have both been rulers over Scorpio, Mars the traditional ruler until Pluto was discovered, which is now the current ruler. At the time of the eclipse they are in supportive energy with one another and the eclipse energies. This brings the theme of death and transformation front and center. You need to see your power, Pluto, and take action on it, Mars. There is the chance you could be coming on a bit strong however, so stay aware. Also, be aware of those around you who may take this energy to the extreme. As in explosive tempers, and explosions, and accidents, because people are feeling out of control and over the top. Don’t let that be you.

Adding some extra spice to the eclipse is Saturn still in its extended t-square to the Nodes, and now t-square with both the Sun and Moon. This need for control over you or over something in your life is about to come to a major conclusion. Saturn is saying whatever you are trying to finish here it has to be done correctly, with a plan, not just some emotional outburst. You should be well aware of what has been coming up for you. This is the moment; the change is coming ready or not. My best advice is to listen up and do as you are being guided between now and the 14th. It is always better to listen to Saturn, then to get schooled by Saturn.

That is a lot of heavy hitter energy during an already intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. I expect this to be very noticeable and one we may talk about for a for some time. At the very least be able to look back upon and realize this was when a big shift occurred.

Also, of note is the fact that Jupiter has just entered into the sign of Aries, where it visits once every 12 years. It will move forward to 8 degrees of Aries, and then start heading back to Pisces. The growth and expansion work you have been doing may need some refinement later this summer once the retrograde begins. But still at 0 degrees of Aries, during the eclipse, this is a tremendous surge for independence, leadership, and passion, which can come across as anger.

Jupiter will be square to Mercury in Gemini, which has just turned retrograde as of the 10th and starting to retrace its steps. This is going to make you change your mind about something important. You may need to be open to learning a new perspective, or perhaps changing the way you speak to others. If you are too ‘loud’ in your approach to others, this may be shown to you, so you can correct it once and for all. Mars is the present-day ruler of Aries. Jupiter here makes Mars, the warrior energy, extra intense. What was showing up for you at this time in 2010? What were you highly motivated to change? For me it was my career, and a magical opportunity seemed to just drop in my lap.

Venus and Chiron will be conjunct in Aries and showing us how to take an active role in healing, especially where our loved ones are concerned. We also may be learning how to heal our self-confidence, show ourselves some more love. Potentially be able to heal ourselves from the pain of past loves.

So, what might you see come to fullness during the Lunar eclipse? The following is based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign. Rising is always most notable in your day to day life experiences. If you don’t know yours it may be a good time to book a short session with me on my website under the New Moon/Full moon offering.

Scorpio – this is your Full Moon for the year and it happens to come with the eclipse in your 1st house. This is very personal to you. This need to transform yourself is coming to a head. What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, or during last year’s New Moon? What is holding you back? Use the eclipse to remove blocks to being who you are meant to be in this lifetime. Learn to use that sensitivity to grow, not just withdraw from the pain. You are not meant to stay in crisis mode all the time or continually attract drama. It is time to grow into who you are meant to be. The conflict with your family will need to be resolved in order to complete your healing.

Sagittarius – an eclipse in the 12th house can be intense. Those subconscious thoughts need to be dealt with for you to feel at peace and rest easily again. Don’t try to shove them back down. Let it boil to the surface and then face it so you can release it. If you work for a hospital or some other large institution something about the work you do may be about to change. The pressure from Saturn comes in from your 3rd house of communication, and your place in the community. Are you being pulled in too many directions? You may need to make some tough decisions about how you spend your time.

Capricorn – in the 11th house something about your friend groups or a friendship is ending. Perhaps a romantic partner or child doesn’t get along with someone you are friends with. You will have to figure a way forward. Saturn is pressing in on you from the 2nd house of the money you make. Maybe this friend has been trying to get you to go into business with them? This definitely is not the time. You need to focus on your own plan for making money at this time.

Aquarius – the 10th house means something about your career is coming to completion. You could be getting a new role, or someone you work with could be leaving. This is also the way others see you, so some kind of change in status could occur where your relationships are concerned. There is even a chance for some special recognition. Saturn in your first house has been pushing you to achieve your goals, work hard to do so as well. Now that work may be paying off.

Pisces – the conjunction between Mars and Neptune in your house may have your emotions on overload, but this lunar eclipse is in harmony with the work you need to do. There is a real growth opportunity coming in when you have an eclipse in the 9th house of higher learning, foreign travel, and spiritual expansion. But Saturn in your 12th house this year is really pushing you to get out of your head, and get into listening to your spiritual advisors. You can break out of this feeling of desperation if you make yourself open and available to heal.

Aries – another sign with intensity going on in their chart. Jupiter here is pushing you to be bigger than life. A lunar eclipse in your 8th house is all about making a complete transformation of yourself, of your over-reliance on others for support. You are being shown the way to contribute going forward in a way that helps you grow and become more independent. Saturn in your 11th house of friends and networking groups has been pushing you to find your tribe, and move away from those friends who continue to try and make you feel bad about yourself. No more.

Taurus – is it time to get married or time to move on? That is the question this eclipse is posing for you. A partner could be eclipsed out of your life if they are no longer right for you. Maybe they never were, but now you see them clearly. Saturn in your 10th house also suggests a change in status is coming for you. Just remember this is your fated path. What’s meant to be will be.

Gemini – the 6th house means something in your daily life is coming to fruition. This could be health related, a pet, or a job. Something about one or all of these areas is going through a rebirth process. Has your job been getting your down? There could be changes coming in that help you feel good about the work you are doing on a daily basis. But first you must be willing to take a risk and remove what isn’t working for you any longer. Saturn is pushing you from afar in your 9th house. Maybe a trip overseas will break up the monotony? Or maybe someone you work with will get sent overseas and your work life improves as a result of that.

Cancer – the 5th house of fun and romance could see blocks to having fun removed. Are you holding yourself back, getting lost in the crowd and unwilling to shine on your own? Or are you devoting too much time to your friend groups and your romantic partner or children are complaining about it? It’s time for a restart of your heart. Saturn has been pushing you to break down any walls you have to intimacy, so maybe this is about changing up your love life.

Leo – do you have a big project at home that you are needing to complete? Does work keep getting in the way? Has it been a struggle buying or selling your home? Something regarding home and family is about to get resolved. Saturn has been pushing you from your 7th house of serious relationships and partnerships. There is a chance someone is moving out or moving in.

Virgo – in the 3rd house you're thinking and your mind are being opened up, blocks to thinking too small are being removed. There is something better for you. Will you let it in? Saturn in your 6th house says your job and the way you think about it needs to make a major change. This could mean a whole new structure to your days going forward.

Libra – the 2nd house is the money you make. Are you too ready to make a big change? Is it time to find a job that is more in alignment with your worth or your values? Is it time to eliminate the blocks you have in place to how much you deserve to make? Saturn in your 5th house has also been trying to show you that your children and your romantic partners need to make their own money. The time for supporting them is coming to an end.

The above of course are just some of the ways this potentially shows up for you. Don’t expect these changes to just wait for the eclipse moment either. Things will start to shift in intensity each day the Moon gets brighter between now and the date of the eclipse. Need some practice getting in touch with the energy of Scorpio? You can check out my Youtube hypnosis session here.

Let it go, let it go…..

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