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Full Moon in Virgo Feb 19th, 2019

On Tuesday morning you will experience the Full Moon in Virgo at about 7:53 am PST. But tonight and tomorrow night the moon will appear at it's fullest and closest to the earth, so much larger in size. There is a lot of planet action during this full moon, and we are once again at the 0 degree mark.

Six months ago if you follow this blog you wrote down your New Moon wishes for the Virgo Moon. Now is the time where you should begin to realize the efforts you have been making to bring these wishes to life. Did you focus on a new diet, exercise or general health routines? How did you do? Or, had you decided to finally get organized. Virgo does rule our daily routines and work activities. Did you finally conquer a major change at work? Many healers are Virgo's since this sign has so much healing energy, perhaps you recently started on some sort of holistic healing journey.

If you didn't write out your new moon wishes you still will have impacts from this full moon. All the areas above give us an opportunity to bring something to a conclusion and then make a start something new. The zero degree energy is about new beginnings, fresh starts, and even just a reset overall. So maybe you haven't been able to stick to those New Year's resolutions about your diet and exercise program, now you get a second chance. Okay maybe it's a fourth or fifth chance, but hey who's counting. Personally this was the area I was tackling, and thankfully seen some success.

So our Sun has now entered into Pisces and from there is shining light on the Moon in Virgo. As usual opposing energies create a bit of a push and pull energy, requiring us to find the balance point between the two. So Ego says it is time to dig deep, find our spiritual path, uncover hidden thoughts, and our Moon energy is saying but I just need to finish this one last task, then I can focus on that spirituality stuff. And so the back and forth begins. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and there in it's home sign. This adds strength to the Sun's energy there. It is time to take our spirituality seriously. We can't get away with just skimming the surface, doing the same old routines day in and day out and expect different outcomes. Point in fact, how have our daily routines helped you achieve your goals you set 6 months ago? How about 6 years ago? Are you in the same job, working crazy hours, still hoping you will catch a break? Then you have forgotten your spirituality and this is your wakeup call. You can keep running on the hamster wheel, or ask for help to get off.

So what is supporting you on this journey? We have Mercury conjunct with Neptune. We have Saturn conjunct to Venus. We have Mars conjunct to Uranus. And we now have Chiron who has just entered Aries and sitting at the 0 degree mark, pushing us to focus on developing our self identity, let go of a childhood wound and finally heal.

Our emotions (Moon) have a boost from a trine to Mars which of course rules our actions. You can't just feel without acting during this full moon. Mars wants you to take whatever emotional charge you have and act on it. He will help you get something new kicked off wherever Virgo sits in your astrological chart. If it's your Ascendant or 1st house, you are inspired to work on a new health routine, conquer your daily tasks, maybe even tone down your OCD a bit. Nah who are we kidding here!! We also have two Quincunx's happening between the Moon and Chiron/South Node. This is a connection that is just a bit off, we are having a hard time connecting our healing with our emotional pain from the past. Something has triggered you and you are hanging on for dear life, when you simply need to just let this go. Both Chiron and the South Node have a similar message, healing will occur when you let go of the past. Be thankful for the trigger, because it allows you to see what no longer serves you.

The Sun is in a nice sextile over to Mars, which has us pretty fired up. We feel very competitive and driven. The ego is already pretty fiery on its own, and thankfully this is supportive energy, so it can be used for inspiration, perspiration, but not consternation. With the sextile over to Uranus you could just surprise yourself with a little bit of self confidence in an area you didn't know you had any. These are a few days of happy surprises. You are charged up, in a good way. These are days full of inventive ideas and aha moments.

Mercury and Venus are in a nice sextile as well, making our conversations loving and well for some down right sexy! You are eager to compromise, find solutions, and let love flow again if you have gotten off track. Since Venus is conjunct with Saturn, your conversations also take on a more serious tone. So these are not just sexting discussions, these are about our feelings, our values, our vision for the future. With the conjunction to Neptune our conversations might get a little dreamy, our thoughts a bit foggy, and our ideals, well they may just be a bit challenged. There is a square to Jupiter occurring at the same time. We can't just think about what we want to do with our Spirituality, we need to take action. Jupiter here is pushing you to go beyond the day to day thoughts. He wants you to expand, to learn, to grow and to make a connection to your higher self.

Venus is heading closer and closer to Pluto, and this full moon is going to begin to highlight for you what needs to be transformed for a final time since Venus went retrograde earlier this summer. She spent all of those months in the Underworld with Pluto. She made some promises, and now he expects her to deliver. So expect a flash of what is to come in the comings weeks as she joins with Pluto during this full moon. Trust me, you want to finish the transformation process before she moves these last 4 degrees, otherwise it just ain't going to be pretty. Transform, or burn, and then you can start all over again. It will be much easier to just take these last few steps and finish up the journey. Do you really want this Venus issue stalking you for the next 18 months? Do you really want to do this all over again? I am betting on you and I am betting NO.

Full moon's are very personal. If you are curious how this will impact you, you can still take advantage of the Valentine's Day special and we can take an hour looking at your chart and seeing where you will be impacted, and how you can plan for the changes that are in front of you.

Love and Light!

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