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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 16, 2019

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Think back about six months ago when you were creating New Moon wishes for all things Sagittarius. Did you plan to travel long distances? Did you plan to take a course? Did you plan to get a higher education or complete a degree program? What about your belief systems did you want to change, adopt, or explore them? Whatever area you were focused on now you have a chance to bring this to a conclusion of some sort.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 15/16, 2019

Sunday night and into the early morning hours of Monday the Moon will be fully illuminated and opposite the Sun in Gemini. Oppositions mean we are needing to find balance between the two energies. Once a month we are reminded to take a look at what our Ego (the Sun) wants and push that up against our emotional needs (the Moon). The ego running amuck is never a good thing, and neither are our emotions, so once a month we get a little nudge from the Universe to take a pause and have a little check in with spirit. Adding to our need for a Spiritual check in is the conjunction to Jupiter, which the Moon has just passed after it's square to Neptune. This is definitely a Moon where you are being pushed to feel, pushed to broaden your horizons, pushed to have a belief system. You can believe in the arts, God, Dark Chocolate....ok that one is a little ego related but still. The point being with Sagittarius is what are you learning so you can identify your core beliefs? This is why we study, travel, and read about different religious organizations and cultures. They help us explore other options.

Sagittarius is also a Fire sign. It takes fire to be passionate about your beliefs. It takes fire to urge you to get out of your comfort zone, open your mind to learn new things, explore new cultures. Jupiter is in its home sign in Sagittarius which amplifies this full moon, giving it a steroids effect. This means the fire energy could be a little over the top. This is the Sunday preacher who is very animated. The twittermeister who can't stop tweeting, even though the audience has heard enough. With Jupiter in it's retrograde motion still, this full moon in particular will help you bring something you have started in the past to a conclusion. There is always the element of bringing something from the new moon two weeks ago to fullness as well. But most things take longer than 2 weeks to conclude, this is why we tend to look back to the new moon from the sign the full moon is now in.

The Sun in Gemini at 25 degrees is getting ready to head into Cancer shortly, at the Summer Solstice. While in Gemini the Sun has been helping you work on your communication skills, your organization skills, your writing, kept you in touch more with siblings possibly. It is a very busy sign, and an Air sign, which can make you very talkative. But Sagittarius where the Moon is wants you to shut your pie hole. Sorry I am just the Messenger here. :) . Sag says think before you speak. And think big picture. Gemini can be a little too focused on only what is right in front of it, and forget to look out farther ahead. So now we have a chance to pause and lift our heads up and see how we balance being busy busy busy, with bringing some purpose and joy back into our daily lives as well. Remember we need balance, all of one or the other is not in our best interests. Depending on what houses these two represent in your chart you are being shown what you need to finish with that is keeping you out of balance.

There are no other direct aspects to the Sun or Moon during this full moon. The square between Jupiter and Neptune is exact, but they are really wide for a true tsquare with the Sun. And while the opposition energy between the planets in Cancer and Capricorn are all still active, they aren't directly involved in the full moon energy either. You can read my daily horoscopes for more info on that.

Below is the Opposition energy that needs to be balanced. The first house represents where the Sun is and the opposing house is where the Moon sits.

Gemini/Sagittarius this is the 1st house and 7th house energies. Your individual needs vs the needs of your partnerships is under review. What do you need to complete so you are neither too focused on your partner or yourself? Where are you being too busy and where might you spend more time having fun? This energy gives you a chance to finish something that keeps you from both giving and receiving.

Cancer/Capricorn - finances are highlighted for you with the 2nd and 8th houses. Where are you being too reliant on outside resources and not reliant enough on yourself? Is there a need to do a better job with focusing in on being nurturing to yourself or others vs just working, working, working? Have you been reliant on your partners income? This might bring an opportunity to contribute yourself.

Leo/Aquarius - this is similar to Gemini and Sag above because you have 3rd house which is the natural home of Gemini opposing the 9th house the natural home of Sagittarius. This is needing that balance between what is going on in your immediate surroundings vs what is happening in the bigger picture. At the same time you can't be so focused on faraway places that you are not taking care of what is happening right in front of you. This is having fun while being of service to others.

Virgo/Pisces - this is the 4th house of home and family opposing the 10th house of career and recognition. The Sun in the 10th has been showing you ways to be successful Virgo, but is your home life lagging behind. Pisces are you so focused on what is going on at home that you are slacking off a bit at work? This energy will help you wrap up projects at home and at work. Thank goodness!

Libra/Aries - this is the 5th house of creativity/romance/children and the 11th house of networking and friends. The best way to bring this into balance is well you could date one of your friends! You could meet someone online or at a networking event. You could use your creative skills in a networking group. But you should not diss your friends for your new boy/girlfriend. If you have been now you can adjust that behavior.

Scorpio/Taurus - the 6th house is our daily routines and the 12th house is large institutions and the hidden or unseen. If all you are doing Scorpio is focusing on your self and your daily routines, you need to dig deep and figure out just why you are keeping yourself so busy you are not paying attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to get you to deal with. And Taurus you cannot just keep getting lost in these thoughts, it is time to actually bring them to the surface and deal with them in the real world. Put all that thought into real life action.

Jupiter is one of the great benefic planets, meaning it brings good things to you. And that will be the reward when you tap into your Sag energy and bring these 2 areas into balance. I have been saying this for a few weeks now, but it bears repeating here, do the work. And I do not mean the busywork, I mean the soul work. This is what is needed to help you navigate the changes coming in 2020. Commit to your beliefs, they will serve you well.

Love and Moonlight!

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