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Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th 2020

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th can be deeply transformative. The ruler of Scorpio after all is Pluto. The sign rules death, transformation, taxes, sexuality, and the resources we receive from others. Pluto as ruler of the Underworld shows us the dark and hidden things in our lives. Things we have come to fear. But the goal is to face those fears, and transform them into strengths. Each year we get a chance to do just that. So what fear are you ready to face down once and for all?

The Sun will be standing across the sky from the Moon at approximately 17 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus. This has been giving a heightened focus on the senses. No wonder we are all struggling with not getting to pamper ourselves right now. But in reality, all we need to do is shift the focus to the other senses. Listening to music, walking out in nature, stopping to smell the flowers that are all in bloom right now. And a little less focus on our Brooke Shields 80’s eyebrows. Come on, let’s just start new trends instead of focusing on what we can’t have right now. So bushy eyebrows and extra sparkles in the hair can become fashionable and really sparse and short eyelashes. And yes, men you can either shave it off or grow it out! Have fun with being different instead of dreading it. That is what we have control over and where our power lies.

The Moon in Scorpio isn’t in its favorite sign, in fact the Sun is, besides being at home in Cancer of course, the Moon favors those signs where it can feel and express its emotions. Scorpio though delves deep and doesn’t show necessarily how it feels on the surface. It is withdrawn, in the underworld, not expressing emotions freely. And when it does, it can be sharp and painful, like a Scorpion sting. A full moon between these opposing signs is always asking for balance. How do we combine sensuality and sexuality? How do we balance the material world and the mystical realms? Intuitively with this full moon we can see where we are stuck, where we are letting our fears keep us trapped. And the goal is to transform, not continue to stay stuck here. It is ok to feel deep and dark emotions, we are not expected to be light and airy all the time, but we are also not meant to stay stuck there.

Also opposing the Moon is Mercury, who is still close enough from its earlier conjunction to the Sun to be a major player here. Mercury rules the mind and our communication. How can we balance what we say with how we are feeling? How can we bring to the surface those fears that need expressed so as to release their power over us? How can we learn to speak while taking other people’s feelings into account? We cannot just ramrod over people with our ideas and beliefs and force them on others. We are being asked to find balance. To listen to others before we speak. The mind works much better when it is aligned with our intuition. And our intuition benefits by being aligned with the mind, and able to communicate our ideas in a structured manner.

Neptune the planet of hidden things, spirituality, psychic abilities is in a positive aspect to the Sun and the Moon, and Mercury. This means when we tap into our creativity we have a chance to complete our full moon journey and bring this area to closure. So, what were your new moon wishes last year when the Sun and Moon were both in Scorpio? What steps have you taken to bring them to fruition? Neptune is still being challenged by Venus in a square. How we think about love, and who and what we love is changing, it’s being challenged. Secrets will be revealed, and love will grow deeper. Whatever is being highlighted in your relationships at this time will continue throughout the Venus retrograde. Let this full moon show you what needs to be seen so you can resolve this issue.

I do believe in setting intentions, having full moon ceremonies, in order to bring to closure what you want. So here are some ideas by house and sign of the types of things you can focus on.

Scorpio – in your first house you are doing some in depth work on yourself. Your fears have been bubbling to the surface and now it’s time to face them head on. How do you want to define yourself going forward? Are you a victim or a thriver? Are you going to finally find balance between being single and being in a committed relationship?

Libra – the second house rules your self-worth and the money you make. Are you ready to transform how you value yourself or how you make money? Maybe it’s a little of both, you value yourself and it improves your opportunity for how you make money. This full moon gives you an opportunity to balance the money you make with the money you receive from others.

Virgo – the third house rules communication, our local communities, our mind. This also rules local travel, and our extended family members. Your change in these areas has to be balanced with a desire to travel, higher learning, focusing too much on the bigger picture. We are blending learning with teaching. We can’t stay stuck in just gathering information, we also need to share it. How are you sharing your voice? Blog, book, or online course offering?

Leo – the fourth house rules home and family. Are you moving? Concluding the sale of a home? Has your experience of the pandemic caused you to find better balance between work and family? This full moon could remove a roadblock or just help you conclude that internal work. Your home is also your internal home. What closets and clutter do you need to clean out? What baggage are you ready to set down and unpack?

Cancer – the fifth house rules fun, romance, our hobbies. Perhaps you are finding a way to take that hobby to a place where you can now make money? Or that romance you have been trying to make happen finally fully blossoms. You are working on a way to connect with others and balance that with how you focus on your own needs. If you focus too much on the needs of others, you won’t give yourself enough time to relax and have the fun you deserve.

Gemini – the sixth house rules our health and our daily routines. How has the stay home order impacted yours? You are finding balance between what you see and control and what is unseen. Just because you can’t see something does not mean it isn’t real. Can you let go more, relax those OCD tendencies and be more in the flow? With this full moon you could completely transform your diet or health routines in general too.

Taurus – in the 7th house of serious relationships you may finally be able to let go of your fear of being in a serious relationship and release your need for so much independence. It’s a great time to work on releasing those codependent tendencies. Finding a balance between what you give to a relationship and what you get back. This focus on just you, you, you is ready to be transformed into we, we, we all the way home to be with your partner.

Aries – in your 8th house you are focused on the resources you receive from others. Getting comfortable with your sexuality. Yes, you can be a mom and still be a woman who gets her needs met. Same thing goes for you dad’s out there. You are finding balance with the money you make and the money you receive from others. Being open to help means you are letting your guard down and this allows you to be more intimate.

Pisces – in your 9th house of higher learning you may been finally ready to sign up for an online course, express your beliefs, or finally identify what they are. What do you stand for? You are ready to break free from the restrictions of thinking small and begin to think bigger. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore all the details, but you shouldn’t get stuck in them. To branch out you need to think bigger.

Aquarius – the 10th house rules your career and fame. You are ready to make a big change, a goal or dream you have pursued is finally coming to life. You will have to find a way to let go of the restrictions at home that have been holding you back. Your family will be supportive as you show them how you can still focus on both.

Capricorn – the 11th house rules our networks and friends. How have you been connecting to others differently? Where do you feel you fit in now that you have had time away from those groups that maybe no longer serve you? This is a balance between focusing on your own needs versus the needs of others. There is actually time for both, but you have to put your fears aside about joining these new groups.

Sagittarius – the 12th house is things unseen, the subconscious mind, and secrets, large institutions. With the transformative energy of Scorpio, you can bring something to the surface and free yourself. But you have to let go of your current routines in some way and make room for this to come to the surface. Sometimes by letting go of control we actually have more.

The above can be read for your Moon, Sun and Rising sign. And you may identify more with the sign just before or after yours. Tune in and see what feels more like your current experience. The Moon will be how you feel emotionally, the Sun your ego self and how others see you, and Rising will be most noticeable to your inner self and impact you in a more personal way. This is why when you read a generic horoscope it might not seem to fit, because those are based on Sun sign. Knowing your rising sign is important for this reason. You can find this out by creating a free birth chart on a website like

During this time if you find yourself struggling but my prices are too steep message me and I will work with you on something that fits your current budget.

Love and Light!

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