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Full Moon in Libra March 2019

The last super moon of 2019 and the last one at 0 degrees. It is a powerhouse moon and it occurs on the Spring Equinox. We haven't seen this since 1981. What was happening in your life during March of 1981? Are you seeing any similarities? I think we are already seeing signs and being given clues as to what this full moon means for us. Over the next several weeks you will see the impacts come to some sort of a conclusion and set the tone until at least the Summer Solstice, if not the full year ahead.

The moon will be at 0 degrees 9 minutes in Libra while our Sun is in Aries at 0 degrees 9 minutes. We are being pushed to balance our needs against the needs of others. Aries is the first house in the zodiac, representing self. Libra is the 7th, representing our partnerships. We need to find balance between the two. We can no longer overly focus on one area or the other. We can no longer lose ourselves in our relationships and we can no longer hide ourselves in solitary. We are here to learn from our relationships and this full moon will highlight exactly that for us. Work, family, marriage partners and friendships will be highlighted for us to review and make a fresh start.

Full moons bring things to culmination, hence we have the #9 represented during the time of the full moon. Nines also bring endings in order for us to experience new beginnings. The Spring Equinox is life after death, it is a transformation. We have emerged from Winter and are ready to spring forth with new growth. We must shed our old skin and welcome the sun where dark has been during our hibernation. The Sun being conjunct with Chiron at 1 degree says we are healing our inner wounds in order to create healed relationships.

See below for what all the players are doing during the full moon/spring equinox.

The ruler of the full moon in Libra is Venus. This planet currently sits in Aquarius at 23 degrees. In fact Jupiter and Mars also are at 23 degrees in Sagittarius and Taurus respectively. Our 2 benefic planets Jupiter and Venus form a sextile, and are enhancing the effect of the full moon with luck, love and beauty. The North and South Node are sitting at the 24 degree mark and therefore also involved. They form a trine and sextile with Mars, our warrior planet. This helps temper the square that is happening between Venus and Mars, but drives us to take some action on our destined path. All of this together highlights our karmic relationship patterns. We are being guided to review them, settle our karmic debts and move forward in the way that serves both partners for their highest good. This can bring endings to relationships that no longer serve us. This can bring new relationships, and this can level up any existing relationships. But in some way shape or form your relationships will be impacted.

Uranus is at the 0 degree mark in Taurus now, also ruled by Venus and inconjunct the Moon and semi-sextile the Sun. I know I know, you need a degree in Geometry to understand all these connections right now. Uranus is also the ruler of Aquarius, where yep, Venus is. So lady love is really ruling this Full Moon in a big way. This will not go by unnoticed. And love and money just might surprise you over the next year. How and what we value in these areas will change in ways you never imagined before. Aquarius is We the People, it is our networks, it is the internet, and it is a little erratic, like this article! This is riding a roller coaster. There will be sharp turns, there will be dips, and yep you might even get turned upside down. You want to create a mindset of excitement for the ride ahead. Don't go into it with fear, welcome the exhilaration. You are being brought to life now, and it can be oh so good, if you let this in.

Lest we forget our good friend Mercury, who is still retrograde and conjunct with Neptune and sextiling over to Saturn, who is conjunct with Pluto, see everyone wants to play during this full moon. Communication is the key. Neptune makes the communication a bit more dreamy, perhaps a bit too dreamy. So it just again takes focus on how to use this energy. You can write poetry, paint, study mysticism. Or you can get misled in all the fog. Backwards means relationships from the past are brought to the forefront with the full moon. But they aren't usually there for us to start again. They are presented so we can clear the air, have closure, accept the lesson. This might take some time to complete, but by the 28th you will see forward motion in this area of your personal chart. Saturn and Pluto want you to take your power back in your relationships. This is not a time for people pleasing, this is a time for setting boundaries. Neptune makes those boundaries blurry, so tap into Pluto/Saturn and put your foot down once and for all. You do deserve the best. And gosh darn it you are worth it!!

There isn't a better time to have a review of your natal and transit charts. There are so many planet energies involved here that it really takes an individual review to know how this will impact you. The impacts of this full moon as a result of being aligned with the Spring Equinox can set the tone for the entire year ahead. There is a lot to learn during this time and your chart shows it all to you. You can also just pull your chart to see it at the links below.

Where this is happening for you can be seen by creating a natal chart on sites like or then look at the specific house where this will impact you. Below are general readings based on your sun or rising sign, even your moon sign. Usually your rising sign impact is felt the most. Because this is at the 0 degree it is always good to look at the impacts of the sign ahead of yours as well. Especially if you don't know where your houses start and end.

Libra this is your full moon, and you will actually have 2 in your sign this year, the next one comes in April at the 29 degree mark, expect big changes in your life as a result. The first house rules the self, and if you were planning on any type of transformation you have all you need to get started on your path. What opposes you is your 7th house of serious relationships. So you are being asked to review how you balance fairly your energy between the two. The goal here is to take the improvement in your self image and use it in a way that benefits your partnerships. There does not need to be a battle of wills. You can create an interdependent relationship that allows you to have separate views, yet coexist in harmony. You cannot however continue to push your views on others.

