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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14th, 2022

On June 14th at 23’25” of Sagittarius we will have the Full Moon. The Sun will sit across the sky in the sign of Gemini. The ruler of this Full Moon is Jupiter, who is sitting at 5 degrees of Aries. Jupiter is about learning, growth and expansion and justice. It is seeking a higher meaning to whatever is happening in our lives. With Sagittarius energy we are exploring big things, like foreign countries, getting a higher education, connecting to spirit. When the Moon is full we have a chance to bring a chapter to a close. This could be something you started 6 months ago with the New Moon in Sagittarius, or maybe just 2 weeks ago with the New Moon in Gemini.

Since the Moon is in a fire sign this is a good time to work with the element of fire in your full moon ceremonies. Your emotions will be fired up to, so it is a good time to focus on manifesting what you want by fully feeling into whatever that is for you.

Saturn retrograde is supporting the Full Moon. This could speak to someone in a position of authority helping you to achieve your goal. Perhaps someone from your past steps in to offer you guidance. Keep in mind Saturn is still making its t-square aka major pressure with the Nodes, so whatever guidance this is could be getting you to right your ship and get it back on course.

Neptune is square the Full Moon so there is an element of disillusionment that may need to come to an end. But Neptune is still the one making a positive aspect to the Nodes. So even if this stings a bit it is for your own good.

Mars and Chiron are exactly conjunct at 15 degrees of Aries at the time of this full moon. Chiron was the trainer of the Gods, so he and Mars have a passion for winning. Maybe whatever battle this is for you settles an old debt, and helps you close the door on the past. Considering the Sun is what we call inconjunct the South Node, there is an element from the past that comes up unexpectedly or in an unusual way that needs closure.

Venus and Uranus have been causing a bit of disruption leading up to the full moon, so perhaps this is what is causing you to want to finish whatever this is for you. Mercury is moving full steam ahead and now enters into the sign of Gemini sitting at 0 degrees. This is the final time that Mercury is hitting this 0-degree point from its retrograde journey. You have all the information you need now to make a final decision. What topic have you been mulling over during Mercury’s retrograde? The planet is just now putting some space between itself and Pluto, but it is still feeling empowered. There could be big ideas coming out or big information being released to the public at this time. Think things like a final decision on the whole Twittergate.

Based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign you could have some of the following occur for you, but the best way to plan is to book a session with me here. Keep in mind this is a Full Moon at the later degrees of the sign, so you may want to look at the sign after yours for more clues on what to expect.

Aries – this full moon will happen in your 9th house, the natural home for Sagittarius in the zodiac. So all the things mentioned above apply to you. Are you finishing a degree? Making plans to move abroad or far away from where you live currently? The Sun shines the light from your local community, something achieved there helps you get ready to move on up. Could be a friend invites you to take a celebratory trip of some kind overseas.

Taurus – in the 8th house you could be getting some financial assistance from your partner, or a loan from a bank is ready to close. The Sun in your second house says the great work you are doing making your own money, set you up for someone else to be ready to take a risk on you. Be sure and listen to their advice.

Gemini – with the Sun in your sign the Moon sits in your 7th house of serious relationships. This means one may be coming to an end for you. The ending could be that you take it to the next level, or you are ready to move on. Whatever is meant to be is meant to be here, don’t hang on to something that isn’t a good fit for you. It will just make you miserable. A big opportunity may come up at work that helps you decide exactly what you need to do here.

Cancer – in the 6th house a big project at work could be coming to a close, or you could be landing a promotion. Whatever is going on, you’re on a path of growth and expansion in your daily life. So, if you had to let go of something to get here, that is actually a really good sign you are on the right path. Endings in this house though can involve things like our pets, our health, as well as our jobs. If you are ready to kick the habit you will have a mentor there to guide you.

Leo – in the 5th house we are able to achieve a goal involving our children, maybe having one. Or begin or end a romance. Sometimes we have to end a fling in order for the real thing to come in. Passion projects are able to come to fruition as long as we follow our heart. It may be time for you to take on a partner to help you elevate your passion project into an actual career.

Virgo – the 4th house rules over home and family, mother energy especially, so expect some changes there. Someone could be moving out or moving in. You could be getting some kind of recognition or bonus at work that allows you to move. A mentor could be recommending you for a new position that causes you to make changes at home as well. And if you have been wanting to finish some kind of project at home, it will wrap up now.

Libra – your 3rd house rules over communication, things in your community, your electronic devices and your vehicle. This could also be something like finishing high school and being ready for college. Whatever the change is it will shake things up in your daily life, help you see things more clearly about how whatever you have been doing is impacting your health. You know what they say about all work and no play. Someone may offer you a chance to go have some fun.

Scorpio – the 2nd house is the money we make, which could indicate a change in job. Are you finally ready to pursue your dream job or get paid well for the one you already have? A mentor has your back, so it may be the right time to dissolve a partnership if it is holding you back.

Sagittarius – this full moon happens in your 1st house, which has you achieving a personal goal. If you haven’t been the person you need to be or your relationship is holding you back you may be ready to knock down some barriers so you can begin again. Maybe a former teacher or mentor makes contact with you and offers you a fresh start.

Capricorn – it’s good to take advantage of a full moon in your 12th house to release any kind of subconscious blocks that have been holding you back at work. Could be the key to getting healthy. Maybe you have a follow-up visit at the hospital and get a clean bill of health. Someone at work might just be the one to help you make some kind of breakthrough.

Aquarius – the 11th house can have you ending a friendship or leaving a group that is holding your back from being happy. Now if your goal has been to make new friends you will be ready to do just that, by taking a risk and not playing it safe. Sometimes you need to be the one to make the first move.

Pisces – the 10th house is your career, fame and what you are most known for. This can be a change in your status at work or in your marriage. Or you could be getting married. Something at home, maybe your Mom is pushing you to make your career just as important as your partners. A little voice in your head will be commanding you what to do. I recommend listening and following instructions.

There are, as you can imagine many ways this could show up for you. But set your mind to bringing closure to those Sagittarius things that have been in the works, and you will have the energy behind you to do just that. Don’t waste this opportunity it won’t come around again with as much support as there is now. Whatever you want to complete, now is the time. Fate is on your side.

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