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Full Moon in Virgo March 9th 2020

Monday March 9th of 2020 we have a Full Moon in Virgo at 19 degrees and 37 minutes on the West Coast. This is what is called a Super Moon, because of the closeness to the Earth, and how large the Moon will appear as it first appears above the horizon. Super Moons mean super emotional. So, pack your patience, and empathy, not everyone is equipped to deal with the intense energy of the full moon.

Virgo is all about the details, natural healing, daily routines, pets, and being of service just to name of few. It rules the 6th house of the zodiac. This is the last house of the 12 where we are focused mainly on the self. In houses 7-12 we begin working on our relationships with others. This then brings a culmination of work you have been doing on yourself for the past 6 full moons in a sense. At the very least you are being given an opportunity to conclude some healing.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, who has of course been in retrograde, and just after this full moon, that retrograde will come to an end. Thank goodness, this has not personally been one of my more favorite retrogrades, but it has led me to make some significant life changes. The end of the retrograde helps this full moon bring things to closure for you. Virgo is also a mutable sign, and an earth sign. Flexible and grounded would be a good way to describe the Virgos you know. They see all the details so well that they can easily adapt and move on to some new thing with new shiny details to focus on, and easily get bored focusing on the same ones over and over again. And because they see the details they can be extremely critical at times, especially towards themselves. Just try and make peace with your inner critic over these next few days, you might need to cut yourself some slack in order to get past the energy of the full moon.

When the Moon and Sun oppose each other on each full moon that means we have a need to balance our emotions with our ego. This is what it takes to bring something to fullness, both areas of the self need to work together in order to finish this quest. Virgo ruler of the 6th house opposing the Sun in Pisces ruler of the 12th, means your outer world and inner world need to find balance. The 12th house rules the subconscious mind, and all things hidden. It also rules faraway places and enemies. Virgo Moon you need to lift your head up from all those tiny details and focus on the bigger picture. Let go a bit of those OCD tendencies and go with the flow.

Making aspects to the full moon we have Neptune and Jupiter, and Mars is nearby as well. These are all in harmony with the full Moon. Yet Neptune ruler of Pisces can be deceiving and foggy at times, and Jupiter is not at its strongest in Capricorn, in fact it is at what we Astrologer’s call, its fall position or weakest. What happens when you combine the Sun with Water? Basically, you are evaporating the water, creating mist or fog. So, the Moon is asking you to feel your way through this full moon. If you are confused and not seeing things clearly, then you have got to tune into your intuition in order to find the answers you seek. This is going to help you clear out the delusions that have been a part of Mercury in retrograde. Foggy thinking has been the theme of this entire retrograde season. Those who have been sucked in by things like drugs, alcohol and any other escapist activity are about to see the light. It’s time to put an end to any type of behavior that is not healthy. Whatever your unhealthy coping mechanism is you will see it larger than life now and no longer be able to deny the truth. Mars supporting the Moon is what gives needed energy to your intuition, and makes sure you hear the message and then take action on whatever your personal mission is.

Also helping you to see that is Jupiter in a sextile over to the Sun and Neptune. Jupiter expands things, makes them bigger than life. While a benefic, or beneficial planet, at its fall position, Jupiter may just make a bad habit bigger than life so you can stop denying the ill effects it has on your life. Jupiter in trine back over to the Moon is what will make your sixth sense bigger so you can no longer ignore that little voice who has been trying and trying to get your attention. Jupiter is getting closer and closer to Pluto now, this is absolutely going to drive a need for a complete transformation somewhere in our life. Think about what is going on for you right now. What do you feel so driven to take on or complete without any real reason to do so? What are you needing to transform? Pluto is all about taking your power back, and it will push you to make the right changes so you can. Give your power away and Pluto will hand you a really big life lesson. I am just going to say right now, during the full moon you can see clearly what this is, or at least feel it clearly. Do the work, take the steps to move this to completion. Otherwise the spring equinox will do it for you, and trust me you won’t like it.

While not impacted by the full moon, we do have Venus and the North and South Node now all at 5 degrees. They are in harmony with one another. This says love is the way forward on your fated path. Whatever you are focused on that is not love, put that aside now. Relationships that no longer serve you need to be let go. Especially if you are not able to be who you truly are, express your wants and needs, and have them met. If your partner holds you back, and does not support you, they are not the right one for you. This is a time for coming together with your soul mate partners and moving forward in life. I think this is more about a love partner than someone in your soulmate family. The fact that Uranus is nearby says that this change for you may be a really surprising one. Venus represents love, money, self-worth and our values. One or many of those areas has a surprise in store for you, but it is meant to get you back on your fated path. Since the South Node is involved a person from your past, or past life will pay a role in helping you on your journey.

