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Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020

At 5:04 PM ET/2:04 PM PT we have a full moon in the sign of Aries. Full Moon’s bring endings, completions, something to fullness in our lives. In the sign of Aries this relates to first house things. The first house is the house that holds the rising sign in your chart. This is the place the Sun was on the horizon at the moment of your birth. This is how you present yourself to the world. Something relating to the self then is coming to completion. Maybe you have been working to reinvent yourself, or become more independent. How you accomplish your independence could show up with the full moon. Moving out for example, ending a relationship that is unhealthy, could just be a whole new look or makeover. Aries is also about leadership, a warrior spirit, and taking charge. On the negative side of the energy it is pushy, rash, and a bit of a bully. Of course, Mars being the ruler of the sign of Aries you can see where some of these skills come in handy during wartime. However, not as much in day to day life.

Let’s look at the aspects to this full moon.

The Sun in Libra, the sign that rules fairness and balance, opposes the Moon in Aries at 9 degrees 8 minutes. An opposition is where two forces push against each other’s energy. The Moon and Sun energy needs to be balanced in order to bring this area of your life to completion. The Moon represents what we need to feel safe and secure. At this time that is a need to be in charge of your future.

The Moon is also closely aligned with Chiron at 7 degrees 4 minutes in the sign of Aries. This represents the wounds to our self-image. We have a chance to heal ourselves with the help of the Sun and Moon, the key is letting go of the ego and allowing yourself some emotional security. Sometimes when all we do is chase ego goals we forget to take time to fulfill ourselves emotionally. This time it will be different. This time we are healing the wounds of the past so we can take charge of our future. No more shoulda, woulda, coulda, or shame and blame games. It is simply time to let the healing in and move on.

Uranus is in what we call a semi-sextile to the full moon. It’s a positive connection, it can bring a little surprise energy into this full moon. Always good to expect the unexpected anytime we have contact with the planet Uranus. This may just be the inspiration for a little freedom in your life that you have been looking for.

No other planets are directly impacting the full moon, but there are several other important energies happening. For starters Saturn has now turned direct, this in and of itself supports something being brought to a conclusion, especially in the area of work or government. It is still in a square to Mars, but since it is moving forward, and Mars is moving backwards this will start to lessen ever so slightly. Both planets are separating from Venus, but there is still an emphasis on pursuing something you are passionate about, but in a very responsible way.

We also have Pluto making a weird angle with the North and South Node. In some ways this is pointing to the transformation work that is needed to move you forward on your fated path. But if you just keep staying stuck working internally, you won’t move on. You have to make the effort to bring this issue into the light. You need to take your power back in order to complete this task at hand.

The following are the potentials for you based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign. Usually the rising sign is where you notice this the most, but I recommend checking all 3. Whether something impacts you more internally, or on an emotional level is still as important as a physical type of event. Just isn’t always as easily identified when it’s internal work. Depends on how in tune you are with your ‘self’.

Aries – as mentioned above this is some goal you have set for yourself being fulfilled at this time. The key is finding balance in your serious relationships. You might have to let go of your mindset about being single in order to have a partner show up in your life.

Taurus – this is internal work for you. The 12th house rules the subconscious mind, things that are hidden and large institutions. Is there a personal goal you have set for yourself to release the past, release these trapped emotions? The key will be evaluating your daily routines. What needs to shift?

Gemini – the 11th house rules networking, benefactors and friend groups. Perhaps you are letting go of a networking group or just now finally finding your tribe. Together you will accomplish great things once you find this like-minded group. The key is finding something you are passionate about and using that to help you connect with others.

Cancer – the 10th house rules our career, fame and recognition. This is about achieving a major milestone event. Could be a promotion at work. A change in marital status. Or just receiving some public recognition for a job well done. The key is balancing work and family, having good routines at home that let you pay attention to both areas of your life.

Leo – the 9th house is the house of higher learning. Have you been wanting to pursue that higher education, like getting your MBA? Maybe your path to higher learning is more spiritual in nature and you are looking to launch a meditation practice or even some sort of school? The key is leveraging your excellent communication and writing, teaching skills.

Virgo – the 8th house rules our sexuality, the resources we share with others, death and transformation. This could be a new partner in the bedroom, or in your life financially. This is money others bring into our lives. It is also money we can generate or owe to others. If you are looking to get a loan this will be the time to fulfill that effort. Just make sure you are being financially responsible and can handle the new debt. The Sun in your sign of finances is showing you what you can and can’t afford. Also showing you how you value yourself, and that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in someone else’s basket.

Libra – the 7th house rules our serious relationships and partnerships. This could mean formalizing a relationship you have and taking it to the next level. Or if one no longer serves you it could mean bringing it to an end. The Sun in your first house says you have to balance your needs with the needs of your partner. Use the full moon to bring things back into balance.

Scorpio – the 6th house rules our daily routines, our health, being of service, and our pets. Something in your daily life is ending in order to have a new beginning here, a healthier one most likely. The key is letting go of some subconscious blocks.

Sagittarius – the 5th house is our passions, our romances, our creations, and our children. Are you ready to launch something you have been working on privately? Are you ready to step out of the crowd and stand on your own? Are you done being single and ready to make yourself more available? The key is to break free and be willing to stand out on your own. You can’t just hang out with friends all the time and never make time for romance.

Capricorn – the 4th house rules home and family. This could be getting things done at home, finishing some projects. You could be moving or someone moving out. To complete things at home you have to release a little responsibility or focus at work.

Aquarius – the 3rd house rules our community, our communication skills, learning and teaching at a local level. This could be completing something like an AA versus holding out to go to University. Or completing an AA so you can go to a 4 year. The key will be looking to balancing your learning with your teachings. Do they synch up?

Pisces – the 2nd house rules the money we make and our self-worth, and beauty. Are you ready for a change in job or career? Are you looking for a way to make money that has you feeling more fulfilled? Is there a change in your spouse or partners income that is holding you back? This is income from someone else that allows you to make a change in how you make a living. Or maybe you just use this money for a beauty makeover!

If you want to know how the full moon will affect you specifically, you can book a 15-minute reading for just $25 with me, where I can look at your individual chart to see how your natal planets will interact with this full moon, as well as what houses will be impacted for you. See my website for openings. This can also be done via email if you don’t have time for an in-person session.

Love and Light!

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