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Full Moon in Leo February 8/9 2020

If you read my monthly horoscope you already know this is an intriguing full moon. It occurs in the 2nd month of the year 2020 at exactly 20 degrees. The 2 represents partnerships, relationships and balance. All themes of this full moon.

The Full Moon always represents an opposition in the sky between the Moon and the Sun. The Moon is in the home sign of the Sun, where it is strongest. In Aquarius the Sun is weaker. In Leo the focus is on shining a light on the self, but in Aquarius we are shining a light on others. Taking the focus off of itself is not what the Sun excels at. The Moon represents our intuition, security, home and family. The message here is about how to find balance between focusing on your own needs and focusing on the needs of others, and tuning into your inner guidance to know how.

In Leo the Moon is feeling all the feels. Leo is love and fun, and hobbies, a child like energy. It is also the Lion energy and very prideful. But at 20 degrees it is about relationships, romance and love, passion. Leo is a fire sign, fast moving and powerful. Adding to its power is the connection to Mars by both the Moon in a trine and the Sun in a sextile. This adds drive and determination, and sexiness to your full moon goals. This is that final push you need in this area of your chart to bring a Leo goal to a conclusion. Take advantage of the extra Mars drive while you have it.

Aquarius energy is weird energy. It wants freedom, at the same time it wants unity. It's about connectedness, about bringing groups together to accomplish their goals. But it does not let you shine, you are one amongst the many. I am not saying if you are an Aquarius you don't shine. I am saying when you do, it's because of your uniqueness, like an Albert Einstein. Or because of the work you do with others.

Pluto and Saturn are both aspecting the Moon in a weird angle. It takes effort to connect these 2 different energies together. Leo is out there making a name for himself and playing, while Capricorn is nose to the grindstone, head down, working, working, working, and so serious. You can see how it takes effort to get these 2 energies on the same page. The only way to do that is to be aware. Make the effort. Find a way to bring fun into your work life and find a way to bring a level of seriousness to your fun.

During the full moon but not aspected by it, we have Venus in Aries conjunct with Chiron. We are loving our ability to heal others. Heal ourselves, and do it in a loving way. Love is the answer always whenever we are in pain. Right now you will feel that more than ever.

See below for what this Leo full moon may bring to completion for you.

Leo this happens in your first house, the house of self. There is a goal you have set for yourself and now you are ready to achieve it. Maybe you have been keeping that lion energy caged up and not let your roar out. Now is your time to shine! But you might need to break away from a partnership to do so.

Virgo you are working more behind the scenes, in secret on your Leo goals. The 12th house rules the subconscious mind, far away places, large institutions. Places where you can feel trapped, like say at work. Leo rules the heart and you could be finally ready to set your heart free and let it actually feel something for once, instead of keeping it trapped and safe.

Libra in your 11th house you are ready to make friends again. You may have been withdrawn from others lately, or keeping yourself too busy to spend quality time with those groups you used to be a big part of. You can complete something now that lets you come back and be a part of society again. You might have to stop focusing so much on your kids and let yourself focus back on you again.

Scorpio in your 10th house you are bringing some goal involving work to a final conclusion. You are ready to get back to something you are more passionate about. Taking on a leadership role. You might also be receiving some recognition for all the hard work you have been putting in lately. You just need to breakaway from home a bit more, from your roots, or a family history that is holding you back.

Sagittarius in the 9th house you feel right at home, you are aligned with this house naturally. This is a time where you are bringing to fullness some form of study, possibly taking a trip abroad, or making a connection with your higher power. This is expansive energy and you are ready to broaden your horizons. Maybe you are ready to graduate with a degree in child psychology. Whatever answers you are seeking you are bound to find them now. You just have to stop being so narrow minded with your beliefs.

Capricorn in the 8th house of transformation and sex you are ready to break free and feel loved by others again. You have been working hard on loving yourself and now it's time to start letting yourself feel that love from another. The 8th house rules intimacy and to share that with someone else the walls need to come down. Today could be that day. You simply need to stop feeling like you are the only one that can provide for yourself and let others help you.

Aquarius in the 7th house of serious relationships you may be able to put an issue to rest in your current relationships or start a brand new one because you finally let someone go. It oftentimes takes an ending to allow a new beginning. In your work partnerships you may be ready to sign on the dotted line and get your new venture off the ground. But do it quick as Mercury is about to hit the shadow period of the upcoming retrograde. You also need to stop focusing on just yourself and give more attention to partner goals.

Pisces your 6th house of health and daily routines means you may be able to make some changes that allow you to have some more fun! You have been bogged down by all the details and not letting yourself enjoy the lighter side of life. This also gives you the drive to tackle any type of health issue. Take advantage of this fire energy to get you fired up to tackle anything in your daily life. Most importantly get outside of your head. You are to focused on fake thoughts and they are weighing you down and stressing you out. Go exercise, it will make a world of difference.

Aries in the 5th house you are full of Leo energy. The 5th house rules love, children, hobbies, and romance. You might start a hot and heavy romance right about now, but be warned, it may be fleeting. But it will definitely be hot, hot, hot, so enjoy it while it lasts. So disengage from hanging out with all your friends, or clubs, and get some alone time with someone special.

Taurus your 4th house of home and family means there is a bit more focus needed where children are concerned or where your inner child is concerned. How much focus have you been putting on external things, like say, work?? But not giving anytime to your own needs or the needs of those at home. Or maybe you are too focused on things at home that you aren't giving enough energy and attention to your work? Find the balance again with this full moon.

Gemini in your 3rd house communication, writing, studying, have been keeping you busy. You are ready to finish up a course of study and put it to good use. This house also rules your local community. Are you trying to make a difference? Is there a program near and dear to your heart that you wish you had more time for. Pay close attention to the details right now before you launch or sign any contracts. Mercury is starting to slow down so while the full moon urges you to complete something, just don't forget to dot the i's and cross the t's.

Cancer the 2nd house rules the money you make. Is there a new job in the making? Are you ready for a new way to make money? This house also rules your value system and your self-worth. Maybe you are finally ready to take your hobby to the next level and turn it into a money making machine! For you there is a struggle with relying on others too much for help. Find the balance there.

Whatever your heart desires you can achieve with this full moon. Set your intentions to remove any blocks that may be holding you back. The Lion is meant to be free and meant to roar. He is a leader of many, and does not do well if outcast and alone. So open your heart to love in all forms with this full moon and let it be full.

Love and Light!

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