I am going to do a little expose on the current Virus plaguing the world and tie it to this full moon. Virgo is about natural ways of healing. That means you don’t have to wait for some cure manufactured by some pharmaceutical company to come along and save you. You can do things right now to strengthen your immune system and your lungs. Yoga for instance. There are all kinds of essential oils that fight germs, in addition to simply washing your hands. I personally use Eden’s Garden oils and they have several to choose from, and they are very affordable. And no, I am not endorsed by them, just have found their products to be effective. Fighting Five is a combination of oils that I use when I travel in particular. And since I am a Virgo rising I made all the people I met smell it or use the roll on during my latest trip. It has cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon. All things meant to clean and disinfect. Now I am not a doctor, no do I play one on tv, so do your research and of course go see a doctor should you be showing any signs or symptoms. And in the meantime, look at ways to boost your immune system so you are strong enough to fight off anything. That really is the whole point of Pluto transits, to make you stronger. And since Pluto is making good contact with the Moon it means you can trust your inner guidance to lead you to the information you need to keep yourself strong and healthy. But do not buy into the fear energy. Use common sense and turn off the news when you feel triggered.

Let’s look now at where this is happening for your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. I find the rising sign to be the most noticeable. If you don’t know what yours is you can create a chart for free on a site like You will just need your exact birth time, place and date of course.

Virgo this is your full moon so this is happening in your first house. This is the house of self, the body, and the personality you share with the world. You are completing then a personal goal, and to get there you probably have had to rid yourself of some unhealthy relationships with others. You can’t keep giving your power away and making other people happy, but forgetting about your own needs. All things said earlier apply to you during this full moon.

Leo this is happening in your 2nd house, which rules the money you make and your overall self-worth. You may be able to finally start a new job, but to do so successfully you may need to stop relying on others so much. Same thing goes for improving your self-worth, you have to stop worrying so much about what other people think.

Cancer in the 3rd house you are able to complete some sort of communication project. Could be writing, speaking, or tied to your local community. Mercury is the ruler of the third house so the end of the retrograde could really help you get something completed and off the ground. You don’t need to study whatever this is any further, you are ready now, so just get this out there.

Gemini the 4th house rules home and family. Could be a project around the house, getting ready to move, or buy/sell a property. In order to make this change at home you need to find better work life balance. This could also have something to do with your mother, or a mother-like woman in your life. This is also about balancing mother/father energies. How do you find a way to make them both happy?

Taurus in your 5th house of fun, romance, children and hobbies you have a chance to bring any of those areas to fullness. But you have to be willing to focus on yourself and not just the needs of others. So, for instance to bring your hobby to life you have to keep some of your time for just yourself, you can’t keep doing things for everyone else. Same is true for dating and new romance. You have to carve time out and make yourself available for some one on one time.

Aries the 6th house is of course all covered in the opening comments above. You are balancing your physical health and your mental health. You are able to finish or bring to completion some sort of daily routine. But again, you have some mental blocks that might be holding you back that you need to acknowledge first. Put those fears aside and let this end.

Pisces in your 7th house of serious relationships you are bringing one of the relationships in your life to a conclusion. This includes partnerships. Now this could be taking a relationship to the next level, or ending one altogether that no longer serves you. If you are in a partnership where you don’t get to express yourself and your needs, that needs to go.

Aquarius the 8th house rules other people’s resources. This could be you gaining some independence and no longer relying on others to meet your needs. Or finding the perfect balance between the money you make and the help you receive from others. The 8th house also rules transformation, so this goal that you have been working on can final come to completion. You are transformed.

Capricorn in the 9th house you are focused on higher learning, a spiritual purpose, foreign travel. You could be ready to pursue your MBA, opening a Meditation studio, plan an extended trip or move overseas, or at least out of the area. You are ready to broaden your horizons, but you must release something on the local level that is holding you back.

Sagittarius the 10th house rules career and fame. Something in your work life is about to conclude. This could be a major work project that is finally finished. Or you could be letting go of a career that no longer suits you. There is a need to balance home and family for you as well. The Sun will show you what needs to change at home in order to pursue your career goals as well.

Scorpio in the 11th house you are focused on completing something involving friends and networks. Perhaps you have outgrown a situation involving a friend group. Your goals may have changed and now you are ready to move on. Or you could have had a benefactor helping you that is no longer going to provide the same kind of support. This is all about finding balance between helping yourself and helping others.

Libra the 12th house means you are ready to release those subconscious blocks that hold you back. You are ready to acknowledge them for what they are, and no longer let them hold you back. This is about letting go of all your daily routines that keep you too busy to deal with these blocks. Your mental health deserves just as much energy and attention as your physical health. This is the house that rules faraway places and travel as well. You have to find balance between your desire to run away and your desire to stay put. This is always the toughest house to work with. It brings endings being the last house of the zodiac, and since it’s a full moon that is a double dose for endings.

All of the above of course are just some generalizations of how the energy could impact you. A reading will give you the full impact of what you are dealing with during this full moon in Virgo. I have a variety of sessions and price points available to fit anyone’s needs. Visit my website for more details. I also post daily to my Facebook page and Instagram. Feel free to follow me there for daily guidance. As always, I thank you and appreciate you reading and sharing this information so we can help prepare as many people as possible.

Love and Light!

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