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Full Moon in Aries October 13th

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I recommend a second cup of coffee for this one! The full moon in Aries is a bit of a powerhouse as you might expect with the ruler of the Full Moon being Mars the planet of war. While this could show up externally, the real war is within as the Sun and Moon are both in an exact square at 20 degrees to Pluto. Aries is the first house of the zodiac, a cardinal sign, and a fire sign. If you know any Aries Sun sign people you know they are fiercely independent, know what they want and have no problem going after it. Some might even be a little hot headed. Even the image of a Cardinal conjures up visions of a Red Bird. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Needless to say, it will be hard to just sit still and do nothing with the full moon. Fire signs and Cardinal signs are both about taking action. However, the action you take is being called out by Pluto to change directions. Squares mean we have to make some adjustment to the action we are taking in order to make things work. So our personal power and our emotional power need to adjust as right now they are working against each other. Pluto is showing you where you give your power away in relationships and how you need to take it back. How you are giving into your emotions that are no longer serving you.

Aries is where the Moon is sitting, so emotionally you are feeling into your own strength and independent spirit. However, the Sun is shining over to you from Libra, the sign that rules our relationships. The message here is a resounding one. How do you balance yourself in a healthy way in your relationships? Every full moon is an opposition energy. It is a journey of the Moon over the past 28.5 days, and a completion. Think back to April 5th when we had the New Moon in Aries. What are you ready to bring to completion? What have you been working on where the self is concerned?

The emotional Moon in a Fire Sign means we have the capacity to feel things, things that make us burn at our core. For some this is a great feeling of intensity. But if you shy away from letting yourself 'feel' well then this Full Moon might be pushing you outside of your comfort zone, which is exactly Pluto's role here. Where ever you are on the pendulum between relationship to others vs relationship to self, Pluto is giving you a huge shove back to center. Pluto is never subtle when you are out of balance, he burns things to the ground in an effort to remove them from your transformation journey. So where do you sit? What is getting in the way of you relating to yourself or relating to others? Where are you giving your power away.

Even the degree, 20, reduces to a 2 making the energy 222, an angel message also about relationships, having faith, trusting in the Universe. You are always best to do the work yourself instead of having it done for you. However, some people just won't choose to do the work. You can try to continue in your co-dependent relationships, but they will keep deteriorating, and they will keep sucking the life out of you until you are so exhausted you simply cannot function anymore. You can watch Pluto pull you out of them, or remove this life sucking energy from your life. Or are you so closed off you don't even participate in relationships anymore? Are you only worried about yourself and your needs that you don't give enough to your partners, or your children? Is it just me, me, me? Which is very Aries energy btw. You also can't continue to use the excuse that you are working on yourself. We learn and grow by being in relationships, personal one's. Not superficial ones, not one's based solely on sex, and not one's where we just mold ourselves into our partner's lives instead of living our own.

Our goal with this full moon is Interdependent relationships. Where we both have our own lives and then blend them together in a healthy way. We maintain our independence, and do not need the other person to survive. This means you do things on your own, you have your own friends, hobbies, likes, dislikes. And you are okay if your partner's interests are different than your own. You don't need to feel threatened by your differences. They are what make life interesting. Now I am not saying you have to agree with everything your partner chooses, especially if those choices are harming them or others. But I am saying give them some freedom to be who they are. And more importantly give yourself permission to be who you are. Didn't you once have a dream? What happened to that? Why did you just adopt your partner's lifestyle and just start doing all the things they like to do, or supporting their dreams while forgetting about your own? Yes it feels good to be wanted and needed, but not 24/7. There has to be a balance. So whatever your personal journey, take note, if you are out of balance be brave enough to see it with this full moon, and then take action to rectify the situation. This includes, partners, spouses, children, co-workers, any serious relationship. Remember once your kids are adults your relationship with them should become one that is also adult. Meaning you can't solve all their problems for them anymore, just like no one solved yours.

So Maralee you ask, this seems like a big task to take on how do I do the work? I am so glad you asked! You tap into the wonderful energy we also have going on during the full moon with Jupiter in a sextile to the Sun, and a Trine over to the Moon. Jupiter expands which adds to all the emotions we may be feeling during this full moon. You have the power to make these changes. Here is my recommendation. Sit down with pen and paper and draw a teeter totter. On the left your strengths in relationships, on the right your strengths on your own. What makes you feel strong? Are the lists uneven? And no cheating and thinking harder about one vs the other. Me vs We. Now in the middle triangle, this is Pluto's list, the things you need to transform in order to bring balance back into these 2 areas. Here is an example completely made up and any resemblances to real life people is coincidental. Fiercely independent woman whose self side of the teeter totter might look like this. Intelligent, smart, financially secure, safe, independent, own authority, freedom, peace and quiet, solitude, self-sufficient, handy, stubborn. Think things that help you enjoy being in a relationship with just yourself. Now think about the things that make you strong in a relationship. Caregiver, advice giver, financial support, companionship, partnership, authority figure, problem fixer, listener. Wow this person sounds awesome right? They are super strong on their own and because they are they know how to help others!! WRONG! So in the little Pluto triangle what this person needs is to learn how to receive. All they do is Give, Give, Give no matter what. Yep that song with a new twist. So their mission is to work with Pluto and Jupiter to remove the blocks to being able to receive. To work on the relationship with themselves so they are able to be open to receiving love from others. And there is a fine line between spending time working on yourself and hiding from others with that as your excuse. How many years has it been now? It takes relationships to grow, it is why we are all here, it is the purpose of our existence. Grow, love, and share that love.