Virgo this happens in your second house. This is the house that Venus rules. This is love, money, beauty and self-worth. With the opposition to the Sun in your 8th house, resources from others are impacting how you make money. Monies owed to you may be returned. Something you invested in may payoff. Pluto rules the 8th house and you are seeing where you need to transform your balance between how you make money and how you rely on others for money. How you give your power/money away. It might be time to keep some for yourself.

Leo in the 3rd house you have your communication, organization, contracts, personal travel, siblings neighbors, all being highlighted. Opposite is your 9th house of higher learning, foreign travel, our spirituality. Are you thinking too small? Are you holding yourself back for the sake of others. Are you missing out on your dreams just to keep those around you happy? Is there an article you need to finish, or a call you have been meaning to make. Use this energy to finish it up.

Cancer in your 4th house of home and family you are being pushed to balance work and family better. You can not focus your energy only in one place. You have got to bring better work life balance into your life and the full moon will highlight for you how to do just that. With the Sun shining a light on your 10th house of career and fame it is easy to get distracted by work. But something at home is ready to be wrapped up, so give it the focus it deserves.

Gemini the 5th house rules our creativity, our romances, our children. The opposition in the 11th house is about our network, our benefactors. This is me vs we type of energy. You might be getting lost in the priority of others. Are you allowing too much influence? The sun highlights your networking skills, but the moon reminds you that you are talented in your own right. The moon helps you to conclude a creative project, kick off a romance, and if you want children well this is the house that rules them and time for planting seeds. And if you don't forewarned is forearmed.

Taurus this happens for you in your 6th house of health, daily activities, work routines. This is a great time to finally kick off that new diet and exercise plan. But those darn fears and doubts with the Sun in your 12th house of your subconscious mind might be holding you back. You don't need to overthink this. It is a great time to start your meditation or yoga practice, so you better understand how to control those thoughts! Any health issues brought to the surface will benefit from a review of your diet and health routines. If you are wearing yourself down too much, this is a call to action to slow down and listen to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you, in a positive way. You could also go from working on your own to working for a large company. Or vice versa.

Aries you are seeing your 7th house highlighted. There is a push and pull going on in your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others. You, like Libra, need to find a better middle ground. Too much focus in either direction can no longer be sustained. This could highlight a serious relationship or partnership being brought to fruition. Just don't sign any contracts until Mercury moves forward if you can help it. But if you are looking for love, now is the time.

Pisces you are having all the fun with Mercury conjunct Neptune and in retrograde still. Hang in there! In your 8th house of transformation this full moon is extremely potent. The money you receive from others is opposed by the money you make on your own. There could be conflicts with your marriage partner on how the family money is being spent. Maybe one is not contributing enough. Or your marriage partner may find a new job. You and Virgo are having this push/pull in the area of money. Your ruler being Jupiter who is in a sextile with Venus says this should occur in a beneficial way though.

Aquarius your 9th house is highlighted with this full moon. You are being pushed to expand your learning, your understanding of your spirituality or maybe you are finally going to travel outside the country. Perhaps you are finally ready to finish your degree. Whatever the option you are being asked to no longer think or see yourself as small. The 3rd house opposition says we are battling being local, with expanding beyond our safe little neighborhood/world. Just because you are so busy with neighbors and errands and siblings, does not mean you should forget about your spiritual needs.

Capricorn the 10th house rules career and fame. With the opposition in your 4th house you also have the similar challenge as Cancer. At work you might see a long term project come to fruition, receive recognition for a job well done. But if too much time is being spent at work or on home you will see how to balance these 2 in a way that better serves you in the year ahead. Your home might be saying hey look at me! My windows are filthy, my carpets a mess, and I just need a little love and attention. Oh and the people who live there too. But the moon comes along to remind you that work needs your focus as well.

Sagittarius has the full moon in the 11th house of networking, friendships, and benefactors. You may benefit from one of these groups in a very positive way. If you have been on the fence about joining a particular group, this is a sign to move forward. This is also the time to bring your creative skills out to the public. Your gifts are meant to be shared with the world. The sun has been shining on this 5th house, pushing all your creative buttons.

Scorpio this is in your 12th house with the Sun opposing your subconscious mind in the 6th house of daily routines and work. This is a time to really listen to your intuition. Clear out your fears and stop getting stuck in the details. Stop hiding in your work. Yes you can let go a bit of your OCD behaviors that have been on overdrive as the sun has moved through your 6th house. Pick your head up and see the bigger picture unfolding in front of you.

The full moon journey is always a very personal one, so use the above as a way to just tune in and see what part of your journey is ready to be brought to completion, so you can start again. If you have crystals this is the time to put them outside and recharge them in the full moon energy. Same is true of your Tarot cards. And it is a great time to recharge yourself. So if possible get outside and absorb the light of the moon.

Wishing you much love and light!

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