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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 4/5th 2020

As we are about to celebrate our country’s freedoms on the 4th of July in the United States we are being reminded of what we fought for, and why. Across the world the theme is similar, we are all fighting against a virus, or we are fighting with each other. What we all need is a bit more love, compassion and peace on earth. That might take until the next eclipse cycle at the end of the year, however.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the last of a 3-eclipse cycle in the Capricorn/Cancer signs, which were a result of the 18-month transit of the North and South Node through these signs. As the nodes have now moved on into Gemini we have the very last of these eclipses. Lunar eclipses represent eclipsing something out of our lives that has an emotional tie. As with all energies it is important to work with what is made available instead of working against it. Set your intentions for releasing what doesn’t serve you.

Cancer and Capricorn shows us the Female and Male energies. Cancer rules the 4th house of home and family. It embodies caring, nurturing, giving birth and mother. No wonder our founding fathers decided to sign the declaration of independence in July, it’s the home of the free, the land of the brave. Capricorn on the other hand is all business! Ruled by Saturn it is very restrictive, requiring hard work and determination, success is never just handed to the Capricorn, it is earned. During this Full Moon we see the opposition of these 2 energies. The goal of any opposition is to figure out how to find balance. Each end is a magnet, and no matter how hard you try you cannot make the two ends meet. The more you push the more push back you get. And if you do somehow get them together, they can’t stay that way, and it takes a lot of work to try to maintain them. No one has that kind of energy to waste. So instead we look for a way to do the hard work and then go home to a family that needs and loves us, we balance the two.

Eclipses have a way of removing obstacles that keep us from finding our balance. They can be a sudden and swift wakeup call causing us to change course unexpectedly. It is said historically whenever you can visually see an eclipse there is more of an impact in that area. The West Coast of America in particular can view this eclipse at sunset. It will be rising in the sky and easily viewed. My only ask is as you view it you set an intention for it. No matter how small, pick something to eclipse out of your life based on where this is happening in your chart.

The eclipse happens at 13 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn. In Tarot 13 represents the Death card, which is metaphorical and represents a rebirth, a transformation. The dying has to do with letting something go so it can live again in a new form. The message with the eclipse is to complete your transformation journey, release anything that is or has kept you stuck. In numerology we reduce the 13 to a 4. So, we get the repeated message of home and family, with the 4th house being ruled by the Moon in Cancer. It’s also about structure, as the 4 in Tarot is the Emperor who is very Saturnian in nature, the ruler of Capricorn. I believe you can see a repeating pattern here. There are no coincidences in anything the Universe does. It is a well-oiled machine, and the stars and planets are telling a story, if you only look for the book.

Uranus is the most closely aspected planet during this eclipse. It makes a sextile over to the Sun and a trine to the Moon. This adds an element of the unexpected to this eclipse. Both are positive energies, but Uranus isn’t predictable energy so it isn’t easy to define how this will show up. But thunder, lightning, things shaking and blowing up. Wait was that a firework? Or??? Strongly recommend watching those from home this year, on the TV if you even have any near you.

During the eclipse we have Saturn, ruler of Capricorn in a quincunx to the North Node. This is a 150-degree angle. Caught between an opposing energy and a trine. It doesn’t quite fit in. The energy feels weird. There is a layer of confusion to this eclipse, it literally feels weird, like you don’t know what or why you just know something feels off. The 29th degree of any sign is what we call a critical degree, it’s more intense, way more. Saturn will spend a long time at this degree now that it has retrograded back into the sign. Just when you thought that restrictive energy had moved on, it comes back with a bang. There are those who will not react well to feeling this energy. They will lash out, they will protest, and then the restrictions will become tighter. This is a good thing to set intentions on. I welcome restriction and control in the area of my life related to….my eating habits, my spending, my – insert your option here. Saturn wants to be heard and wants to see he is being taken seriously.

The following is some areas to focus your eclipse energy on. Full Moon’s always give us a chance to bring something to completion, the eclipse helps us cut whatever that is out, altogether.

Aries – the 10th house rules career, recognition, fame. What’s been holding you back from achieving your career goals? How can you find better balance between work and family? You can be successfully and still have time for those you love. It is safe for you to leave the confines of home and put yourself out there.

Taurus – the 9th house rules higher learning, far away travel and your spirituality. It is time to stop thinking small, stop playing it safe close to home. You can expand your horizons now. That doesn't mean you forget all you have learned to date, but it does mean being open to new things.

Gemini – in the 8th house you embody transformation, this is the house of sexuality and intimacy, it rules resources from others. If married or in a partnership have you noticed your ability to open up to your partner is directly related to the amount of financial help you receive from others? Have you noticed the opposite to be true when you shut down?

Cancer – the 7th house rules partnerships and serious relationships. What do you need to conclude in this area? Which one’s no longer serve you or which one’s are you finally ready to take to the next level? What about yourself do you need to let go of so you can have a successful relationship?

Leo – the 6th house rules your health and daily routines. Are you eating as healthy as you should, do you even have a daily routine? When is the last time you checked in with those subconscious blocks? Why are you holding yourself back at work and happy with just having a job? Leo you are a King, you should have a job that matches your roar.

Virgo – the 5th house rules romance, fun, children and hobbies. Is it time you took one or all to the next level? It is ok to stand out in a crowd and receive recognition, you don't just have to try to blend in all the time. It is time you put yourself on stage.

Libra – the 4th house rules home, family, mother, our roots, our ancestry. How is your focus on family holding you back from excelling in your career? How does where you live keep you guarded from putting yourself out there in your career? You can have it all, you just need to figure out how to make yourself happy, not just others. A family that loves and supports you will celebrate your success.

Scorpio – the 3rd house rules communication, learning, community, short trips. You can get a little too OCD at times, and you need to loosen up a little. It is possible to focus on the details and still see the big picture in your current situation. Will you?

Sagittarius – the 2nd house rules our self-worth, our sensuality, the money we make. It’s a good time to cut the purse strings and learn to provide for yourself. How you value yourself has more to do with the stories you tell yourself than it does the praise you receive from others. You can get compliments all day long but your soul longs to hear them from you.

Capricorn – this lunar eclipse and full moon are in your 1st house of self. A new you is waiting to be born. Are you ready to fight for yourself? Be independent from your partners whether they be work or lovers? What would you like to eclipse out of yourself in order to live more authentically as you came here to be? You can no longer hold yourself back, you are far too valuable for that.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday weekend. If you need help figuring out what to eclipse out of your life, or learn what is holding you back, I would love to do a chart reading or setup a coaching package for you. In the coaching series we look at the planets in your chart and determine how the energy works best for you and then make action plans that leverage that energy and the usage of it. Makes creating a life plan fun and interesting and not just a chore. See my website for more details. Sometimes real change requires accountability and that is exactly what a coach can do for you. Are you ready for real change?

Love and Light!

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