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Full Moon in Leo January 28th, 2021

On Thursday January 28th we have a full moon in the fire sign of Leo. This happens at 9 degrees of Leo and Aquarius, since each full moon means the Sun is across the sky exactly opposite the moon. 9 represents endings, so there is a more significant ending here that we will see on a grand scale. The natural ruler of Leo is the Sun. This is the place where we shine in our charts. The Sun represents success and achievement. Leo is the 5th house of the Zodiac. Represented by the Lion, this sign rules over our children. It is the sign of joy, love, passions, and our hobbies. This energy likes to be on stage and is a real attention getter, and this full moon will be all of that and more. The Sun is in the opposite sign that it rules in the sign of Aquarius. So you have a weakened Sun shining a light on a Moon in Leo. You are seeing both sides of the Sun here, success and failure. Strength and weakness.

The Moon in the sign of Leo shows us where we are ready to bring an area of our life to completion. The Moon’s 28-day cycle means it is constantly changing. The Moon shows us what we need in this lifetime to feel safe and secure. This is how we express our emotions, how we feel, and it can represent our mother. The Moon in Leo wants to burn, feel passion, and it wants to be expressive. Your emotions need some sort of stage to express themselves on. This is very much a “Me” energy. We can channel this through our hobbies, our romances and through our children. One of these areas of your life is ready for closure. The other area will depend on where this full moon happens in your natal chart.

The Sun in the sign of Aquarius is exactly the opposite energy. Aquarius is about “We” energy, and how we are all connected. The energy is eclectic, inventive, and collaborative. It is the unexpected. This full moon asks us how do we find the middle ground between ‘me’ and ‘we’ energy. The answer is finding a way to speak up for the many, in a way that benefits the whole group, not just yourself. Those who cannot do so will see their time in the Sun come to an end. Aquarius celebrates us for being unique, for not exactly fitting in with the crowd. But the 11th house rules our friend groups. So the challenge is to find those friends who accept you as you truly are, not how you act just to fit in.

Also in opposition to the Moon, and exactly conjunct with the Sun, is Jupiter also sitting at 9 degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter expands upon whatever it touches. It is like adding fuel to the fire of the Leo energy. Jupiter is known as a benefic planet, meaning the energy is experienced in a way that is helpful to you achieving your goals. So, Jupiter is fueling your success. However, Jupiter also likes to teach you lessons. If you are being too big for your pants and your ego is far too inflated, you will see that during this full moon. The goal is for balance when you have energies that are in opposition to one another. To be successful you have to balance your ego and your emotions. Which means you can’t trample all over everyone else’s feelings just to get what you want. Wherever that is happening in your life will be brought to an end.

This full moon forms a t-square with Mars and Uranus in Taurus. While Mars is starting to separate from Uranus the exact conjunction still has Mars with some leftover erratic and explosive energy. The last time these 2 met up was at the very end degrees of Aries in February of 2019. The activity was all over the board. In the US announcements for who would be running for President in 2020 were made. A new attorney general was sworn in. There were explosions and attacks in other countries. The rover Opportunity’s mission on Mars came to end because of permanent damage to its communication system due to a storm. Uranus is an electrical storm on steroids with the added energy of Mars. So, you take that energy and it’s making a 90 degree angle to both the Sun and Jupiter as well as the Moon. This ending that you experience is going to be DRAMA! But here’s the thing sometimes it takes drama for you to finally end a false belief, in a person or a situation. Once free from this you will wonder how you ever got sucked in for so long. However, I don’t want to down play the seriousness of these clashes, they will be intense, and you will be best served safe and sound at home. Or in a place where you feel safe and sound if home is not that place for you.

Saturn sitting at 4 degrees of Aquarius is involved in this t-square energy as well. This is the one energy that is trying to keep everyone under control. But the energies being controlled don’t like it and are likely to be lashing out. Helping us heal our differences is this positive contact between Saturn and Chiron. This is where we need to tap in. We need to find ways to help others and when we do we will be helping ourselves. Saturn tells us to take this healing work very seriously. Square energy means we have to turn a corner, make a decision to go right or left. One thing is certain you cannot continue down the path you are on.