So what might be out of balance for you based on your Sun, Moon or Rising signs? What areas are you focused on? Let's take a look at the houses involved, along with where Pluto and Jupiter are sitting. Now keep in mind this is general information. How this shows up for you is completely dependent on your chart. If you want to know more, then book a reading with me. There is a lot coming up between now and the meetup between Pluto and Saturn in January of 2020, so worth the effort to get prepared for this once in a lifetime event. What governs you is about to go through a complete transformation. The structure and routines that exists today may be burned to the ground if they allow you to give your power away. This is not subtle and it will not go by unnoticed. We will grow from the experience on the world stage and in our personal lives, most likely in our personal lives as a result of what happens on the world stage. But for now let's focus on the full moon shall we?

Aries/Libra - This is the theme of the full moon. Me vs We. The time you spend on your own or the energy you spend on yourself vs the energy you spend on others. 1st house vs 7th with Pluto in the 10th house of work and career for you Aries. What adjustments do you need to make with your career in order to have better balance in your relationships Aries? Jupiter in your 9th house suggests connecting with a higher purpose, taking a trip to a foreign country together, or opening yourself up to learning something new. Libra you have Pluto in your 4th house of home and family. Are you so busy taking care of family that you don't make time for your partner? Jupiter in your 3rd house says it is time to communicate how you feel so you and your partner can get on the same page.

Pisces/Virgo - The money you make vs the money you receive from others. Your self worth vs how others value you. The money you make is tied into your self worth. The 2nd house is also about the things we value. The 8th house is about partnerships, intimacy, death, sex taxes and transformation. This is the house that Pluto rules, and Pluto is sitting in your 5th house Virgo, saying you might be spending too much money on fun, or children, and not enough investing in yourself. Jupiter in the 4th house for Virgo is helping you expand your home, whether virtually or physically. Use this time to strengthen your foundations on the home front. For Pisces Pluto is in the 11th house of networking, showing you where the groups you belong to are blocking your from growing your relationships. Too much time spent there perhaps? Jupiter in your 10th house is showing you how to take advantage of strengths, things you are known for. You are meant to shine, not just hide in the crowd.

Aquarius/Leo - The 3rd and 9th houses both have to do with learning and communicating. The first is how you communicate with those closest to you and the second is how you communicate with your higher power. Are you so caught up in your spirituality that you aren't focused on the here and now? Or is the opposite true? You're only focused on the day-to-day and are not looking at the big picture? Pluto is in your 12th house Aquarius, showing you there are subconscious blocks you need to become aware of. Jupiter in your 11th says there are networking groups that can help you with those blocks. Leo you have Pluto in your 6th house of work and daily routines, showing you an adjustment needs made in your personal habits. Look to Jupiter in the 5th house, which is showing you ways to incorporate more fun in your daily life or routines.

Capricorn/Cancer - The 4th and 10th houses are home and family vs work and career. Being out of balance or focused too much on one or the other is affecting your partnerships. Pluto in your first house Capricorn has you working on the things about yourself that are affecting you at home and/or at work, and most likely both. Where are you giving your personal power away? Jupiter in your 12th house is showing you the subconscious blocks so you can clear them. Cancer Pluto in the 7th house of relationships is literally burning away anyone that does not serve you. Jupiter in the 6th house is showing you ways to focus on your health and routines in order to be at your best whether at work or at home.

Sagittarius/Gemini - The 5th and 11th house are showing us where we shine on our own vs where we shine within a group. The 5th house rules our creativity, and our creations, like children. The 11th house is networking and groups, benefactors. Are you sharing your gifts with those who would benefit from them or are you afraid to shine your light and just getting lost in the crowd? Pluto in your 2nd house Sag is showing you that you have to believe in yourself in order to be able to make money. And no making more money won't improve your self-worth, it's the other way around. Jupiter in your first house is helping you to grow and expand, to become who you are meant to be. To shine your light. Gemini's the 8th house is giving you the opportunity to work on your intimacy skills. To complete some very important transformation work in order to be healthier in your partnerships. To open yourself up to accepting help from others, even financial help. Jupiter in your 7th house is providing you with beneficial relationships both at work and at home so you can grow and prosper in your relationships. You are lucky in love and at work.

Scorpio/Taurus - you finish out our teeter totter with the 6th and 12th house, which I like to think of as the physical health vs mental health. The 2 are so intertwined. What we feel on the inside is a direct reflection of our outsides. Having a strong daily practice that focuses on both is ideal. You can work out all you want for instances, but if you are too hard on yourself mentally then you have the potential for burnout. And if you are burned out you don't have anything left to share with your partner. Both signs are hard workers and it is easy to experience burnout. Scorpio you have Pluto in your 3rd house of communication. This self talk is no longer serving you. Give yourself credit where credit is due. Jupiter in your 2nd house of self worth is helping you see just how valuable you really are. Taurus with Pluto in your 9th house of higher learning you might need to start applying what you have already learned instead of saying if I just get this one more certification. Jupiter in the 8th house says the answer is opening yourself up to intimacy, releasing your fears, and allowing yourself to trust someone other than yourself.

Thank you to all who like and share these blogs I truly appreciate your support in helping me get this information out.

Love and Light!

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