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Full Moon in Virgo March 18th, 2022

On March 17th or 18th depending on your location we will have a Full Moon in Virgo at 27 degrees and 40 minutes. This puts the Sun in the sign of Pisces opposing the Moon in Virgo. The Full Moon helps you bring things to fullness, as you fulfill a goal. It also brings endings and closure as the Moon completes its latest 28-day cycle.

The sign of Virgo is an Earth sign, grounded. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury, and those with strong Virgo energy, can be meticulous about the details. Almost too meticulous. But if you ever want a second set of eyes on something, choose a Virgo. Virgo is the 6th house of the Zodiac and rules over our health, our daily routines, our animals, and being of service to others. This is the house where we see how we like to spend our day. The energy of this house is often associated with the work we enjoy doing the most. Something about how you spend your day is coming to an end. If you are looking for a boost where your health routines are concerned check out my Virgo hypnosis session here.

The Sun shines a light from the sign of Pisces. While Virgo is all about the details and very much in control of them, Pisces is free flowing energy. This is a water sign, it is our emotions, not the facts that matter most here. The opposition means you are leaning how to balance your emotions with your mind. The earth is solid and water energy is fluid, and constantly moving and changing. How can these two energies meet in the middle or give and take enough for each one to fill happy and satisfied?

The Moon will be in a grand earth trine with the North Node and Pluto, the latter two are still loosely trine to one another. Trine means success, as long as you apply the effort to whatever is showing up for you now. Let your intuition guide you on where you need to put in the work to get your goals across the finish line. Especially since the Moon is in a trine to Pluto. Your emotions and your intuition are empowered.

The Moon represents home and family, combined with a powerful government force or leader, Pluto in Capricorn, to achieve your goals. Your work life and your home life are in harmony. Working together to do something that fills you up emotionally. There could be some type of financial gain with the earth signs being activated. Pluto rules the underworld, and a bright light shining on it from the Sun and the Moon may expose something hidden for all to see. The Nodes have been doing exactly that over the past several months, and their work on this topic is almost done. The hands of fate are looking for a way for the Government and Families to work together.

The Sun will be in its separating trine to the South Node in Scorpio. You may have been leaning on the past to achieve your egos goals, but now it will be time to move on from the past. The Sun is also still just a few degrees away from its conjunction with Neptune. There is a chance you are avoiding success, if not, now you may finally be coming out of a fog of delusion or denial as a result of the Moon's pressure on you. The ego deludes you, your intuition does not. But you have to actually listen to it.

Venus and Mars are still conjunct in Aquarius, but Venus is starting to add space between her and Mars. Together they square with Uranus while they are sextile with Chiron. Venus is exactly sextile Chiron, bringing a loving healing energy into the mix. The square to Uranus might bring a shocking event that requires a lot of love to heal. It could also mean breaking free from a fight for love.

Mercury will be in a sextile to Uranus which can bring aha moments, and secret alliances, contracts to the surface. Mercury in Pisces is foggy thinking, kidding yourself, but Uranus shocks you back into reality. If you have been lacking motivation for your creative projects, or your spiritual practice needs a boost, this energy is a good thing. Life support is showing up to revive you. Mercury is the ruler of the Full Moon, so expect how we think, and how we communicate, to be an important factor to how our goals are achieved. The contact with Uranus is positive, and has been with you for several days leading up to this event. Your mind could be blown, but in a way that is needed, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

What might you experience during this Full Moon based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign? Below are some possible scenarios. Rising sign typically shows up in our daily life, Sun to our ego self, and the Moon our emotional self. As this happens very late in the sign, you may want to look at the sign before or after yours depending on what degree you rising sign sits.

Virgo – the full moon happens in your first house, the house of self, how you present yourself to others. How others see you now may change. A personal goal can be met. Your challenge is presented from the house that rules your business and marriage partners, any serious relationship. This is a need for balancing your needs with the needs of others. Pluto in your 5th house reminds you to find your joy. The North Node guides you to seek a higher meaning for what is about to transpire.

