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Full Moon in Gemini 2023

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

On November 27th at 2:16 am MST we have a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini. Last year this was the last full moon of the year, and it happened with Mars conjunct to the Moon. This year it happens with Mars conjunct to the Sun in Sagittarius, opposing the Moon. So perhaps the tables have now turned. The Sun and Moon will be sitting at 4 degrees of their signs. 4 is the number of home and family, structure and stability. Will one need to be torn down in order for a new one to be built?

Each full moon grants us the opportunity to complete a goal, to create an ending. This can be something from 6 months ago, or maybe this is just from 2 weeks ago, when the Sun and Moon were together in the sign of Scorpio. When the Sun lights the Moon up fully, it means it is complete in its current 28.5 day cycle. To get even more messages about the Full Moon in Gemini check out my Astrology lesson and Tarot card reading on my YouTube channel here. Be sure to subscribe in order to be among the first to see the information shared.

Gemini is an Air sign, it rules over how we communicate with others, how we think. The ruling planet is Mercury, which also rules over communication, but also transportation and communication devices. The Zodiac symbol for Gemini is the Twins. There are always two sides when we communicate, or at least there should be. Gemini is also, how we think and how we communicate as a result of our thinking. It rules the lungs and the tongue! Great sales people and speech givers have strong Gemini, or Mercury placements. Those with a forked tongue may have their Mercury placement square to a planet like Neptune. They also could just be very creative storytellers. That’s because Gemini is the ruler of the 3rd house, the house of teaching, speaking and communicating. The energy is considered Mutable, so easily changing, in fact maybe changing a little too much, and too often. For even more details about the sign of Gemini check out my article and hypnosis session here.

This Full Moon in Gemini is one where we are using our intuition and feelings to communicate with others, but those feelings are a bit back and forth. Gemini likes to keep its options open, it likes to thoroughly review things, make those lists, organize and reorganize things before it might finally make a decision. With a Moon in Gemini you could be finishing writing or editing a book. You could be signing a contract. You could get some good news via email or the internet, all to do with the house this full moon happens for you. It could be what helps you finally make up your mind about something you are, or want to be doing.

The Sun always opposes the Moon, that is what makes it full. This time that Sun has a shot of steroid energy from Mars, so combined they are really putting it to the Moon. That means emotions will be running especially high during the Full Moon. Mars and the Sun are both living large in the sign of Sagittarius, both are fire energy. That makes it a time to be cautious with fire, around fire, and with our tempers. There is a chance for a real explosion. Sagittarius energy is big and fast and all about moving fast. It’s big picture energy, and doesn’t have time for all those small details like Gemini does. So, there is a need to slow down before you take off during this full moon. Some details you need to create this ending could get lost in all the excitement. So, remember to BREATHE.

The ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury, it is in the sign of Sagittarius, and speaking positively with the North and South Node. All three are sitting at 24 degrees. This means the information you get at this time, about whatever you need to complete, is fated. You may be learning something from the past, or hearing from someone from your past, in order to start something meant for you at this time. Pay close attention to the details of the information. Also, be sure you are staying aware of all conversations around you, not just the one’s directed towards you. This could easily be information you happen to over hear that starts you down a completely unexpected path.

Speaking of surprises, Venus is sitting pretty close to the South Node in Libra, in fact the planet is activating the eclipse point from October! So, yet another fated piece of the puzzle is coming to light now. This may mean you need to let go of something, or someone you love and head off on your own. Whatever this is, it’s unexpected, just like an eclipse. Venus is inconjunct with the planet Uranus, making whatever this choice is very exciting. With the South Node still inconjunct with Neptune in Pisces, just know that whatever is happening it is fated and meant to be. This is something to accept and make peace with, not something you can change. My mantra for these situations is ‘this is happening for me, not to me’ then take a deep breath and let your attachment to whatever this is, go.

There to help you decide what to do about all this tension is the planet Saturn, which will form a T-square to the Sun, Mars and the Moon. Saturn is what gives us the brakes in life. Mars and the Sun will not particularly enjoy being told to slow down. Saturn in Pisces has been working hard to teach us all how to set good boundaries, how to manage our borders even. Saturn started moving ahead at the beginning of this month, we should be ready to implement those boundaries at this time. Emotionally we need to get a grip on our feelings. The apex, or point of the triangle that is created by the t-square is the action we need to take as a result of the tension created by the opposing planets. Saturn is structure, it is restraint, it is a good plan that was given to you by Saturn to execute. It is the energy that is going to force restraint at this time.

Jupiter the ruling planet of Sagittarius is making a Quincunx, also known as being inconjunct to the Sun and Mars in its home sign. This could be some type of strange blessing, or benefactor, that provides you with the information you need about the action you need to take now. But it won’t be coming to you in a straightforward kind of way. In the sign of Taurus, it could be finances that come to you in a mysterious way. Maybe the financing you need to get your book finished, or pay off your college debts.

Let’s take a look at what you might see as a result of your Sun, Moon or Rising sign below. Be sure and read all 3. And to know what houses are actually being aspected be sure and create a birth chart, if you don’t have one already. Those house numbers on the inside of the chart, represent the area of your life that is being impacted. But before you do be sure and check out my Black Friday specials on this Small Business Saturday! There is a huge discount on my Hypnosis sessions. If you want to clear away the past and get clear on your future, book a session. It could be life changing. See the offers here.

