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Full Moon in Cancer December 29th, 2020

The Full Moon in Cancer happens on Dec 29th/30th depending on where you reside. It happens at 8 degrees and 53 minutes of Cancer, which makes this a double 8 message. The 8 in numerology is about infinite possibilities, it is also a number of strength and success. It will occur at 10:26 PM Eastern Time, 3:26 am Universal time. Again, notice that 8 message in the time of day.

The Sun will be at 8 degrees of Capricorn opposing the Moon at 8 degrees of Cancer. I like to use what we astrologers call an orb of 5 degrees. Meaning if you have planet placements from 3 to 13 degrees especially in either one of these signs you will notice the impact to one of the personal planet energies as well. Each Full Moon we have a chance to bring our Ego self and our Emotional self into better balance. This need for balance is reflected in the signs of the opposition energy.

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is highlighted because the Sun is transiting there. This is a need for control, and exerting it, and father energy. The Moon in Cancer is an emotional connection to home and family, mother energy specifically. Full Moon’s bring something to completion where the Moon is placed, this completion comes about easier when we learn to balance the opposing energies. It’s in some respects like being a single parent, and learning to balance your paternal and maternal instincts.

The two houses represented by the Full Moon are the 4th, Cancer, and the 10th, Capricorn. This is home and family versus work and success. You can have both this full moon says, if you learn to balance how you spend your time and energy, where you put your focus needs to be in balance. You find in this full moon you can be successful in your career with the love and support of your family. You do better in your career when you incorporate ‘feeling’ into the equation, not just hard work. Saturn loves that discipline, but the Moon loves that feeling and using our intuition. You can do both, and in fact the lessons of the past 18 months while the North and South Node transited these two signs has been trying to show us that. The North Node in Cancer was teaching us to use our feelings, to express them. The South Node reminds us what we learned in a past life, shows us what karma we carry as a result of that past life. It is meant to serve as a lesson, not a crutch. We should not rely heavily on the South Node while ignoring our North Node lessons for growth, our life purpose in this lifetime. These two points are always in opposition to one another, and oppositions mean we need to find balance, just like every full moon asks.

The full moon is making a sextile to Uranus from the Moon and a trine from the Sun. That makes this full moon full of surprises, twists and turns that helps us complete this lesson in our chart. What New Moon wishes did you make when the Moon was in Cancer this summer? This can be the final culmination of those wishes. Uranus in Taurus is at 6 degrees and still retrograde, so there is a past influence with this full moon.

The planet Jupiter is sitting at 2 degrees, and 22 minutes. This is the Angel number 222, a repeating number with a message from your spirit guides. The number 2 represents a need for balance, as in the exact message of the full moon. It also is a sign you are on the right path, and just need to hang in there. Keep watching for messages from your guides like seeing 222, or 333. When you see those numbers try to focus on what you were just thinking about or doing, it is a sign you need to tune in and stay present.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn is about working hard to stay connected to others with a purpose. The positive connection over to Chiron, the one who heals the wounds of others so he can heal himself, gives us a purpose with this full moon. Stop focusing on you and focus on healing others. You will be amazed how doing so actually helps heal you. The subconscious mind does not discern between what you say to or about others and what you say to yourself. It simply hears everything you say and acts on it. Keep that in mind the next time you are bashing someone and wonder why bad things keep happening to you. Time to nip that bad habit in the bud. But on the positive side when you are working on healing someone else and having that kind of dialogue, the subconscious mind is listening and healing right along with the other person. This is also why I recommend helping others when you are suffering, it gets you focused on taking action that is helpful not sitting with unhelpful thoughts. So how have you helped another heal lately? How have you shown up in supportive ways? And no this does not mean sharing your opinion on how someone should live their life. See how expansive Jupiter is? The planet has a lot to share!

Couple of things going on with the squares happening during the full moon. Pluto and Mars are still having a bit of a war and battle for control. Mars is starting to move away from the exact square, but this is still being felt in the actions of others. This is the final conclusion of these two planet’s lessons from the start of the retrograde last August. Whatever you started on it can now come to a conclusion, but you have to take action, and take your power back.

Venus and Neptune are also making a harsh square. This is love needing to have a purpose, a higher purpose specifically. Venus in Sagittarius gives us a love for knowledge, travel and moving forward. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces can be a bit delusional. This could cause some rose colored glasses to be knocked off where love is concerned. But it can also stir your creative passions. Give this energy a positive outlet and you can put it to good use. Pisces is also the sign that rules our creative gifts. It is a very emotional water sign, sometimes a bit victim minded. It is in harmonious aspect to the full moon, so use it to engage in a hobby or past time like art or singing and bring it back to life.

