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Full Moon in Virgo February 27th, 2021

Saturday, February 27th we have a Full Moon in Virgo at almost 9 degrees of the sign. This means the Sun is in Pisces shining a light on the Moon in Virgo. This is a time of finding middle ground between the seen and unseen. Between the details and the blurred lines. Full Moon’s offer us a time for completion as the Moon finishes a new cycle. But they also offer us an opportunity to find balance as 2 energies are opposing one another. To complete anything in life we must be willing to finish it, to let it go, and agree that we are done. This month that activity happens with the ruler of the 6th house, Virgo.

The 6th house is the last of the personal houses in the Zodiac. The next 6 deal with how we interact with others. In this final personal house, we are putting all the details together, building out our daily routines, focusing on our health. The ruler of Virgo is the planet Mercury. This planet rules communication, as he was considered the messenger to the God’s. You have to have your facts straight when you are delivering messages between the God’s after all.

You can set your intentions to complete things during this cycle then that are related to all the activities we relate to our daily lives. Work, pets, health, diet, and being of service to others. We are very focused on the facts and can be a bit OCD about being clean, organized and very task driven. This is a time for getting things done.

Virgo is an earth sign, which makes it very grounded. But it is also a mutable sign, which makes it very adaptive. Working with the earth those born under the sign of Virgo may be into alternative healing methods, working with crystals and essential oils.

As the Moon stands across the sky from the Sun in Pisces we are asked to lift our heads up from all the facts and feel into what we need to complete. There is more than just facts and figures here, there is deeply felt emotions. Pisces is a very emotional, intuitive and creative sign. The Sun shines its light from here reminding you that you need both to get the full picture about some area of your life that you need to bring to fullness.

Both the Sun and Moon are making positive contact over to the planet of surprises, Uranus, while it is still being squared to the planet Saturn. This makes this a very interesting full moon. The endings may come about in an unexpected way. Saturn rules restriction and it is sextile the asteroid Chiron, while both are making an odd angle back to the Moon. This is what we call a finger of God, or YOD formation. There is something fated that you need to see and take action on. Chiron is our ability to heal, and help others heal. You are being asked to heal a personal wound, to let something go that has been holding you back in achieving your daily life goals.

Repeating the message of something fated connected to this Full Moon is the fact that the planet Jupiter is trining with the North Node, which puts it in a sextile with the South Node. This is fate, karma, and your spiritual connection working together. Jupiter rules personal expansion. Doing this work now expands your world, maybe literally. The accomplishment could have you going places you have never been before. Mercury the ruler of the full moon is close by Jupiter as well. Communication from others will play a key role in this area of life that is coming to a close.

Mars and Pluto are also closely aligned giving us more grounded energy to take our power back and make a positive change. The stars are all aligned for you, you just have to set the intention to conclude something in your daily life that threatens your physical or mental well-being. It is time to kick that habit and end those toxic relationships, even the one’s at work. A fresh new beginning awaits you on the other side. Think back now to those New Moon wishes you made late last summer as the Sun and Moon were together in the sign of Virgo. Are you finally ready to bring them to fullness?

Love and Light!

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