Leo – your 2nd house is activated by this Full Moon. The way you make money could be changing, your job, or just the way you do your job. You have to balance the way you value yourself with the way other people value. What you need for yourself with what other people need from you. Pluto is in your 6th house of work, so it is highly likely this area is causing the change in your life. If not work, this can be health related too. The North Node is in your career sector, so the chances are pretty high you are making a major change in how others see you now.

Cancer – the third house helps you conclude goals related to learning, teaching, thinking and speaking. If thinking of enrolling in some type of class or finishing a class, now is the time. The Sun in your 9th house means it is time to take the knowledge you have acquired and apply it. The North Node is sending you a mentor to help guide you on your path, while Pluto is showing you something about your partner you need to see.

Gemini – the 4th house rules over home and family. You could be finishing a project at home, moving, or becoming a mom. The Sun is shining a light from your 10th house, which often shows your career. Something about your career is shining a light on your home life. Pluto is showing you something about your intimate partnerships, while the North Node in your 12th house, which does rule over large institutions, could bring some fated moves. Perhaps you are headed overseas.

Taurus – as another earth sign this full moon energy can bolster you up, it feels harmonious to you. Virgo is your 5th house of fun, passion and romance, also children and hobbies. Are you finally able to let your hair down and have some more fun? Focus on what you want and not just the needs of others? You have had the North Node in your 1st house of self-identity and will all year. Pluto in your 9th house can have you learning to reconnect with your spiritual side, or a spiritual teacher at this time that can guide you on your path.

Aries – the full moon is in your 6th house which can support your work and health goals. You could get that job you have been wanting, or a pet, or making a break through where your health is concerned. The North Node in your 2nd house is supporting your goal of understanding your self-worth. Pluto is helping you achieve the recognition you deserve from your 10th house.

Pisces – you are under the full power of this Moon as your Sun is in your 1st house of self that is shining a light on your marriage and business partnerships with the Moon in your 7th. A relationship goal can be achieved with this full moon. The North Node is teaching you what you need to learn, how to find your voice. Pluto is introducing you to the people that will help you achieve your goals.

Aquarius – the 8th house is the house of others, their resources especially. The Sun shows you something about how you value yourself and how that makes your partner feel a bit threatened. You can both feel better if you discuss and agree on your needs. The North Node in your 4th house of home and family is guiding you to find your roots, create a foundation for your future. Perhaps change where you live. Pluto is showing you the thoughts in the subconscious mind that are holding you back.

Capricorn – you are another earth sign that is in harmony with the goals of this full moon. The Moon is in your 9th house, which can help you conclude some work pertaining to a degree, a trip abroad, maybe wanting to learn a foreign language. With the Sun in your 3rd house it highlights your thinking and what about it is holding you back. The North Node in your 5th house shows you how what you're passionate about can help your complete your learning journey. Pluto in your first house continues to show you how to take your personal power back. Something about that journey is about to be completed.

Sagittarius – the 10th house can help you get the recognition you deserve at work. The 10th house is our career, and what we are most recognized for. If your career is in the health sector the North Node could be helping you financially achieve your goals for health and wealth as it travels through your 6th house. In your 2nd house Pluto wants you get paid what you deserve as well. Can you believe you deserve it?

Scorpio – the 11th house rules over our friends, our networking groups and our benefactors. Something you are working on with your friends could be launched at this time. The Sun in the 5th house is showing how not to be so focused on yourself that you forget how to work with others. The North Node in your 7th house can bring you fated relationships, partnerships. Pluto in the 3rd house can show you how to take the power of your mind back and stop thinking negatively about letting others help you.

Libra – a full moon in your 12th house may not be easily recognized unless you happen to work for a large organization. This is the house that rules over your subconscious mind, your spirituality and your psychic abilities. You are being asked to have faith, find your faith again. The Sun in your 6th house of work is showing you how being overly focused on what is happening in your daily life is keeping you from connecting to your spiritual side fully. Remember to take time out to connect with your roots, Pluto says from your 4th house. And the North Node in your 8th house is showing you how to lean on others to help you achieve your desires. You could have a fulfilling intimate partnership of you would let go of those self-worth doubts that are holding you back.

If you want to know specifically what is potentially in store for you with this full moon, feel free to book my Full Moon reading special here.

Love and Light.

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