Where can you focus your energies and your full moon ceremonies based on sign and house? See below for Sun, Moon or Rising sign.

Cancer – this is your full moon so it happens in your first house. This is an accomplishment involving yourself that comes about because of balancing your needs with your partners needs. This is moving away from co-dependent relationships and finding interdependent one’s. The surprise that helps you comes from your 11th house, which is the house that rules our friends and connections to groups.

Gemini – this happens in your 2nd house which rules your self-worth and values along with the money you make. You are learning to make your own way, learning to rely on the money you make instead of the money you get from others. Learning that you have to value yourself, not the material things you get from others. The surprise comes from your 12th house of large institutions, far away places, and the subconscious mind. You could have a new source of income from overseas.

Taurus – the Moon will be in the third house for you. This is about learning how to communicate how you feel in a way that people understand. It is time to take those big intangible ideas and translate them into real life. The surprise for you occurs in some form of self-realization with Uranus in your first house.

Aries – the 4th house of home and family is highlighted for you. You could be moving, or making a major change at home. There is a need to balance your career focus with the focus on connecting with your family. The surprise for you comes from your 2nd house, perhaps a new job opportunity causes you to move.

Pisces – the Moon will be in your 5th house of children, hobbies, and fun! Could be you are ready to have a child, or you could simply be ready to give birth to a hobby. You are learning to put your own needs first and not just focus on everyone else’s. The surprise for you happens in your 3rd house of communication. You get a surprise call or email with some sort of announcement, some kind of contract is changing or ending.

Aquarius – with the 6th house highlighted you are completing something related to your health, your work, any type of daily routine, especially those involving your health. You could be making a job change, perhaps moving overseas, as the Sun is in your 12th house which also rules far away places. The surprise for you comes from something related to your home or you mother. You too may be moving for a new job.

Capricorn – the Moon will be in your 7th house of serious relationships and work partnerships, the ending of one so a new one can come in. You like Cancer are finding relationships where you are valued for who you are. The surprise for you happens in your 5th house of children and hobbies. Maybe your child somehow introduces you to a new partner?

Sagittarius – the 8th house where the Moon is rules other people’s resources, it also rules our intimate partners. Closure here perhaps to a relationship or to removing a block to intimacy. You are finding a way to be in intimate partnerships without giving your power away, making better partner choices. The surprise for you happens in your 6th house of work and daily routines. Some good news may come in involving your job or your partners job.

Scorpio – the Moon will be in your 9th house of higher learning, foreign places and personal expansion. This could bring a very big spiritual awakening for you. This pushes you to let go of controlling all the details of daily life and see the bigger picture. You can actually do both, and in fact doing so will show you why all those details actually matter in the bigger picture, you need both. The surprise happens in your 7th house. A serious relationship or partner may come along to help you shift your view.

Libra – the 10th house of career is highlighted by the full moon. This is a change in status for you. A career change is possible, one that helps you balance home and family responsibilities better. The surprise comes from your 8th house, some kind of a financial windfall, maybe some kind of seed money for your new career.

Virgo – the Moon is in your 11th house of networking, friend groups and what I like to call your fairy godmother energy. You may find a new group that helps you elevate your hobby into a money-making endeavor. The 11th house helps you focus on the needs of others instead of just your own, but there is balance needed between the two. The surprise occurs in your 9th house of higher learning, and your connection to spirit. Could be a bit of inspiration from above that helps you finalize something. Divine intervention.

Leo – the 12th house has you working on your subconscious mind. With the Moon there you can be connected to your spiritual and psychic gifts. You need to let go of some control in your daily routines and let spirit guide you more. The surprise shows up in your career sector. This could be a calling that shifts your career to a more spiritual practice.

All of the above are based on whole sign houses, but where and how this actually shows up for you will be based on your actual birth chart. This could mean the message for the house before or after the one’s I mentioned have more of an influence. The best way to know for sure is to create a free chart on a sight like then you will know exactly what you are working with.

Full Moon in a water sign is the perfect time to work with water, mud in particular if you take the combination of the Moon in Cancer, water, and the Sun in Capricorn, earth. A perfect balance of the two makes mud. Mud mask anyone while you set your intentions and soak in a hot Epsom salt bath? You can also speak your intentions into a glass of water, then drink it, but please do not try to drink mud.

If you would like help understanding the energy of your chart book a session with me. I would love to work with you as we move into the energy of a 5 year in 2021. I can help you navigate the changes that are coming your way.

Love and Light!

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