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Full Moon in Pisces September 20, 2021

A Full Moon in Pisces will happen at approximately 7:55 pm EDT. For those outside of the USA that means your event could be on the 21st. This full moon will occur very close to the Fall/Spring equinox and usher in a major transition. This full moon is pretty intense, with lots of planetary action occurring at the same time. It is likely starting to influence you emotionally right now.

The Moon is in the emotional and psychic sign of Pisces, the last of the zodiac signs it is associated with the 12th house, endings and karma. With a full moon occurring in the sign this energy is of course heightened. Things that need to come to a close, things that are keeping you from your karmic path will be given a not so gentle nudge so you see them for what they are, and can more easily let them go.

The Sun stands across the sky in the sign of Virgo, where it is grounded, where it is focused on things related to the 6th house of work and daily life. The Sun shows us what we need to feel successful, to feel joyful. Virgo is health and wellness, routines, organization, and attention to the details. The Sun is fully focused on what it sees and how it can be dealt with. While the Moon is focused on feelings, something you can’t ‘see’ but only experience and accept them as real.

Every full moon is opposition energy where the 2 planets, or in this case luminaries, can be leveraged to meet in the middle and bring a certain area of your life to closure. Or they can push and pull against one another and cause a big emotional stir. This is why it is so important to set intentions with the full moon to help you harness the energy.

Adding extra tension and potentially a war of words is the fact that Mercury, very close to its retrograde station in Libra, is squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn. Your voice for Justice is squaring off against those in a position of power over you, or at least perceived power over you. Pluto likes to play off your fears, real or imagined. In Libra, Mercury wants things to be fair and balanced in how we communicate with one another. Pluto in Capricorn is governments in power, flexing their power. But Pluto brings death and transformation to a way of being and thinking so you rebuild into something stronger. This full moon could bring a major power struggle out into the open. Be sure you don’t get caught in the fray.

Supporting Mercury and free speech is the planet Jupiter in retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, in a trine. Jupiter brings expansion to whatever it touches, it wants you to think big picture, speak with purpose, stand up for justice. This could be a very important time in your personal relationships where you connect and have deep conversations about your future together.

Also in Libra and Aquarius, are Mars and Saturn at the earlier degrees of the sign. This is a trine that is just beginning to form between these 2 malefic planets. On a personal level you are highly motivated to accomplish your goals. Aquarius is ‘we the people’ energy where Saturn is trying to bring rule and structure to the people. Mars in Libra is those who hand out Justice, doing so in a not so kind way. There is a battle for personal freedoms being waged and this full moon is going to bring that battle to a next level. Keep in mind this is all happening while Covid is raging again, and government restrictions are getting even tighter. More marches on D.C. and women’s personal freedoms are being challenged yet again. Any or all of these issues could cause major clashes, and that is only here in the USA, it will be felt everywhere of course.

Fate and destiny are working with Mars as the North and South Node are forming a Grand Air trine. This is information coming out in a forceful way. This is changing the rules. This is getting violently pushed back on your path. The Nodes were last in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini like this around 2002. When you reflect back on this time, what was coming up for you then? What battle did you have to fight? There may actually be something about that which comes up again for closure. Mars is a warrior, he is a fighter, and he plays to win. If you are lacking motivation to fulfill your life’s purpose, then you may be given an opportunity to step up your game and start living the life you are meant to live. While Mars is in the sign of Libra, it is just 5 degrees away from the Sun, definitely making a lot of heat in our personal relationships.

Neptune in Pisces is 7 degrees away from the Moon and the Sun during the Full Moon, but both have recently been in direct contact with this planet. This is where we will see secrets revealed and things brought to the surface for closure with the full moon. You could personally see some creative or artistic project come to fruition as long as you let your ego self and your intuitive self, work together.

Venus and Chiron are the only planets making a strange angle to one another, or what we astrologer’s call inconjunct or quincunx. Love and healing combine in a strange or unique way during the full moon. This can be about healing an emotional wound, a financial one or even something beauty related. But it comes about in a weird way and is a bit unexpected. But it will bring you closure and help you finally let go of something that is holding you back.

What might you expect based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign?

Pisces – this is your full moon, so it occurs in the first house. This is the achievement of a personal goal, with the Sun in your 7th house a relationship of some kind is the spark that helps you achieve this goal. Something about your business or life partner is a bit oppressive and you aren’t likely to take it any longer. At a minimum they are very passionate and demanding of your time. You have to decide which is more important your goals or theirs, or better yet learn how to meet in the middle.

