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Full Moon in Capricorn June 24th, 2021

June 24th we have a Full Moon in Capricorn at 3 degrees 27 minutes. The Sun opposes the Moon at the same degrees of Cancer. The opposition of Cancer and Capricorn pushes us to complete something related to work and structures, career, while balancing home and family responsibilities. The Sun shines the light from home to light the way for your financial success.

Capricorn rules the 10th house in the zodiac. It represents the top of our charts, our fame, career and what we are recognized for. When we have a full moon in this sign something in those areas of your life are ready to come to fullness or completion. The ruler of the sign of Capricorn is Saturn. This planet is a serious one, quite restrictive and responsible. The success you achieve is a result of hard work, not luck. Saturn requires planning, following the rules and a lot of discipline.

Whenever you have an opposition in transits or your birth chart in general, you have to learn how to balance the energy, find that sweet spot in the middle where the two can be in harmony. You learn to use the energy of both in a way that is cooperative vs just pushing against one another. The Sun in Cancer is about home, family, caring and nurturing others. Can you have the career success you seek while still providing love and caring to your family?

Blessing this Full Moon is Jupiter at 2 degrees of the sign of Pisces, where it has just turned retrograde. This means there is something from the past that helps you achieve a career goal in the present. A benefactor of some kind that helped you before returns to help you again. This could be someone who offered you a job in the past, or you worked with in the past for example. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so whatever it touches it makes larger than life. This ending of the full moon might be big and a bit dramatic. In the sign of Pisces Jupiter makes emotions much more dramatic. Pisces is also very dreamy creative energy. You may find the inspiration to finish a work of art, like a book or song. Take advantage of this major blessing being offered to you now. About every 12 years this planet returns to this same place in your chart. What themes are showing up for you again?

Also of note during the Full Moon is the fact that Mercury has now ended its retrograde and sitting at 16 degrees of Gemini. This gives you some extra momentum and clarity of thought. This has been a tough retrograde season with Mercury going backwards in its home sign, but things are about to get much clearer. Slowly but surely you are able to see clearly what needs to end.

Venus and Pluto are also in opposition in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. So we have another layer of pressure between home and career. Capricorn also represents government structures and figures. Venus could be beautifying the home and Pluto is worrying you won’t make enough money at your job to pay for it. Or, just wanting to beautify your home but being too busy at work to do it. Venus is also love and this could be a message about ending your focus on work and allowing some time for love to show up for you.

Neptune at 23 degrees of Pisces is in a trine to Venus and a sextile to Pluto. This heightens your intuition and your creativity. Venus and Neptune contacts feel lovely, like being in love with love. Pluto empowers your emotions. While not a part of the actual Full Moon energies this element enhances the overall energy since it is occurring at the same time. A clue to how this shows up for you can be found in the houses that these signs represent in your chart. Let’s look at that now.

The following are just general forecasts based on whole sign houses for your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. The most impactful is the Rising sign. Knowing your exact birth time and location you can create a free chart and understand how the full moon will impact you most.

Capricorn - this happens in your first house and represents a whole new beginning for you. The opposition comes from your 7th house of serious relationships. How can you achieve your personal goals and still maintain a healthy relationship? What partnership or relationship has to end so you can become a brand new you? Maybe a partner shines a light on you to teach you how strong you are on you own.

Cancer - this happens for you in your 7th house and asks you the same type of question. Do you need to end a period of solitude or end a serious relationship in order to achieve your goals? The Moon in your 7th house brings some sort of serious relationship to a conclusion, or could bring you a new relationship. What part of your independence do you need to release in order to welcome a serious relationship in?

Sagittarius - the Moon is in your 2nd house of values and how you make money. This could bring this area of life to fullness while you release your reliance on money you receive from others. As a result you start a new job, or create a new source of income. It also could bring a change in the way your significant other makes money. Maybe they lose a source of income and you have to contribute more. Now would be a good time to combine resources and equally contribute.

Gemini - the Moon will be in your 8th house, which can end an intimate relationship while you focus on your own self worth. Or you take your power back in a relationship because you realize your worth. In some way you are bringing an intimate relationship to an end that does not serve you. Or if you have been seeking more intimacy you realize it’s time to drop those walls and let love and intimacy in.

Scorpio - the 3rd house rules your community, siblings, cousins and your communication skills. This is also the house that rules our studies. You could be finishing up a degree of some kind. The Sun shines from your 9th house of higher learning and expansion, foreign travel. If you want to advance your learning you have to complete your current studies. If you want to move overseas you have to be willing to let go of your current community.

Taurus - the 9th house can bring some journey to completion. This is the house of life teachers, think guru or spiritual teachers. Enlightenment is yours when you stop thinking so small. You could also be called to complete a journey in a foreign land or with a foreign person. If your goal is to move overseas now could be the time to bring that to reality. Can you let go of where you belong to start a new journey?

Libra - the Moon will be in your 4th house which says something involving home and family is coming to a conclusion. Are you buying or selling home? Moving? What about your job or career do you have to change in order to do that? What about your relationship with your mother or motherhood is needing to be resolved? Where can you be more caring and less stern? The Sun shining a light from your career sector shows you where you need to adjust your career goals to achieve that fulfilling home life you desire.

Aries - a career goal can be achieved with this Full Moon, but it requires a change at home. This is a bit of independence from your family in order to achieve the success you desire. The Sun shines the light from home so it means you have the love and support of your family to achieve your dreams.

Virgo - the 5th house of fun and romance means you could bring your goals here to reality. Do you have a hobby you want to spend more time on or one you want to let go of to start something new? Is your romantic life ready to be more fulfilling? You might need to be willing to stand out more from the crowd. The Sun in the 11th house shines the light from some group you belong to, or a benefactor shows up and helps take your hobby to the next level. Maybe a friend becomes a lover? You just have to learn how to balance being friends and lovers. But really isn't that the best of both worlds?

Pisces - the Moon will be in your 11th house so you have a major blessing occurring with the full moon. Someone from your networking group could give you the help you need to achieve your dreams. But you have to let go of some of that joy and fun in order to achieve it. Better yet figure out a way to combine them both.

Leo - the 6th house rules our daily work and our daily routines. It also rules our pets and our health. Whatever you have been working to achieve in these areas can come to fullness now. This could bring a new job, a new pet. But you may have to release the one you already have. The Sun shines a light from the 12th house which rules the subconscious mind, also large institutions. You may have to leave that corporate job and go out on your own.

Aquarius - the Moon in your 12th house can help your remove some blocks in the subconscious mind. If you work for a large institution like the government you could be achieving a new goal, or you could be heading off overseas. The 12th house rules faraway places and things that are hidden. A secret could come to the surface. The Sun in your 6th house says something in your daily life plays a role in bringing this out in the open. There might be something that is a part of your daily life you need to release in order to get to where you are meant to be.

Of course if you want to know specifically where this could happen for you book a reading with me or sign up for one of my coaching packages to work on longer term goals. You can also try out my hypnosis session for the energy of Capricorn to gain insight on these full moon events. Check it out here.

Love and Light!

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