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Full Moon in Cancer January 17th, 2022

On January 17th we have our first full moon of the year in the sign of Cancer, which rules over home and family, motherhood, and giving comfort. Full Moons are a culmination point, where we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves in this area of our life and of our birth chart.

For a full moon to occur the Sun must be opposing the Moon. This means during this full moon the Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn, as this is the opposite sign in the zodiac. Capricorn rules over government, being governed, corporations, structure. It is the 10th house of the zodiac which represents the high point of our chart, our success, our career, what we are most known for, or recognized for. It is seen as how we achieve fame in this lifetime. During the full moon, the Sun will be very close to the planet Pluto. Yes, we astrologers still refer to Pluto as a planet regardless of what ‘science’ has deemed it to truly be. Since this is the planet of death and transformation it only makes sense that even it has to go through transformation. Even now there is discussion that the original re-assessment was incorrect and it is still a planet, a powerful one at that. I digress.

With the Sun conjunct to Pluto you feel extremely powerful, your ego is huge, you think you can do anything. However, with the Moon standing across the sky in its home sign of Cancer, it is also feeling rather powerful. This gives you pause, time to reflect on how your goals are potentially damaging your home life. We have seen this battle for some time now with the emphasis on Capricorn energy in the past 2 years. We are still learning how to balance the needs of our career with the needs of our family. We are still learning how to focus on our feelings, not just on material things. Each full moon is an opportunity to see how these two areas are conflicting in our life, and what we can do to help them work together. How do we bring balance between the two energies? This is exactly why we have seen the huge push for work from home careers. The best of both worlds for some, is when we can be around family, while we do our job.

With the Sun conjunct to Pluto we have the power to transform our goals into success, but we have to do so while we care and nurture those around us. If you are trying to just go it solo, it’s time for a wake-up call. The asteroid Ceres in Taurus will be supporting you achieving your financial goals. This feminine energy is represented with the shape of a sickle. Ready to complete the harvest. Perhaps you have some sort of financial gain. Something you have worked hard for is ready for a big payoff.

But this might not happen exactly as you would expect. Mars is inconjunct this full moon, which means the actions you have been taking aren’t in sync with your actual feelings, or you are ignoring them all together.

Venus and Mercury are both retrograde now, so again we have the influence of something from the past helping you achieve this completion. It’s a good time to review something started in the past and bring it back to life with the help of Pluto. See it in a new light and see a whole new side to things. What once seemed dead, is brought back to a new and better life. Venus is also trine to Uranus and will continue to be through the end of her retrograde. So, something involving love, money, beauty, our values, could come to fulfillment in a surprising way. Both planets are in retrograde so a definite past life, love type of influence possible during this time. Uranus however, has slowed down and stationed to turn direct. So, its energy is really fueling up Venus. It is as if the Full Moon is also a culmination of your Uranus retrograde journey as well.

Mercury while it was turning retrograde has been stationed in an exact square to Uranus, also stationed to end it’s retrograde. This has been causing a lot of frustration. So, while Mercury is officially moving backwards now, Uranus is still stationary and about to move forward. This is causing the same kind of boost to Mercury that Venus is getting, just not as pleasant. Not a good time to let others trigger you, and end up saying something you will regret. It is a good time to be open to surprise endings that seem to come out of left field. Even if it is just a way of thinking that you can finally let go of. The kind of situation where you go, wow I can’t believe I used to think like that about so and so.

Neptune is sitting a bit wide of this Full Moon, but still of a certain amount of influence, especially as the Moon and Neptune are both in water signs. This helps us make that emotional connection that is needed to bring our dreams and desires to reality. Our creativity and intuition have been enhanced by the contact to all these planets. Now as Neptune moves forward your dreams can be seen; the fog can clear. A creative pursuit of some kind can be achieved.

