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Full Moon in Scorpio April 26th, 2021

On Monday April 26th at 8:32 pm on the West Coast, and Tuesday April 27th across the pond we will have a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. This is a Super Moon because of the closeness of the Moon to the Earth. Watch this as it just passes the horizon to catch it supersized.

To say this moon will be intense is an understatement. There is so much tension going on with several planets, all pushing us to complete a major transformation journey. It is not easy for a reason, the things we really want to achieve in life take hard work, some sacrifice, and a bit of risk. This Moon has all that and more.

For starters although the Moon will be in a fellow water sign, Scorpio energy is not Cancerian energy. Cancer, which the Moon rules, is caring, kind and nurturing energy. Scorpio is more focused about caring for itself vs caring for others. This is not to say Scorpio's don't care for others. But they feel the burden intensely, where Cancers tend to take it on effortlessly. The sensitivity level is actually higher with Scorpio than Cancer as well. Both have a bit of a sting to them if hurt. The crab will grab you and give you a good pinch and then withdraw. The Scorpion sting is much harsher, it hurts and you feel it for some time afterwards. Then the Scorpion retreats to go hide in the dark with its pain. This sign feels things so intensely it needs time alone in the dark to make sense of it all. Both signs are very intuitive, and Scorpios just seem to know things, they are very connected to their spiritual side.

The point of all that pain is to feel into it and all the way through it, so you transform it into a strength. It is not meant to keep you stuck in fear, shame, blame or guilt, so you hide from it all in the dark. It is there to teach you to persevere. Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio is also known for being the ruler of the Underworld. It is there that we can get stuck, facing our biggest fears, over, and over, and over again. Until we finally take our power back and are free. During the Full Moon Pluto will be stationed to go retrograde. This gives the planet intense energy as it stores it up to turn the corner and begin its retrograde motion. Pluto does not make any direct contact with the Full Moon but its presence will be felt, since it is the ruler over the Full Moon event.

The Moon in the sign of Scorpio is facing off against a stellium of planets in the sign of Taurus. A stellium occurs when you have 3 or more planets in a sign making a conjunction, which is in within 2-3 degrees of each other. Scorpio is the mystical while Taurus is the more practical. Taurus is an earth sign, it is grounded, it is focused on luxuriating in anything that stimulates the 5 senses, this is where the Sun is sitting. Scorpio is the opposite. It wants to be stimulated by the unseen, the forbidden, the many mysteries of life. As in any full moon we are looking for a way to balance the opposing energies. But the Moon is not in a position of strength and has quite the battle on its hands, as it is considered at fall in the sign of Scorpio.

Your senses may be a bit on overdrive as we head into the Full Moon. The Moon is the ruler of our emotions, of our sense of security. When this is in a sign that represents the dark side of things, it feels a bit unsafe. It isn't truly, it is just that this is an area of life that is 'unknown' and there is a lot of fear associated with the unknown. The Sun in Taurus, is exactly opposite the Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees, a number that also represents going within. Also in the sign of Taurus with the Sun we have Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises, Venus the planet of love and Mercury the ruler of our communication skills and our mind. As each of these planets has been making contact with Uranus, you may have already experienced some crazy things, but the Full Moon is going to elevate that crazy and bring some very abrupt endings. A Full Moon is the ending of a cycle, bringing an emotional goal to fruition.

Saturn is another big player during the Full Moon. While slightly off the Sun and the Moon, at 12 degrees of Aquarius, it is making a square to both which will be very noticeable. When you have one planet forming a square with 2 other planets in opposing signs, it makes what we astrologers call a T-square. Saturn has very large rings and so its reach can be up to a 10-degree orb in some cases. In essence, this is what I call the hip check position. The Sun and all the other Taurus planets are facing off against the Moon and along comes Saturn to knock them both around. Saturn wants discipline and structure. This is the planet that is going to push you to keep your wits about you no matter what you may come across over the next several days.

The square between Saturn and Uranus is what we are dealing with all year long, this isn’t new. But the Sun, Venus and Mercury are getting their first chance of squaring off with Saturn, and it isn’t likely to be a gentle square dance. What adjustments do you need to make with your goals where love and communication are concerned? How about your thinking? Where are you stuck in a rut you can't seem to break free of? Saturn is also still in close contact with the North and South Nodes, it is positive contact, meaning fated events related to Saturn themes. These events are meant to move you forward, slowly but surely as neither the Nodes or Saturn moves very quickly in the sky. As the Full Moon triggers this event you will be wise to go with the flow, you cannot fight fate. And if you try it never goes very well.