Aries – the 3rd house is all things Gemini, conclusions involving school, extended family, your community and anything that involves writing, speaking and the way you think. Mars and the Sun in your 9th house really want you to be thinking bigger. With Saturn in your 12th house the answer might be within you. Or, it’s about choosing to go get that degree at a large institution because that is what the 12th house rules.

Taurus – the 2nd house is all about the money you make, something about that is going to change. With the pressure coming from the 8th house that rules the money your partner makes, some change they are experiencing could be affecting you. Are the two of you fighting about money? There may be a friend or mentor that can help you decide just what you need to do with Saturn in your 11th house.

Gemini- this is your full moon, something you are personally achieving, since this is happening in your 1st house. This is how you show yourself to the world. Is there a goal that involved a serious relationship? The 7th house is giving you some kind of pressure from your serious relationship sector. Have you finally made up your mind about what you want to contribute to a relationship? Something about your career may be getting in the way of your relationship with Saturn in your 10th house. Work may be putting a strain on your relationship, so it’s time to rebalance your priorities and show some love to your partner.

Cancer – in the 12th house you may be ending your involvement with a large institution, or just finishing a major project for one. This could mean you can start to slow down a bit and pay more attention to your health. The Sun and Mars in the 6th house are motivating you to focus on your health, to get active. 12th house is your mental health so there is a need to look at the things that are a part of your daily life that are disrupting your mental health. Saturn in your 9th house of growth and expansion is throwing a lot of support your way. This may be the time to work with a specialist to balance it all.

Leo – in the 11th house you may be achieving a goal that your group has been working on. This could also be finishing something you have been working on with friends. This project may have been keeping you too busy to spend time with your kids, or romantic partner. So, it’s time to get things back in balance. Saturn in your 8th house has been pushing you to make some serious changes, finish work on something major you are transforming. Looks like this is the final push and the butterfly will be bursting out of the cocoon at any moment.

Virgo – the 10th house is your fame and notoriety house, usually aligned with career recognition. Are you ready to put the finishing touches on a course you are developing? Or maybe a book you are writing? Has your family been distracting you, or just projects around the house? It’s time to figure out how to keep both areas of your life happy. Saturn has been working on your 7th house, so maybe its time you worked more with your partner, or find one, to help you manage the load.

Libra – in the 9th house you are looking to expand your horizons, to venture into things outside your comfort zone. The Sun and Mars in your 3rd house have been keeping you tied down with lots of busy work. But those faraway places are calling to you. Perhaps you are planning a trip overseas? Saturn in your 6th house of the work you do, and your health is going to have the final say so here. Should I stay or should I go? Saturn will tell you no one is going anywhere without a really good plan to handle the day to day while you are away.

Scorpio – the 8th house is energy you are completely comfortable with since this is the energy most closely aligned with your sign. Death, transformation, sexuality, money you receive from others. Which one have you been working on? With the Sun and Mars in your 2nd house of the money you make, it may be that you have been so busy making money that you can now pay off some big debt. Saturn in your 5th house of fun is actually telling you it’s time to plan time for just that, fun. Not too much of course this is Saturn we are talking about. But if you don’t take time out every once in a while all you are going to do is burnout.

Sagittarius – the 7th house is about achieving a goal that involves your marriage, or partner. But whatever they are achieving it can be putting some kind of strain on you. With the Sun and Mars in your 1st house you are in the spotlight. But Saturn in your 4th house says you need to both spend a bit more time focusing on home and family. Perhaps a project you can both do together at home is just what the doctor ordered.

Capricorn – the 6th house is a goal being achieved that affects your daily life. Could be work related, or health related. Are you perhaps taking some sort of certification course that is helping you get a job, or get promoted at your current job? The Sun and Mars in your 12th house may have you in the spotlight if you work for a large organization. Saturn in your 3rd house of communication is suggesting you need a bit of restraint, and better planning if this is all going to work out. Could be a mentor that will help you shine.

Aquarius – the 5th house is all about doing something you love. This is the house where we think about romance, and you think about it a lot with Gemini energy there. Communication is important when you want to feel loved. Maybe a group you work with, or belong to has been getting in the way of romance lately. Saturn in your 2nd house of the money you make has been keeping you pretty busy. But maybe, there is a break in all the activity, and now you can spend some time with the one you love.

Pisces – the 4th house rules home and family, is there a major move on the horizon or a major project you have been waiting to kick off around the house? Has work been getting in the way? It looks like there can finally be a breakthrough, and then work can finally start moving ahead. Saturn has been in your sign now for most of the year. It’s moving forward and offering you the support you need in your 1st house to command the attention you need to get whatever this conflict is resolved.

Where this actually shows up for you is based on your natal chart. All of the above is generalizations of course. The T-square will apply a lot of pressure so you feel it, and make a change. Don’t push against the pressure, use it to help move you forward in the best way possible. But move you will. If you need help identifying how, you can book a session with me here. I have steep discounts on my coaching packages to help you dig in and do the work.

Thank you for sharing my work with others who can benefit from the information.

Love and a Guiding Light


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