While not a part of the full moon itself we also have another major conjunction in the sky, Venus and Pluto. Pluto shows us our fears in love and money, our self-worth and our values, with the goal for us to take our power back and heal. Your self-worth cannot be measured by love or money. You are not worthy because of who you love or because they love you. You are not worthy because of the money you make or how much you have. You are worthy, simply because you are. Your value is at soul level, not at the surface or ego level. Venus is the sign of Capricorn values success, Pluto asks that she see success for what it really is, achieving our soul’s mission for being here. This energy asks you to go deep within, face your fears, and transform them into strengths. Secrets about our love partners may be exposed and brought to the surface now in order to take your power back.

Last but certainly not least Mercury is slowing down and about to go retrograde. This means chaos for electronics, communications and groups. Everything that has been happening since Mercury entered its shadow period on January 15th is now going under review. This full moon is a part of that review process. In fact, this ending needs to occur so the review can continue.

Where do you need to find balance to experience completion with this full moon?

Gemini and Sagittarius this is happening between your 3rd and 9th houses. Gemini you can conclude something related to your community, communication, even your commute, like a new car. Sag you are completing some sort of higher learning, spiritually or practically. Both signs are learning to balance the here and now with the bigger picture. Sometimes it is ok to think small. We can’t always be so focused on learning that we forget to teach. And just because we are a teacher doesn’t mean we are done learning. You have to continue to do both.

Cancer and Capricorn the full moon occurs between your 2nd and 8th houses. Cancer for you Leo rules your 2nd house of the money your make, your value systems. Capricorn your 8th house is ruled by Leo, this is the money you receive from others, especially how your partner contributes, including intimacy. Cancer you are releasing a block to self worth in a dramatic way. Capricorn you are releasing a block to transformation. You are both finding balance between the money you make and the money you receive from others. Relying too heavily in either area is holding you back.

Leo and Aquarius this full moon brings the 1st house of self and the 7th house of our partnerships into focus. This is the story of releasing our co-dependent relationships. Everything stated for the full moon above is directly impacting these two signs the most. Leo you are achieving a personal goal, but you can’t do this without paying attention to your partner’s needs. Aquarius a partnership ends that does not allow you to be yourself, in order to find one that does.

Virgo and Pisces could you be more opposite? Leo energy for Virgo is in the 12th house, which is not where Leo likes to be. It is the house of hidden things, the intangible. For Leo seeing is believing, for Pisces believing is seeing, it is the natural ruler of the 12th house. Aquarius rules the 6th house of work and daily routines for Virgo. It is also the house that represents our health. Pisces doesn’t necessarily appreciate all the organized details of the 6th house like Virgo does. They would rather get lost in a dream and create something. For both signs when we focus on the seen and unseen in our daily lives and bring the two things into balance our physical and mental health improves.

Libra and Aries the 11th and 5th houses are traditionally the Leo and Aquarius houses. So again all that is mentioned above is directly related to the themes of this full moon for you. Libra you are learning not to give all your power away just to belong to a group. Aries you are learning that your leadership skills can actually be used as part of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

Scorpio and Taurus the 10th and 4th house need to come into balance for you. Leo is the 10th house for Scorpio, you are recognized for being able to go deep and transform things. What was once deemed ugly you can make beautiful again with a moon in Leo. Taurus your home, or 4th house is full of children and love and joy and passion. You can’t continue to let work be your only focus. Both signs have to learn to balance home and family with a successful career.

None of the above comes easily because of all the intense energy out there right now. I have created a hypnosis series on my Youtube channel where you can work in a positive way with this Aquarius energy. It would be ideal to do so for the entirety of this Aquarius season. It will help you connect positively to those who allow you to be yourself and celebrate you for your uniqueness, you can find that here. And if you want a personal session with me to see exactly how this full moon will impact you based on your actual chart you can do that here.

Love and Light.

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