The North Node and South Node will shift into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio on the 19th this means there is a positive aspect of fate involved with these endings, or the fulfillment of your Cancerian goals. We will be more grounded in the pursuit of our goals and life purpose as these next 18 months see the North Node in the slow and steady earth sign of Taurus. The South Node in Scorpio sees us releasing those things that block us from truly experiencing a connection to our emotions, the magical and the mystical. For some this means releasing your false attachments to material things that give you a false sense of security and success.

Lots of energy going on with this Full Moon! Let’s see what you can expect based on your Rising, Sun or Moon Sign. Reminder if you want to tap into the sign of Cancer you can do so with my free self-hypnosis track here.

Cancer – the full moon occurs in your 1st house, which represents the self. If you have been revising how you present yourself to others, now is when that transformation may be complete. If you have been working on sharing your caring and nurturing side more now is a good time to start showing that to others.

Leo – you have the sign of Cancer in your 12th house which rules the subconscious mind, large institutions, the hidden and unseen. When the 12th house is activated it can be a more subtle event for you. But if you work for a large organization you may see something about your role come to a conclusion. Perfect time to work with this energy to heal old wounds related to your family.

Virgo – in your 11th house something about your friends or your networking groups could be coming to fruition. You could be receiving some sort of help or guidance from a benefactor. Perhaps a financial windfall is possible. This is the dreams and wishes house after all.

Libra – Cancer rules over your 10th house of career, fame and recognition. You could achieve a goal at work. Start a new job, or quit one that no longer serves you. Perhaps you are just feeling more emotionally fulfilled about the work you do.

Scorpio – the 9th house rules over your connection to spirit, it is our house of higher learning and foreign travel. Something involving a foreign country could come a conclusion at this time. This could involve a family member moving or arriving from overseas. This is a good time to focus on closing any open wounds involving family members who are far away. Also a good time to finish up a course of study.

Sagittarius – the 8th house rules the money we receive from others, like our spouses, our partners, the government. This could mean a spouse is getting a bonus or changing jobs. It is also our intimate partnerships so you may see barriers to your relationship be removed in order to get closer. Moon in Cancer is emotional connection being created.

Capricorn – the Sun in your sign is opposing the Moon in Cancer which puts the highlight on your 7th house of marriage and business partnerships. The conclusion can bring the ending of a relationship, or it can be the fulfillment of one like an engagement. All depends on whether or not you are with the right partner at this time.

Aquarius – with the 6th house activated something about your daily life is coming to a close. Could be your job, or the people you work with at your job changing. This house also rules over your health, so if you have been struggling with something now you may finally get answers, or finish healing.

Pisces – the 5th house rules our hobbies, our fun, our children our romances. Trying to get pregnant or not trying? Chances are really high right now for this to happen. Also, could mean the end of a romance, or that romance going from just being fun to being more serious. Maybe you have a child who achieves a goal, or if they are old enough announces their pregnancy.

Aries – the 4th house of home and family means whatever has been going on with your family members is coming to a conclusion. If you have been going through a divorce, moving, renovating, now is the time for these things to finally wrap up. If there have been any family feuds now is the time to resolve them.

Taurus – the 3rd house rules our communication skills and devices, including our vehicles. Perhaps a role in your local community is coming to a close now. This is also the house of learning so you could be ready to finish a course of study of some kind. Or stop making excuses and sign up to go back to school. If you are feeling the desire to buy a car however, wait. We are in Mercury and Venus retrograde, not the best time.

Gemini – the second house rules over the money you make, your value systems, self-worth, and love. Something about how you make money could be changing. Finally valuing yourself enough to get you out of a bad situation involving love or money is possible as well. You could have a new job and a new boyfriend/girlfriend by next week!

Keep in mind this Full Moon happens very late in the sign of Cancer, so knowing which house is impacted will be best done by looking at your birth chart. If you don’t know your birth time then look at the signs before and after to get an idea of the energy that is showing up for you. You can also always book a New Moon/Full Moon reading which is a short session to focus on just the energy of that event. Here.

Love and Light!

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