Virgo – for you the exact opposite in in effect. Your personal relationships or business partnerships is where the full moon occurs. There is the potential for a relationship goal to be fulfilled in some way. This is either a relationship that ends or changes shape in some way. The Sun with Mars in your first house is pushing you to take yourself more seriously and to keep your balance in your relationships. You aren’t likely to want to sacrifice what you want for what your partner wants either, but you can meet in the middle.

Aries – the full moon in the 12th house is a very emotional one, but not easily seen. The 12th house rules large institutions, like college, faraway places, and the subconscious mind. It is a really good time to set intentions to remove those subconscious blocks that keep you from achieving your goals, feeling self-confident. The Sun in your 6th house of work and daily routines means that your daily life is keeping you very busy, and it may not be giving you enough time to meditate and connect to your spirit guides. But a timeout is needed and it is time to stop just running around and ignoring that anxiousness you feel right now. Slow down and listen to your intuition before the Universe gives you a reason to have to.

Libra – the full moon energy in your 6th house could mean that something about your job is changing. Full Moon’s give us a chance for closure. So whatever your work goals are, now is the time for that goal to be achieved. You are either getting a new job, changing jobs, or making a change at your job. You have to stop listening to all the negativity in your head though and take a leap of faith in order for this to come to fruition. With Mars in your first house and part of the Grand Air trine, fate and destiny may just impact you the most here.

Taurus – the 11th house is how we connect with others and find our tribe. It is networks and friend groups helping us achieve our goals in some way. But to get there we may have to stop having too much fun, or paying too much attention to our children or hobbies. You can’t use fun as a way to just keep escaping and hiding out. 11th house is bringing you a gift from a benefactor, but you may have to let go of something 5th house related to see it come to fruition.

Scorpio – the full Moon in the 5th house could give you the push you need to break free of some kind of outlet you use for fun, or help you take something more seriously that so far you only think of as a hobby. The 5th house is also romance, so there is the chance you start or end one with this energy. Something you feel passionately about is coming to a closure. The Sun in your 11th house has been helping you find success among your tribe. This is a battle of me vs we energy. Can you take something you are passionate about and use it to benefit others?

Gemini – the 10th house is our career, our fame, what we are known for. A full moon here brings a conclusion about something related to your career. Since the Sun is sitting in the 4th house of home and family something related to these topics is getting in the way of your success. This could be you being overly emotional and needing to balance your need for safety and security with your need for success. You can have both, if you learn to tune into what your emotional needs are as well as your ego needs.

Sagittarius – since the Moon is in your 4th house of home and family then something related to that area of your life is coming to fullness. Could be a move, something related to your mother, or something about your very foundation that is getting uprooted. With the Sun in your 10th house of career pushing you to pay attention to your career you might need to tone it down a bit. The needs of home and family are just as important, try to meet them somewhere in the middle.

Cancer – you’re comfortable with the Moon in your fellow water sign of Pisces and your 9th house of higher learning and expansion. You may have recently finished a degree, or learning something from a mentor. You could even be ready to decide to move overseas. The Sun in your 3rd house of community, cousins, and siblings may have had you focusing on things at the local level, staying close to home. But you don’t have to stay small, you can expand your views and achieve some amazing growth in the process.

Capricorn – the Moon in your 3rd house of communication could have had you focused on how you communicate with others, concluding a project, getting some kind of new electronics even. While the Sun in your 9th house has you focused on learning something at a higher level, like finishing a degree. Your Sun says you have to have the degree to feel successful, but the Moon in your 3rd house is saying you already know a lot, and the degree may not necessarily mean as much as you think it will at the end of the day.

Leo- the 8th house is our intimate partnerships, death and transformation, it is the money we receive from others. A goal you have to take a partnership to a higher level could be achieved, you could be ready to lower your walls and get closer. You also could get something like a tax refund. Or your partner could get a raise or a job change. The Sun in your second house has you focused on the money you make, and your job, but this could be getting in the way of taking your relationship to the next level. You may need to decide which is more important and fulfilling.

Aquarius – in the 2nd house your full moon relates to the money you make, the way you measure your self-worth, your values. Something related to your job, or the money you make is about to change. The Sun in the 8th house may have you putting too much energy and attention on sex, thinking that means your partner is the one. It doesn’t, if you have to give up the things you value to be together. But if you can find a way to make sure what you both value is being met, then voila there is harmony again in your intimate partnerships.

There is a lot going on in this full moon, and because it happens so late in the sign you may actually feel the influence of both the house and the one immediately before the house I mentioned. If you want to do a quick reading to know for sure, I have a Full/New Moon reading where we can look specifically at your chart. You can find that here.

Wishing you much love and light!

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