Chiron at 10 degrees of Aries is also making positive contact with Saturn and the Nodes. This healing journey you are on, the people you meet that are helping you heal, are all part of a bigger plan. Do the work and set your intentions during this Full Moon to release the past. Make peace with what is dark and hidden. Bring it into the light and transform it. The gift of Chiron is that once the work is done you can then in turn help others learn to heal as well.

Mars the original ruler of Scorpio is a little wide of the Moon in Scorpio, but it is also in the sign the Moon rules over, Cancer. This means there is a certain level of reciprocal energy going on. An understanding of sorts. If you listen carefully to your intuition it is going to tell you exactly what action to take as a result of the events of this full moon. No matter what is about to transform for you it is meant for the greater good, so let it be reborn for you as something better and more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Mars in the sign of Cancer fires us up emotionally. Sometimes we need that big emotional trigger to finally break free of something that holds us back.

What might you see be reborn for you? Be sure to check your Rising, Sun and Moon sign below. If you know your exact birth chart then you will know the house this occurs in. The rising sign is most noticeable at a surface level, the Sun you will notice but others around you may not, and the Moon is an emotional release of some kind.

Scorpio – this happens in your first house which means you could literally come out as a brand new you with a complete personality makeover. Something about your serious relationships is giving you the push you need, along with some pressure from home.

Libra – the full moon occurs in your 2nd house of values and the money you make. There might be some conflict with your children and your spouse or partner that is pushing you to make a big career change. How you have been making money might no longer be fulfilling.

Virgo – the 3rd house is about communication, teaching, being a part of the community. Saturn in your 6th house is pushing you to make some changes in your daily routines while the Taurus energy in the 9th is asking you to open yourself up to the bigger picture. You can’t continue to play small.

Leo – the 4th house rules home and family and the Moon here is pushing you to feel safe at home. You are seeing great success at work, but there is more to life than just work. In fact your partner/spouse says it’s time to focus on love. Maybe you have to end a relationship that holds you back in order to find the 'one'.

Cancer – the 5th house is about children, passion, hobbies, and having fun. Across the sky in the 11th house there is a battle for your time and attention for the greater good. There may be some kind of financial offer coming your way. Can you release control long enough to let someone else provide for you?

Gemini – this full moon is happening in your 6th house which means some part of your daily life is coming to an end. Your subconscious mind is lit up with all the Taurus energy. It is time to clean out the basement and release all those old blocks and false beliefs. A teacher or guru from faraway maybe even overseas could be shaking things up for you.

Taurus – the 7th house rules our serious partnerships/marriage and the Moon here means something about that relationship is going to be changing. If you are not in a serious relationship you may soon be. It’s time to set some new personal goals that include letting others into your life. Your fairy godmother isn’t too pleased with how you have been focusing on just yourself lately and may show up to adjust your crown.

Aries – the 8th house is traditionally the house ruled by Pluto which rules the resources we receive from others. Some source may be coming to an end so you can be more responsible for your income. In fact, you could find you can take up a hobby you have into a money-making venture.

Pisces – the 9th house is the place we turn for answers from a higher power. It’s time to let go and let God handle this. Your desire to control every little detail is just getting to the point of exhaustion and you need to let go. Things are going to change in your daily life and force the issue. There is something important for you to learn about your feelings.

Aquarius – the 10th house rules our career and the things we are recognized for, and this full moon you are reaching a milestone in your career. It may cause you to make some changes at home, and even letting go of some personal mindset. There is a way you have seen yourself that is going to have to change if you want this success at work to continue.

Capricorn – 11th house is a place where we see blessings from others, where we find our tribe and feel supported. Getting there means you may have to let go of some friend groups that have been holding you back, or maybe even your children in some way. You can’t give all your time and attention to your child and forget that you also have needs. A change in money you receive from others may cause this shift to happen.

Sagittarius – the 12th house is where we break free from our subconscious thoughts that are holding us back. We are making a change in our daily routines, or our work routines that is helping us break free. You do deserve to have a happy daily life. You deserve to be part of a community, maybe even get back to teaching others.

Each chart of course is unique and the above are just one of the many ways this full moon may impact you. For a complete understanding, book a reading with me. And for additional ways to connect with this energy check out one of my hypnosis videos on my Youtube channel here.

Sending you much love and light.

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